Dee McCafferty

Dee McCafferty Filmography

video movie 1997 Red Shoe Diaries 7: Burning Up as Blue
video movie 1995 Red Shoe Diaries 5: Weekend Pass as Bounty Hunter
video movie 1994 Bloodfist V: Human Target as Motel Manager
tv movie 1994 Incident in a Small Town as Police Officer
tv movie 1994 TekWar as The Wiz
tv movie 1994 TekWar: TekLords as The Wiz
movie 1992 Final Embrace as Adrian Waring
movie 1991 F/X2 as Chambliss
tv movie 1989 Day One as William 'Deke' Parsons
movie 1989 Renegades as Cop Outside Bar
movie 1988 Dead Ringers as Surgeon
tv movie 1988 Glory Enough for All
movie 1988 Palais Royale as Officer Nichol
movie 1988 Short Circuit 2 as Saunders
tv movie 1987 The Kidnapping of Baby John Doe as Lennie
tv movie 1986 Doing Life as Proctor
tv movie 1986 Unnatural Causes as Eddie

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