David Thompson

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David Thompson Filmography

movie 1917 Sowers and Reapers as William Jenkins
movie 1916 Her Debt of Honor as Pierre Leroux
movie 1916 Life's Shadows as H. Spencer Seatoon
movie 1916 Notorious Gallagher; or, His Great Triumph as Detective Cody
movie 1916 The Sunbeam as Stephen Rutherford, Jr.
movie 1916 The Stolen Triumph
movie 1915 Helen Intervenes as Mr. Carlton - Helen's Father
movie 1915 The Skinflint as Skinflint's Son
movie 1915 The Smuggled Diamond as Bill - Smuggler
movie 1915 The Twins of the G.L. Ranch
movie 1915 The Volunteer Fireman as David Simpson
movie 1914 A Debut in the Secret Service as Sir Edward Wray - Secretary of Foreign Affairs
movie 1914 A Leak in the Foreign Office as Sir Edward Wray - the foreign secretary
movie 1914 A Madonna of the Poor as Pedro - the Italian Sculptor
movie 1914 A Messenger of Gladness as Graham - a Dissipated Workman
movie 1914 A Mohammedan Conspiracy as Sir Edward Wray
movie 1914 Algy's Alibi as Jack, Algy's Pal
movie 1914 An Elusive Diamond as The Butler
movie 1914 Joseph in the Land of Egypt as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 Kathleen the Irish Rose as Terence O'Moore
movie 1914 Old Jackson's Girl as Jim Jackson
movie 1914 Pawns of Fate as A Thief
movie 1914 The Chasm as Dr. Mureaux
movie 1914 The Desert Tribesman as Ben Ibrahim - the Samaritan
movie 1914 The Diamond of Disaster as The Englishman's Servant
movie 1914 The Harvest of Regrets as Red Morrissey
movie 1914 The Man with the Hoe as The Gardener
movie 1914 The Musician's Daughter as Jack - the Violinist
movie 1914 The Pendulum of Fate as A Wealthy Banker
movie 1914 The Runaway Princess as Prince Wilhelm of Ogram
movie 1914 The Surgeon's Experiment as The Prominent Surgeon
movie 1914 Their Golden Wedding as Granville Sewell
movie 1913 An Errand of Mercy
movie 1913 Flood Tide
movie 1913 His Father's Wife as Maurice Bronx, the Son
movie 1913 His Last Bet
movie 1913 His Sacrifice as Mr. Smith, Dr. Martin's Cousin
movie 1913 Just a Shabby Doll as Drayman
movie 1913 King René's Daughter as Ebu Jahia, the Moorish Physician
movie 1913 Psychology of Fear as The Eye Specialist
movie 1913 Robin Hood as Hardfast
movie 1913 The Blight of Wealth as Jack, a Handsome Young Quarryman
movie 1913 The Children's Conspiracy as The Old Miser
movie 1913 The Dove in the Eagle's Nest as The Eagle's Retainer
movie 1913 The Girl of the Cabaret as Booking Agent
movie 1913 The Lie That Failed
movie 1913 The Message to Headquarters as The Real Secret Service Man
movie 1913 The Missing Witness as The Real Murderer
movie 1913 The Power of the Sea
movie 1913 The Spoiled Darling's Doll as The Father
movie 1913 The Twins and the Other Girl
movie 1913 The Wax Lady
movie 1913 The Woman Who Did Not Care as The One-Legged Man
movie 1913 Uncle's Namesakes as Jack, a Needy Young Husband
movie 1913 When Darkness Came as Dr. Greene
movie 1912 Aurora Floyd as John Conyers, Aurora's First Husband
movie 1912 Called Back as Chris
movie 1912 East Lynne
movie 1912 Nicholas Nickleby as Schoolmaster Squeers
movie 1912 On the Stroke of Five
movie 1912 One of the Honor Squad as The Bandit
movie 1912 Put Yourself in His Place as Coventry
movie 1912 The Forest Rose
movie 1912 The Poacher as A Game Warden
movie 1912 The Star of Bethlehem as Pharisee, rabbi
movie 1912 The Star of the Side Show as The Strong Man
movie 1912 The Thunderbolt as The Poor Man
movie 1911 The Declaration of Independence as Thomas Jefferson
movie 1911 The Satyr and the Lady as The Satyr

David Thompson on Youtube

Trailer for the 2008 David Thompson River Brigade.

Visit http://www.nba.com/video for more highlights. Check out the Top 10 plays from the career of David Thompson.

Matt and Kenny driving in the Rocky Mountain Raceway trailer race.

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