Davy Burnaby

Davy Burnaby was a British actor who appeared in more than thirty films between 1929 and 1948. He was born in Buckland, Hertfordshire on 7th April 1881 and made his screen debut in the 1929 film The Devil's Maze. He died in 1949. ... more on Wikipedia

Davy Burnaby Filmography

movie 1948 Woman Hater as Grandfather
movie 1939 Come on George! as Col. Bollinger
movie 1938 Chips as Alderman
movie 1938 Kicking the Moon Around as Magistrate
movie 1938 Many Tanks Mr. Atkins as Lord Fishlock
movie 1938 Second Best Bed as Lord Kingston
movie 1937 Calling All Stars as Mr. Katz
movie 1937 Feather Your Nest as Sir Martin
movie 1937 Leave It to Me as Sir William
movie 1937 Song of the Forge as Auctioneer
movie 1937 Talking Feet as Mr. Shirley
movie 1937 The Song of the Road as Mr. Keppel
movie 1936 The Marriage of Corbal as Pierre
movie 1935 Boys Will Be Boys as Col. Crableigh
movie 1935 Dandy Dick as Sir William Mardon
movie 1935 Equity Musical Revue No. 4 as Himself
movie 1935 Stormy Weather as Merritt
movie 1935 While Parents Sleep as Lord Cattering
movie 1934 Are You a Mason? as John Halton
movie 1934 How's Chances? as Michelo
movie 1934 Murder at the Inn as Col. Worthing
movie 1934 On the Air as Davy
movie 1934 Radio Parade of 1935 as Sir Ffrederick Ffotheringhay
movie 1934 Screen Vaudeville Number One
movie 1934 The Man I Want as Sir George Round
movie 1933 Cleaning Up as Lord Pumpford
movie 1933 Just My Luck as Sir Charles Croft
movie 1933 Keep It Quiet as Sir Charles Good
movie 1933 Shot in the Dark as Col. Michael Browne
movie 1933 Strike It Rich as Humphrey Wells
movie 1933 That's My Wife as Major Harbottle
movie 1933 The Right to Live as Sir George Kessler
movie 1933 The Wishbone as Peters
movie 1933 Three Men in a Boat as Sir Henry Harland
movie 1929 The Co-Optimists
movie 1929 The Devil's Maze as Mr. Fry

Davy Burnaby on Youtube

From the film THE CO-OPTIMISTS 1929. This is a rare little gem. This variety show was created by Davy Burnaby, and was based on the.

Will Hay is a teacher in a prison, who applies for the Headship of Narkover, a public school. Cast Will Hay ... Dr. Alec Smart Gordon Harker ... Faker Brown ...

Sung by Davy Burnaby & chorus - C 1917 - I first heard this in the film "Gosford Park"

Prisoner of Corbal Hazel Terry plays Cleonie, the romantic bone of contention between the French aristocrat Marquis de Corbal (Hugh Sinclair)and insurrection.