Dennis Moore

Dennis Moore Filmography

movie 1976 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch as Townsman
tv movie 1966 D-Day on Mars as Craig Foster
movie 1961 King of the Roaring 20's: The Story of Arnold Rothstein as Motorcycle Cop
tv movie 1960 The Slowest Gun in the West as A Man
movie 1958 The Fearmakers as Army Doctor
movie 1957 Beginning of the End as Police Dispatcher
movie 1957 Chicago Confidential as Jury Foreman
movie 1957 Domino Kid as Cord Peyton
movie 1957 God Is My Partner as Tree Critic
movie 1957 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral as Cowboy
movie 1957 The Night the World Exploded as Radio Communications Man
movie 1957 The Phantom Stagecoach as Townsman
movie 1957 Utah Blaine as Ferguson
tv series 1957 The New Adventures of Spin and Marty as Hank
movie 1956 A Day of Fury
movie 1956 Blazing the Overland Trail as Ed Marr
movie 1956 Don't Knock the Rock as Haley's Booking Agent
movie 1956 Friendly Persuasion as Farmer
movie 1956 Great Day in the Morning as Townsman
movie 1956 Hot Shots as Tony
movie 1956 Perils of the Wilderness as Deputy Marshal Dan Mason, aka Laramie
movie 1956 The Harder They Fall as Reporter
movie 1956 The White Squaw as Angry Rancher
movie 1956 Tribute to a Bad Man as Cowboy
movie 1955 I Died a Thousand Times as Officer
movie 1955 One Desire as Miner
movie 1955 Rage at Dawn as Doctor
movie 1955 The Gun That Won the West as Lieutenant
movie 1955 The Man from Bitter Ridge as Crow's Nester
movie 1955 The Shrike
movie 1955 The Square Jungle
movie 1952 And Now Tomorrow
movie 1952 Canyon Ambush as Henry Lockwood
movie 1952 Montana Belle as Mac's Pal with Message
movie 1952 The Lusty Men as Cashier
movie 1951 Abilene Trail as Brandon
movie 1951 Blazing Bullets as Henchman Crowley
movie 1951 Fort Defiance as Lt. Lucas
movie 1951 I Was an American Spy as Sgt. Charlie Borden
movie 1951 Man from Sonora as Wesley Carrol
movie 1951 Yukon Manhunt as Henchman
movie 1950 Arizona Territory as Greg Lance
movie 1950 Buccaneer's Girl as Captain in Pub
movie 1950 Colorado Ranger as Henchman Juan
movie 1950 Crooked River as Henchman Bob
movie 1950 Desperadoes of the West as Foster
movie 1950 Fast on the Draw as Henchman Dick
movie 1950 Federal Man as Harry
movie 1950 Gunslingers as Brad Barton posing as Marshal Dean
movie 1950 Hostile Country as Henchman Pete
movie 1950 Hot Rod as Motorcycle Patrolman
movie 1950 I Killed Geronimo as Henchman Luke
movie 1950 King of the Bullwhip as Joe Chester
movie 1950 Marshal of Heldorado as Doc Tulliver
movie 1950 Silver Raiders as Greg Boland
movie 1950 Singing Guns as Townsman
movie 1950 Snow Dog as Factor
movie 1950 West of the Brazos as Henchman Ricco
movie 1950 West of Wyoming as Henchman Dorsey
movie 1949 Across the Rio Grande as Carson
movie 1949 Haunted Trails as Phil Rankin
movie 1949 Navajo Trail Raiders as Frank Stanley
movie 1949 Riders in the Sky as Henchman Bud Dwyer
movie 1949 Roaring Westward as Sanders-Claim Jumper
movie 1948 Frontier Agent as Larry Foster
movie 1948 Range Renegades as Henchman Burton
movie 1948 The Gay Ranchero as Tex
movie 1948 The Tioga Kid as Joe Morino
movie 1947 Rainbow Over the Rockies as Bill Miller
movie 1946 Colorado Serenade as 'Duke' Dillon
movie 1946 Driftin' River as Joe Marino
movie 1946 The Mysterious Mr. M as Agent Grant Farrell
movie 1945 Frontier Feud as Joe Davis
movie 1945 Springtime in Texas as Denny Moore
movie 1945 The Crime Doctor's Courage as David Lee
movie 1945 The Frozen Ghost as Radio Show Announcer
movie 1945 The Master Key as Detective Lt. Jack Ryan
movie 1945 The Purple Monster Strikes as Craig Foster
movie 1944 Can't Help Singing as Cavalry Officer Near Independence Dock
movie 1944 Follow the Boys as HVC Officer
movie 1944 Ladies Courageous as Tower Man
movie 1944 Lady in the Dark as Man
movie 1944 Mr. Winkle Goes to War as Sergeant
movie 1944 Oklahoma Raiders as Todd Wingate
movie 1944 Raiders of Ghost City as Capt. Steve Clark
movie 1944 See Here, Private Hargrove as Executive Officer
movie 1944 Song of the Range as Denny Moore
movie 1944 The Impostor as Maurice LeFarge
movie 1944 The Mummy's Curse as Dr. James Halsey
movie 1944 Twilight on the Prairie as Jason
movie 1944 Voodoo Man as Policeman
movie 1944 Weekend Pass as Ray
movie 1944 Wells Fargo Days as Bob McAdams, aka The Man from Tascosa
