Derek Jacobi

Derek Jacobi Filmography

movie 2015 Cinderella as The King
movie 2014 Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age as Himself
movie 2014 Effie Gray as Travers Twiss
movie 2014 Grace of Monaco as Count Fernando D'Aillieres
movie 2014 Two Down
tv movie 2013 Arqiva British Academy Television Awards as Himself
movie 2013 Dangerous Edge: A Life of Graham Greene as Narrator
movie 2013 Muse of Fire
movie 2013 The Man Who Tried to Steal an Island as Narrator
movie 2012 Cloud Cuckoo Land as Victor
movie 2012 Jail Caesar as Sulla
movie 2012 Last Will & Testament as Himself
movie 2012 The Gardening Club
movie 2011 Anonymous as Prologue
movie 2011 Capture Anthologies: The Dimensions of Self as President
movie 2011 Ironclad as Baron Reginald de Cornhill
movie 2011 My Week with Marilyn as Sir Owen Morshead
movie 2011 The Halloween Kid as Narrator
movie 2011 There Be Dragons as Honorio Soto
movie 2011 Through the Weeping Glass: On the Consolations of Life Everlasting (Limbos & Afterbreezes in the Mütter Museum) as Narrator
movie 2010 Hereafter as Himself
tv movie 2010 Joe Maddison's War as Mr. Simpson
movie 2010 The King's Speech as Archbishop Cosmo Lang
movie 2009 Charles Dickens's England as Himself - Presenter
tv movie 2009 Diamonds as Piers Denmont
movie 2009 Endgame as Rudolph Agnew
tv movie 2009 Margot as Fred Ashton
movie 2009 Morris: A Life with Bells On as Quentin Neely
movie 2008 A Bunch of Amateurs as Nigel Dewberry
movie 2008 Adam Resurrected as Dr. Nathan Gross
tv movie 2008 Decoding Cadfael as Himself
movie 2008 One of Those Days as Howard
movie 2008 Sidney Turtlebaum as Sidney Turtlebaum
video movie 2008 The Ties That Bind Us as The Master
movie 2007 Airlock, or How to Say Goodbye in Space as President
movie 2007 Anastezsi as Balzer
video movie 2007 Angelina Ballerina: The Silver Locket as Mr. Operatski
movie 2007 Arritmia as Guido
movie 2007 Ghostly Business as Ghost Under Sheet
tv movie 2007 The Best of Masterpiece Theatre as Himself - Host
movie 2007 The Golden Compass as Magisterial Emissary
tv movie 2007 The Old Curiosity Shop as Grandfather
movie 2007 The Riddle as The Tramp
tv movie 2006 Mist: The Tale of a Sheepdog Puppy as Narrator
tv movie 2006 Pinochet in Suburbia as Senator Pinochet
movie 2006 Underworld: Evolution as Corvinus
movie 2005 Bye Bye Blackbird as Lord Dempsey
movie 2005 Nanny McPhee as Mr. Wheen
movie 2005 Project Huxley as Huxley
tv movie 2004 London as Tacitus
movie 2004 Strings as Nezo
movie 2004 Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson as Other Voices
movie 2003 Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There as Himself
tv movie 2003 Henry VIII as Narrator
tv movie 2003 Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites
tv movie 2003 Mr. Ambassador as Hugo Vickers
tv movie 2002 Angelina Ballerina: The Show Must Go On as Mr. Operatski
video movie 2002 I Claudius: A Television Epic as Himself
tv movie 2002 Inquisition as Cardinal Grand Inquisitor
movie 2002 Night's Noontime as Richard Dadd
movie 2002 Revengers Tragedy as The Duke
tv movie 2002 The Dinosaur Hunters as Narrator
tv movie 2002 The Gathering Storm as Stanley Baldwin
movie 2002 Two Men Went to War as Maj. Merton
video movie 2002 Ultimate Fights from the Movies as Gracchus
movie 2001 Gosford Park as Probert
