Dinah Collin

Dinah Collin Filmography

tv movie 2014 Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This
movie 2012 Hyde Park on Hudson
movie 2010 The Ghost Writer
video movie 2008 The Cyber Story as Herself - Costume Designer: Earthshock
movie 2007 Flawless
tv movie 2007 The Dinner Party
movie 2006 United 93
movie 2005 Shooting Dogs
movie 2004 Gladiatress
movie 2004 The Bourne Supremacy
movie 2002 Bloody Sunday
tv movie 2002 The Real Jane Austen
tv series 2000 The Sins
tv movie 1999 'Pride and Prejudice': The Making of... as Herself
tv movie 1999 The Murder of Stephen Lawrence
movie 1998 The Theory of Flight
tv movie 1997 The Fix
tv movie 1995 Pride & Prejudice: From Page to Screen as Herself
tv movie 1992 The Vampyr: A Soap Opera
tv movie 1983 The Two Gentlemen of Verona
tv movie 1982 Cymbeline
tv series 1981 Fanny by Gaslight
tv series 1980 A Tale of Two Cities

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Übersicht Regisseur:Roman Polanski Drehbuchautoren:Robert Harris (Roman),Robert Harris (Adaption) ,Roman Polanski (Drehbuch) ...

Conoce más detalles de la película en: http://www.magazinedelicacy.com Ficha técnica Dirección: Roman Polanski. País: Francia. Año: 2013. Duración: 96 ...

( Trailers en Español_HD ) Título original: The ghost writer. Dirección: Roman Polanski. Países: Francia, Alemania y Reino Unido. Año: 2010. Duración: 128 mi...

The team behind Glyndebourne's 2012 production of The Cunning Little Vixen explore and discuss some of the themes and stories behind Leoš Janáček's ...