Dick Botiller

Dick Botiller Filmography

movie 1952 Smoky Canyon as Cattleman
movie 1951 Sirocco as Minor Role
movie 1950 Branded
movie 1946 Heading West as Henchman
movie 1945 A Thousand and One Nights as Ramud
movie 1945 Renegades of the Rio Grande as Henchman Clem
movie 1945 Spook to Me as Blackie's Henchman
movie 1945 The Return of the Durango Kid as Sheriff Potter
movie 1945 The Thin Man Goes Home as Big Man's Companion
movie 1945 Zombies on Broadway as Boss of Cafe
movie 1944 Defective Detectives
movie 1944 Forty Thieves as Henchman
movie 1944 Haunted Harbor as Constable at Vorhees' Office [Ch. 1]
movie 1944 Kismet as Aide to Mansur
movie 1944 The Conspirators as Police Detective
movie 1944 The Yellow Rose of Texas as Indian Pete
movie 1943 Adventure in Iraq as Iraqui Guard
movie 1943 Background to Danger as Plane Announcer
movie 1943 Dizzy Detectives as Police Detectives
movie 1943 For God and Country as Soldier
movie 1943 For Whom the Bell Tolls as Sergeant - Elias' Man
movie 1943 Hail to the Rangers as Henchman Tobin
movie 1943 In Old Oklahoma as Blake - Oiler
movie 1943 Rhythm of the Islands as Tuira
movie 1943 The Vigilantes Ride as Henchman Rogan
movie 1942 Across the Pacific as Waiter
movie 1942 Bad Men of the Hills as Deputy Brant
movie 1942 Captain Midnight as Henchman Kraus [Ch. 1]
movie 1942 Casablanca as Native Officer
movie 1942 Danger in the Pacific as Native
movie 1942 Road to Morocco as Warrior
movie 1942 The Lone Star Vigilantes as Pedro
movie 1942 The Secret Code as Hans Steufel
movie 1942 The Valley of Vanishing Men as General Garcia
movie 1942 Wild Bill Hickok Rides as Sager
movie 1941 North from the Lone Star as Henchman in a Sombrero
movie 1941 Passage from Hong Kong as Police Sergeant
movie 1941 Roaring Frontiers as Henchman
movie 1941 The Blonde from Singapore as Malay
movie 1941 The Masked Rider as Pedro
movie 1941 The Pinto Kid as Henchman Cheyenne
movie 1941 The Son of Davy Crockett as Henchman Lopez
movie 1941 Thunder Over the Prairie as Henchman
movie 1941 Wyoming Wildcat as Henchman Blackie Jordan
movie 1940 Dark Streets of Cairo as Nardo
movie 1940 Deadwood Dick as Henchman
movie 1940 Gallant Sons as Syrian
movie 1940 Meet the Wildcat as Guard
movie 1940 North West Mounted Police as Indian Servant
movie 1940 Phantom Raiders as Taurez's Henchman
movie 1940 The Devil's Pipeline as Molugi
movie 1940 The Shadow as Green
movie 1940 Torrid Zone as Hernandez
movie 1940 Wyoming as Rusty - Henchman
movie 1940 Young Buffalo Bill as Comanche Renegade
movie 1939 Behind Prison Gates as Graves
movie 1939 Code of the Secret Service as Police Chief
movie 1939 Devil's Island as Pilot of Escape Boat
movie 1939 Man of Conquest as Mexican Soldier
movie 1939 Mexicali Rose as Manuel - Valdez Rider
movie 1939 North of the Yukon as Henchman Barton
movie 1939 Only Angels Have Wings as Tourist
movie 1939 Overland with Kit Carson as Henchman Natchez
movie 1939 Scouts to the Rescue as Leeka - Leader of Warriors
movie 1939 South of the Border as Bandit Pablo
movie 1939 Texas Stampede as Sheepman
movie 1939 The Amazing Mr. Williams as Pedestrian
movie 1939 The Fighting Gringo as Jose
movie 1939 The Girl and the Gambler as Rurale Captain Gonzales
movie 1939 The Kansas Terrors as Guard
movie 1939 The Man from Sundown as Rio
movie 1939 The Oregon Trail as Yellow Snake [Ch. 3, 6]
movie 1939 The Stranger from Texas as Rankin
movie 1939 Two-Fisted Rangers as Rand Henchman
movie 1939 Union Pacific as Indian with Accordion
movie 1938 Cassidy of Bar 20 as Townsman
movie 1938 Flirting with Fate as Renaldo
movie 1938 Gold Is Where You Find It as Ramon - Ferris' Servant
