Dion Lack

Dion Lack Filmography

movie 2014 A Haunted House 2 as Crony #1
movie 2013 In Search of the Black Knight as Boyfriend of Asian Girl
movie 2013 G.P.S.
movie 2013 The Truth Lies
movie 2013 Caught in the Shadows
tv series 2012 Lyrical Flash Mob
movie 2011 Barack Obama on 60 Minutes Talks Osama Bin Laden
video movie 2011 Game Night as Dion Lack
tv series 2011 Fitness and Fun as Guest
movie 2009 A Film About Races as Team Onyx
movie 2009 Taste of Hollywood
video movie 2009 The Real Deal as Parole Officer
movie 2008 The Cross Before Me as Gangster 1
tv series 2008 Lucky Chance as Danny Boy
movie Lineage

Dion Lack on Youtube

Trailer for Episode 8:

Ep. 11 Fitness & Fun with Dion Lack.

Trailer for the Adventures of a Paraplegic Brother Setting out to show the world that "Whatever you can do, He can do! Cause He's Paralyzed Perry"!!!!