tv movie 2001 Great Escape: The Untold Story as Himself - Narrator
tv movie 2001 Larry and Vivien: The Oliviers in Love as Himself
movie 2001 On Wings of Fire as Narrator
movie 2001 Revelation as Librarian
movie 2001 The Body as Father Lavelle
movie 2001 The Children's Midsummer Night's Dream as Theseus
movie 2001 The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky as Nijinsky
movie 2000 Gladiator as Gracchus
tv movie 2000 Jason and the Argonauts as Phineas
tv movie 2000 The Wyvern Mystery as Squire Fairfield
movie 2000 Up at the Villa as Lucky Leadbetter
tv movie 2000 Victoria Wood with All the Trimmings as Various Characters
movie 2000 Wilfred
tv movie 1999 Margaret Sanger
movie 1999 Molokai: The Story of Father Damien as Father Leonor Fouesnel
video movie 1999 The Chimes as Narrator
tv series 1999 Flora Britannica as Narrator
tv movie 1998 Animated Epics: Beowulf as Narrator
movie 1998 Basil as Father Frederick
movie 1998 Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon as Francis Bacon
video movie 1997 To Be on Camera: A History with Hamlet as Himself
tv series 1997 Homeground as Narrator
tv movie 1996 Breaking the Code as Alan Turing
movie 1996 Hamlet as Claudius
movie 1996 Looking for Richard as Himself
tv movie 1996 Witness Against Hitler as General
movie 1995 Achilles as Narrator
tv movie 1994 David Macaulay: Roman City as Marcus Fabricius
tv movie 1993 Circle of Deceit as Randal
video movie 1992 Aladdin as The Magician
tv movie 1992 Animating Shakespeare as Narrator
tv series 1992 The Velvet Claw as Himself - Presenter
tv movie 1991 Backstage at Masterpiece Theatre as Himself
movie 1991 Dead Again as Franklyn Madson
tv movie 1990 Discovering Hamlet as Himself
movie 1990 The Fool as Mr. Frederick
movie 1989 Henry V as Chorus
tv movie 1988 Caught in the Act as Himself
tv movie 1988 David Macaulay: Pyramid as Hordedef
movie 1988 Little Dorrit as Arthur Clennam
tv movie 1988 The 42nd Annual Tony Awards as Himself - Nominee: Best Leading Actor in a Play
tv movie 1988 The Congress
tv movie 1988 The Tenth Man as The Imposter
tv movie 1987 Jessye Norman's Christmas Symphony as Reader
tv movie 1987 The Secret Garden as Archibald Craven
tv movie 1986 David Macaulay: Cathedral as Pierre
tv movie 1985 Cyrano de Bergerac as Cyrano de Bergerac
tv movie 1985 The 39th Annual Tony Awards as Himself - Winner: Best Actor in a Play
movie 1985 The Statue of Liberty as Himself
movie 1983 Enigma as Kurt Limmer, East German
tv movie 1982 Inside the Third Reich as Adolf Hitler
tv movie 1982 The Hunchback of Notre Dame as Dom Claude Frollo
movie 1982 The Secret of NIMH as Nicodemus
movie 1981 Charlotte as Daberlohn
movie 1980 Der Mann, der sich in Luft auflöste as Martin Beck
tv movie 1980 Hamlet, Prince of Denmark as Hamlet
movie 1979 The Human Factor as Arthur Davis
tv movie 1978 King Richard the Second as Richard II
movie 1978 The Medusa Touch as Publisher
tv movie 1977 Philby, Burgess and Maclean as Guy Burgess
tv movie 1974 Markheim as Markheim
movie 1974 The Odessa File as Klaus Wenzer
movie 1973 Blue Blood as Gregory
movie 1973 The Day of the Jackal as Caron
movie 1970 Three Sisters as Andrei
movie 1968 Interlude as Paul
tv movie 1967 Much Ado About Nothing as Don John
movie 1965 Othello as Cassio
movie Hippie Hippie Shake as Judge

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