Dick Lundy

Dick Lundy Filmography

video movie 1982 Woody Woodpecker and His Friends
movie 1960 Donald Duck and his Companions
tv series 1957 The Woody Woodpecker Show
movie 1954 Bird-Brain Bird Dog
movie 1954 Sleepy-Time Squirrel
movie 1954 The Impossible Possum
movie 1953 Barney's Hungry Cousin
movie 1953 Cobs and Robbers
movie 1953 Half-Pint Palomino
movie 1953 Heir Bear
movie 1953 Wee-Willie Wildcat
movie 1952 Busybody Bear
movie 1952 Caballero Droopy
movie 1952 The Little Wise Quacker
movie 1951 Puny Express
movie 1949 Drooler's Delight
movie 1949 Scrappy Birthday
movie 1948 Banquet Busters
movie 1948 Dog Tax Dodgers
movie 1948 Kiddie Koncert
movie 1948 Pixie Picnic
movie 1948 The Playful Pelican
movie 1948 Wacky-Bye Baby
movie 1948 Wet Blanket Policy
movie 1948 Wild and Woody!
movie 1947 Smoked Hams
movie 1947 Solid Ivory
movie 1947 The Bandmaster
movie 1947 The Coo Coo Bird
movie 1947 The Mad Hatter
movie 1947 The Overture to 'William Tell'
movie 1947 The Story of Human Energy
movie 1947 Well Oiled
movie 1947 Woody the Giant Killer
movie 1946 Apple Andy
movie 1946 Bathing Buddies
movie 1946 Musical Moments from Chopin
movie 1946 The Wacky Weed
movie 1945 Crow Crazy
movie 1945 Enemy Bacteria
movie 1945 Sliphorn King of Polaroo
movie 1945 The Poet & Peasant
movie 1943 Donald's Tire Trouble
movie 1943 The Flying Jalopy
movie 1942 Donald's Garden
movie 1942 Donald's Gold Mine
movie 1942 The Village Smithy
movie 1941 A Good Time for a Dime
movie 1941 Donald's Camera
movie 1940 The Riveter
movie 1939 Sea Scouts

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