Diarmuid Noyes

Diarmuid Noyes Filmography

movie 2014 Two Black Coffees
movie 2012 Good Vibrations as Brian Young
movie 2011 Downriver as Eric
tv movie 2011 Honeymoon for One as Mark
movie 2011 Killing Bono as Plugger
tv movie 2011 Roadkill as Chuck
movie 2010 Parked as Cathal's brother
movie 2009 Five Minutes of Heaven as Andy: 1975
movie 2009 Savage as Attacker 2
movie 2008 Situations Vacant as Dave
movie 2002 Broken Things as Joey

Diarmuid Noyes on Youtube

Borgia Season 1: Diarmuid Noyes, 'Alessandro Farnese' - talks about his role in the show. Director: Michael Daniele Driscoll. Exec Producer: Klaus ...

Actor Diarmuid Noyes discusses the challenges of performing the script of 'Solemn Mass for a Full Moon in Summer' and his first impressions of his character,...

This multi award-winning short film tells the story of a young boy whose love for the piano offers escape from his parents disintegrating marriage and the bu...

Interview with Diarmuid Noyes, of Shawshank Stage Productions.