Dennis Devine

Dennis Devine Filmography

movie 2014 Vampire Club 3D
video movie 2014 Nazi Dawn
movie 2013 Fat Planet
movie 2013 Lizzie Borden's Revenge
video movie 2013 3D Bikini Beach Babes Issue #6
movie 2013 Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood
video movie 2012 Night of the Dead
movie 2012 3D Bikini Beach Babes Issue #1
video movie 2012 3D Bikini Beach Babes Issue #5
video movie 2012 3D Bikini Girls in Action: Paintball Girls
movie 2011 Bloody Mary 3D
movie 2010 Alice in Murderland
video movie 2010 Kid Racer
movie 2010 Sawblade
video movie 2010 The Amazing Bulk
movie 2010 Vamps in the City
movie 2010 Dewitt & Maria
movie 2009 Necrosis as Snow Mobile Double
movie 2009 Get the Girl
movie 2008 Demon Kiss
movie 2008 Don't Look in the Cellar
video movie 2007 Caregiver
video movie 2007 Blood Mask: The Possession of Nicole Lameroux
video movie 2006 Curse of Pirate Death
video movie 2001 Chain of Souls
video movie 2000 Club Dead
movie 2000 Bloodstream
movie 2000 Vampires of Sorority Row Part II
movie 2000 Vampire Night
movie 1999 Vampires of Sorority Row
movie 1999 Merchants of Death
movie 1998 Decay as John Jenkins
movie 1998 Sorority House Vampires
movie 1998 Things II
movie 1998 Vampire Time Travelers
movie 1998 Amazon Warrior
movie 1998 Haunted
movie 1993 Things
movie 1992 Hell Spa
movie 1990 Dead Girls
movie 1989 Fatal Images

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Directed by Dennis Devine Screenplay by Dennis Devine Produced by Ted Chalmers, David Sterling, Mark B. Newbauer, Christine Kohlmeier, Gennaro ...

Trailer edited by J.R. Bookwalter for the comedy feature film GET THE GIRL (aka GUITAR MASTER), directed by Dennis Devine. Client: Maitland ...

Bed Panjo is presented for Dennis Devine at the Florida Folk Festival May 24, 2014.

Next Generation Wrestling held Scars and Stripes at the Dragon Dome in Pekin, IL on July 21, 2007. Two men made their returns to NGW that evening, Dennis ...