movie 1938 Gunsmoke Trail as Loma Gang Member
movie 1938 Hawaiian Buckaroo as Henchman
movie 1938 Pioneer Trail as Pedro
movie 1938 South of Arizona as Henchman Latigo
movie 1938 Stagecoach Days as Pedro - Guitar Player
movie 1938 The Colorado Trail as Henchman
movie 1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok as Phantom Raider
movie 1938 The Lone Ranger as Texan
movie 1938 Trade Winds as Bombay Carriage Driver
movie 1938 West of Cheyenne as Henchman
movie 1938 West of the Santa Fe as Henchman Foley
movie 1937 Criminals of the Air as Mike
movie 1937 Heroes of the Alamo as Mexican Spy
movie 1937 Island Captives as Henchman Bill
movie 1937 One Man Justice as Henchman
movie 1937 Radio Patrol as Henchman Zutta
movie 1937 Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm as Pedro
movie 1937 The Californian as Pablo
movie 1937 The Devil's Saddle Legion as Choctaw
movie 1937 The Old Wyoming Trail as Laughing Henchman in Stitched-Brim Hat
movie 1937 Trapped as Henchman
movie 1937 Two Gun Law as Henchman
movie 1937 Two-Fisted Sheriff as Henchman
movie 1937 When You're in Love as Mexican
movie 1936 Border Caballero as Guard
movie 1936 Comin' 'Round the Mountain as Pedro - Man Who Retrieves Bull
movie 1936 Dangerous Intrigue as Tramp
movie 1936 Lightnin' Bill Carson as Bob Morgan
movie 1936 Ramona as Servant
movie 1936 Rio Grande Ranger as Henchman
movie 1936 Robin Hood of El Dorado as Pancho
movie 1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade as Native
movie 1936 The Cowboy Star as Townsman
movie 1936 The Idaho Kid as Gunman
movie 1936 The Mysterious Avenger as Henchman Gillman
movie 1936 Treachery Rides the Range as Antelope - Indian Reporting at Fort
movie 1936 West of Nevada as Bald Eagle
movie 1935 Arizona Bad Man as Pedro Gonzales
movie 1935 Big Boy Rides Again as Saloon Brawler
movie 1935 Code of the Mounted as Henchman
movie 1935 Five Bad Men as Henchman
movie 1935 Gallant Defender as One-Eye Smith
movie 1935 Gun Play as General Tirado
movie 1935 Gun Smoke as Cowhand Felipe
movie 1935 Justice of the Range as Barfly
movie 1935 Lawless Riders as Henchman
movie 1935 Lightning Triggers as Henchman Juan
movie 1935 Million Dollar Haul as Henchman
movie 1935 Outlaw Rule as Henchman
movie 1935 Queen of the Jungle as Kali Henchman
movie 1935 Queen of the Jungle as Kali Henchman
movie 1935 Riding Wild as Joaquin Ortega
movie 1935 The Cheyenne Tornado as Filipe
movie 1935 The Circle of Death as Henchman Mexican Joe
movie 1935 The Miracle Rider as Cottonwood [Chs. 4, 9-10]
movie 1935 The Outlaw Deputy as Dick, Mexican Gambler
movie 1935 The Pace That Kills as Gangster
movie 1935 Tracy Rides as Dick
movie 1935 Trails of the Wild as Henchman
movie 1935 Wagon Trail as Henchman
movie 1935 When a Man's a Man as Al
movie 1935 Wild Mustang as Juan Romano Calinie
movie 1934 Fighting Hero as Dick
movie 1934 House of Mystery as Hindu
movie 1934 In Old Santa Fe as Party Guest
movie 1934 Pals of the Prairie as Henchman Pete
movie 1934 Prescott Kid as Vaquero Manuel
movie 1934 Range Warfare as Little Feather
movie 1934 Ridin' Thru as Henchman
movie 1934 The Law of the Wild as Townsman [Chs. 1, 6]
movie 1934 The Man Trailer as Keno
movie 1934 The Return of Chandu as Henchman Morta [Chs. 1-4]
movie 1934 The Return of Chandu as Morta
movie 1934 Thunder Over Texas as Gonzalez
movie 1934 When Lightning Strikes as Indian
movie 1933 Gun Law as Red
movie 1933 Rusty Rides Alone as Quillan Rider
movie 1933 Silent Men as Cowhand
movie 1933 Somewhere in Sonora as Crooked Gambler's Partner
movie 1932 Lawless Valley as Rustler Buck

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