Didier Leplae

Didier Leplae Filmography

movie 2014 Hamlet A.D.D. as First Player
movie 2014 Moon Dust as Inch Monroe
movie 2014 Snap Shot as Desk Clerk
movie 2012 Bunker Hill as Demitri
tv movie 2011 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park
movie 2009 The Making of 'The Pool'
movie 2009 Collapse
movie 2009 Modus Operandi
movie 2007 The Pool
movie 2004 I'm Bobby
movie 2004 The Ice Cream Social
movie 2003 Second Place as Glenn
movie 2001 The Foreigners
movie Skinny Dip

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I am not anonymous. I am a nonymous. But I do not forget. I do not forgive. And be sure. I will help. Website http://world-revolutions.info twitter : http://...

16mm - Portrait of Milwaukee Artist & Filmmaker Kate Balsley Kate Balsley Didier Leplae Fall, 2009.

James, plyayed by Didier Leplae, is a garage inventor who single-handedly builds a masterpiece. He creates a tall, lithe, beautiful female android. And when ...