David Stuart Evans

David Stuart Evans Filmography

movie 2010 Duane Discovered Time Travel as Young Duane
movie 2007 Blue State as Preppy Tech Guy
tv movie 2007 Elijah as Receptionist
tv movie 2007 Something Beneath as Clerk
tv movie 2007 What If God Were the Sun? as Michael
movie 2006 Black Bridge as Mr. Simmons
movie 2006 Halley's Comet as Older Brother
movie 2006 Mr. Soul as Todd
video movie 2006 The Plague as Intern
movie 2005 ...Life Happens as Acid Head
movie 2005 Niagara Motel as Job Applicant
movie 2005 Open Window as Albert
movie 2005 Capote
movie 2003 Cowards Bend the Knee or The Blue Hands as Shaky
tv movie 2002 Fancy, Fancy Being Rich as Chief Labourer