movie 1944 West of the Rio Grande as Denny Boyd
movie 1943 Action in the North Atlantic as Signalman
movie 1943 Arizona Trail as Wayne Carson
movie 1943 Black Market Rustlers as Denny Moore
movie 1943 Bullets and Saddles as Denny Moore
movie 1943 Cowboy Commandos as Denny Moore
movie 1943 Destroyer as Communications Officer
movie 1943 Frontier Law as Dusty Norton
movie 1943 Hitler's Madman as Orderly
movie 1943 Land of Hunted Men as Denny Moore
movie 1943 No Place for a Lady as Reporter
movie 1943 Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground as Ed Randolph
movie 1943 The Adventures of a Rookie as Army Sergeant
movie 1942 Bandit Ranger as Ranger Frank Mattison
movie 1942 Below the Border as Joe Collins
movie 1942 Bombs Over Burma as Tom Whitley
movie 1942 Border Roundup as Smoky Moore
movie 1942 Dawn on the Great Divide as Tony Corkle
movie 1942 Outlaws of Boulder Pass as Smoky Hammer
movie 1942 Overland Stagecoach as Smoky Moore
movie 1942 Raiders of the Range as Foster
movie 1942 Riders of the West as Steve Holt
movie 1942 Rolling Down the Great Divide as Henchman Jack
movie 1942 Texas Man Hunt as Jim Rogers
movie 1942 The Lone Rider and the Bandit as Sheriff Smoky
movie 1942 The Lone Rider in Cheyenne as Smoky Moore
movie 1942 The Lone Rider in Texas Justice as Sheriff Smoky Moore
movie 1941 Arizona Bound as Joe Brooke
movie 1941 Billy the Kid in Santa Fe as Silent Don Benson
movie 1941 Billy the Kid's Round-Up as Henchman Butch Holcomb
movie 1941 Bowery Blitzkrieg as Dorgan
movie 1941 Criminals Within as Stanley Hume - 5th Columnist
movie 1941 Cyclone on Horseback as Jeff Corbin
movie 1941 Dude Cowboy as Johnny
movie 1941 Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring as Dr. Dunn
movie 1941 Flying Wild as George - Pilot Henchman
movie 1941 Pals of the Pecos as Larry Burke
movie 1941 Pirates on Horseback as Henchman Jud Carter
movie 1941 Roar of the Press as Henchman Toughy
movie 1941 Spooks Run Wild as Dr. Von Grosch
movie 1941 The Lone Rider Fights Back as Henchman Al Williams
movie 1940 Boys of the City as Giles
movie 1940 East Side Kids as Milton Franklin 'Mileaway' Harris
movie 1940 Fugitive from a Prison Camp as Slugger Martin
movie 1940 Know Your Money as Secret Service Agent Evans
movie 1940 Rainbow Over the Range as Jeff Manners
movie 1940 Rocky Mountain Rangers as Jim Barton
movie 1940 Up in the Air as Gag-Writer Pringle
movie 1939 Across the Plains as Jimmy Winters, aka The Kansas Kid
movie 1939 Convict's Code as Masher
movie 1939 Danger Flight as Mike
movie 1939 Fangs of the Wild as Don Brady
movie 1939 Girl from Rio as Collins
movie 1939 Irish Luck as Jim Monahan
movie 1939 Law of the Wolf as Carl Pearson
movie 1939 Mutiny in the Big House as Johnny Davis
movie 1939 Overland Mail as Duke Evans
movie 1939 Trigger Smith as Bud Mason
movie 1938 Men Are Such Fools as Nightclub Patron
movie 1938 Rebellious Daughters as Jimmie Adams - Reporter
movie 1938 Sunset Murder Case as Lou Fleming
movie 1938 Wild Horse Canyon as Pete Hall
movie 1937 Alibi Mark as Vincent
movie 1937 Black Legion as Reporter at Jail
movie 1937 Fight for Your Lady as Wrestling Spectator
movie 1937 Mountain Justice as Pilot
movie 1937 Ready, Willing and Able as Reporter at Party
movie 1937 San Quentin as Simpson
movie 1937 Smart Blonde as Luke
movie 1937 Under Southern Stars as Captain
movie 1936 China Clipper as Engineer on Clipper
movie 1936 Desert Justice as Motorcycle Officer
movie 1936 Down the Stretch as Cliff Barrington
movie 1936 Fugitive in the Sky as St. Louis Radio Operator
movie 1936 Hair-Trigger Casey as Lieutenant Brooks
movie 1936 Here Comes Carter as Russ McAllen
movie 1936 King of Hockey as 1st Radio Announcer
movie 1936 Silver Spurs as Dude
movie 1936 Sing Me a Love Song as Blakeley
movie 1936 The Lonely Trail as Dick Terry
movie 1936 Too Much Beef as Cowhand
movie 1936 Valley of the Lawless as Cliff Grey
movie 1935 The Dawn Rider as Rudd Gordon
movie 1935 The Sagebrush Troubadour as Lon Dillon
movie 1934 Burn 'Em Up Barnes as Crewman
movie 1934 Burn 'Em Up Barnes as Pit Crewman
movie 1934 Carrying the Mail as Stableman
movie 1934 Tailspin Tommy as Pilot Herb Slack
movie 1934 The Red Rider as Slim
movie 1934 West on Parade as Bud
movie 1933 Gordon of Ghost City as Cowhand
movie 1932 The Fighting Champ as Cowhand

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