David Haycox

David Haycox Filmography

tv series 2013 FantomWorks
tv movie 2009 Inside: American Nazis
tv movie 2008 KKK: Inside American Terror
tv movie 2005 IndyCar Racer Episode 1: Delphi 300
tv movie 2005 IndyCar Racer Episode 2: Toyota 400 aka California
tv movie 2005 IndyCar Racer Episode 3: Chevy 500 aka Texas
tv movie 2004 The Boys of H Company
tv movie 2004 Dangerous Company
tv movie 2003 Angel of Death
tv series 2003 Critical Rescue
tv movie 2002 A Haunting in Georgia
tv movie 2001 The System: Escape from Death Row
tv series 2000 Diagnosis: Unknown
video movie 1997 The Dark Angel: Psycho Kickboxer
tv series 1997 Ghost Stories
tv series 1996 The Quest
tv series 1991 Archaeology

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