Desiree West

Desiree West is a retired pornographic actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Desiree West Filmography

video movie 2007 Anal Assault, Vol. 1
video movie 1993 True Legends of Adult Cinema: The Unsung Superstars
video movie 1992 Black Beauties
video movie 1988 Only the Best of Breasts as Hooker
movie 1987 Amos and Candy
video movie 1987 Back to Back
video movie 1987 Legends of Porn
video movie 1986 Girls Girls Girls
video movie 1985 A Night for Legends: First Annual XRCO Adult Film Awards
video movie 1985 Big Melons 2
movie 1985 Valley Girls Ferr Shurr
movie 1984 Critic's Choice 2
movie 1984 Hot Bodies
video movie 1984 Sexsations
video movie 1983 Flight Sensations
movie 1983 Hot Pink: Best of Alex deRenzy 2
movie 1983 Lesbian Lingerie Party
movie 1983 Snow Honeys
video movie 1983 Super Sex
movie 1982 Swedish Erotica 43
movie 1981 Physical as Mrs. Jackson Short
movie 1981 Vista Valley PTA as Hooker
movie 1980 Female Athletes as Martial Artist - Orange Belt
movie 1980 Garters and Lace as Pat
movie 1980 Rockin' with Seka or... Seka's Cruise as Mary
movie 1980 The Gypsy Ball
movie 1979 Cave Women as Cavewoman #3
movie 1979 Diamond Collection 2
movie 1979 Inside Désirée Cousteau
movie 1979 Sweet Savage as Grey Fawn
movie 1979 That's Erotic as Girl in Montage
movie 1979 That's Porno as Girl on White Counter
movie 1978 'V': The Hot One as Cindy
movie 1978 Black Silk Stockings as Real Estate Agent
movie 1978 Chain Letter as Pat
movie 1978 Do You Wanna Be Loved? as Girl in Green Dress
movie 1978 SexWorld as Jill
movie 1977 Babyface as Meg
movie 1977 Expectations as Jenny
movie 1977 Fantastic Orgy
movie 1977 Meter-Mades as Cindy
movie 1977 Teenage Madam as Madam Rose
movie 1977 The Sinful Pleasures of Reverend Star as Cult Member on Orange Bed
movie 1977 The Starlets as Lolli
movie 1976 All Night Long as Tawny Wilder
movie 1976 C.B. Mamas
movie 1976 Ceremony... The Ritual of Love as Mae
movie 1976 Cherry Truckers as Juan
movie 1976 China Lust as Girl with Cab Driver
movie 1976 Coming Attractions as Room Service
movie 1976 Daddy's Little Girl as Gladys
movie 1976 Femmes de Sade as Girl at party
movie 1976 Her Last Fling
movie 1976 Love Lips as Fantasy Girl with Ted
movie 1976 Love Slaves as Star Pupil
movie 1976 Night Pleasures as Brenda
movie 1976 One of a Kind as Partygoer in Black Dress
movie 1976 Play Only with Me as Janet
movie 1976 Spirit of Seventy Sex as Pocahontas
movie 1976 Strange Diary
movie 1976 Sweet Cakes as Sunflower
movie 1976 Tapestry of Passion as Cindy Benton
movie 1976 Teenangel as Black Girl at Pete's
movie 1976 The Joy of Letting Go as Topaz
movie 1975 Carnal Haven as Pat
movie 1975 Count the Ways as Kit
movie 1975 Fantasy in Blue
movie 1975 Teenage Runaway as Lilah
movie 1975 The Dental Nurses as Bobo
movie 1975 The Most Valuable Pussy as Michelle
movie 1974 Devil's Playground as Hypnotized Girl
movie 1974 The Pleasure Masters: Kikko & Lil as Black Girl with Andrew
movie Best of XXX

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Desiree West aka Rayha Teresee Desiree West is a retired pornographic actress. West began her adult film ...


Tony picking out "hunting" gear for his trek through the Vienna countryside.

by Courtney Huru '10: Interview with Timothy Holmes, Steve Ropp and Desiree West.