David Seaman

David Seaman Filmography

movie 2012 Changing Hearts as Mr. Grant
movie 2010 Whispers in the Dark as 1945 Husband Voice
movie 2009 Father in Israel as Martha's Son
tv movie 2008 Blank Slate as Doctor
movie 2003 Day of Defense as Reverend Sanders
movie 2003 Dumb Luck as Dan Lubek
movie 2003 Spewed as Professor
tv movie 2002 Firestarter 2: Rekindled as Board Member
movie 2002 Number 9 as Pioneer Father

David Seaman on Youtube

A short video about former Arsenal and England Goalkeeper David Seaman. The Song is 'My Name Is Lincoln Elizabeth - The Golden Age Trailer Song' The ...

David Seaman is a journalist and former Congressional candidate. He also hosts his own podcast called "The David Seaman Hour"

Bryce Weiner (https://twitter.com/bryceweiner) joins us to talk the latest alt coin and Bitcoin cryptocurrency news. Tip the show using Bitcoin: ...

Stefan Molyneux and David Seaman talk about making the present incomprehensible to the future, the elimination of fiat currency, using Bitcoin to end war, an...