Donald Pleasence

Donald Henry Pleasence OBE, (5 October 1919 ? 2 February 1995) was an English actor, having accumulated over 200 screen credits throughout his long career. Although he often found himself typecast as villainous and/or psychopathic characters, Pleasence was perhaps best known for his work on two of cinema's most enduring franchises; the James Bond and Halloween series. ... more on Wikipedia

Donald Pleasence Filmography

movie 2010 Escape from New Jersey as The President
video movie 2010 Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy as Himself
movie 2008 Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! as Himself
movie 2006 Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film as Himself
video movie 2006 Halloween: 25 Years of Terror as Himself
video movie 2004 The Revamping of Dracula
tv movie 2003 'Halloween': A Cut Above the Rest as Himself
video movie 2003 Barry Humphries Gives Us the Good Oil as Erich Count von Plasma
tv movie 2002 Best Ever Bond as Himself
movie 2002 Halloween: Resurrection as Dr. Samuel 'Sam' Loomis
video movie 2001 Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation as Dr. Samuel 'Sam' Loomis
video movie 2000 Inside 'You Only Live Twice' as Himself
tv movie 1999 The James Bond Story as Himself
movie 1998 In and Out of Fashion as Himself
tv movie 1997 The Secrets of 007: The James Bond Files as Blofeld
movie 1996 Fatal frames: Fotogrammi mortali as Professor Robinson
movie 1995 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers as Dr. Sam Loomis
movie 1995 Robin Hood: Quest for the Crown as Prince John
movie 1995 Safe Haven as The Sailor
tv movie 1995 Signs and Wonders as Cornelius Van Damm
tv movie 1995 The 67th Annual Academy Awards as Himself
tv movie 1994 Guinevere as Merlin
video movie 1993 Return to 'The Great Escape' as Himself
movie 1993 The Big Freeze as Soup slurper
movie 1993 The Hour of the Pig as Pincheon
movie 1993 The Princess and the Cobbler as Phido the Vulture
movie 1992 Diên Biên Phú as Howard Simpson
movie 1991 L'avvoltoio può attendere as The Art Collector
movie 1991 Miliardi as Ripa
movie 1991 Shadows and Fog as Doctor
movie 1990 American risciò as Reverend Mortom
movie 1990 Buried Alive as Dr. Schaeffer
tv movie 1990 Donne armate as Dreyfuss
tv movie 1990 Moi, général de Gaulle as Winston Churchill
tv movie 1989 Agatha Christie's Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery as Jason Rafiel
movie 1989 Casablanca Express as Colonel Bats
movie 1989 Halloween 5 as Dr. Sam Loomis
movie 1989 Paganini Horror as Mr. Pickett
movie 1989 River of Death as Heinrich Spaatz
movie 1989 Ten Little Indians as Mr. Justice Lawrence Wargrave
movie 1989 The House of Usher as Walter Usher
movie 1988 Angel Hill: l'ultima missione as Colonel B. Abrams
movie 1988 Der Commander as Henry Carlson
movie 1988 Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers as Dr. Sam Loomis
movie 1988 Hanna's War as Captain Thomas Rosza
movie 1988 Nosferatu a Venezia as Don Alvise
tv movie 1988 The Great Escape II: The Untold Story as Dr, Absalon
movie 1988 Un delitto poco comune as Inspector Datti
movie 1987 Animali metropolitani as Prof. Livingstone
tv movie 1987 Basements as Mr. Kidd
movie 1987 Django 2 - Il grande ritorno as Ben Gunn
movie 1987 Double Target as Senator Blaster
movie 1987 Ground Zero as Prosper Gaffney
movie 1987 Prince of Darkness as Priest
tv movie 1987 Scoop as London - Lord Copper
movie 1987 Spettri as Professor Lasky
movie 1987 To Kill a Stranger as Col. Kostik
movie 1987 Warrior Queen as Clodius
movie 1986 Cobra Mission as Father Lenoir
video movie 1986 Into the Darkness as David Beckett
tv movie 1986 Onora il padre as Aldo Rossi
tv series 1986 Naso di cane as Olindo Cuomo
tv movie 1985 Black Arrow as Sir Oliver Oates
movie 1985 Il mondo dell'orrore di Dario Argento as Himself
movie 1985 Phenomena as Professor John McGregor
movie 1985 Reel Horror as Axel MacGregor
movie 1985 Sotto il vestito niente as Commissioner Danesi
tv movie 1985 The Corsican Brothers as The Chancellor
movie 1985 The Treasure of the Amazon as Klaus von Blantz
video movie 1985 The Walt Disney Comedy and Magic Revue as Lucas Deranian
movie 1984 A Breed Apart as J.P. Whittier
tv movie 1984 Arch of Triumph as Haake
movie 1984 Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tillie as Victor Frankenstein
movie 1984 Terror in the Aisles as Himself - Host
movie 1984 The Ambassador as Minister Eretz
movie 1984 Where Is Parsifal? as Mackintosh
tv series 1984 Master of the Game as Salomon Van der Merwe
movie 1983 The Devonsville Terror as Dr. Warley
movie 1983 Warrior of the Lost World as Prossor
movie 1982 Alone in the Dark as Dr. Leo Bain
tv movie 1982 Computercide as George Dettler
tv movie 1982 Witness for the Prosecution as Mr. Myers
movie 1981 Escape from New York as President
movie 1981 Halloween II as Sam Loomis
movie 1981 Race for the Yankee Zephyr as Gilbert Carson
movie 1981 The Monster Club as Pickering - Chief of the B-Squad
tv movie 1980 Blade on the Feather as Professor Jason Cavendish
movie 1980 L'uomo puma as Kobras
tv movie 1980 The Ghost Sonata as The old man
tv movie 1979 All Quiet on the Western Front as Kantorek
tv movie 1979 Better Late Than Never as Colonel Riddle
movie 1979 Dracula as Dr. Jack Seward
tv movie 1979 Gold of the Amazon Women as Clarence Blasko
movie 1979 Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff as Dr. Steiner
movie 1979 Jaguar Lives! as General Villanova
movie 1979 L'homme en colère as Albert Rumpelmayer
tv series 1979 The French Atlantic Affair as Max Dechambre
movie 1978 Halloween as Dr. Sam Loomis
movie 1978 L'ordre et la sécurité du monde as Rothko
movie 1978 Les liens de sang as James Doniac
movie 1978 Night Creature as Axel MacGregor
movie 1978 Power Play as Blair
movie 1978 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as B.D. Hoffler
tv movie 1978 The Bastard as Solomon Sholto
tv movie 1978 The Defection of Simas Kudirka as Captain Vladimir Popov
movie 1978 Tomorrow Never Comes as Dr. Todd
tv series 1978 The Dark Secret of Harvest Home as Narrator
movie 1977 Oh, God! as Doctor Harmon
movie 1977 Telefon as Nicolai Dalchimsky
movie 1977 The Uncanny as Valentine De'ath
tv movie 1976 Death of an Informer as The man in the office
movie 1976 Goldenrod as John Tyler Jones
tv movie 1976 Hindle Wakes as Nat Jeffcote
movie 1976 The Devil's Men as Father Roche
movie 1976 The Eagle Has Landed as Himmler
movie 1976 The Last Tycoon as Boxley
movie 1976 The Passover Plot as Pontius Pilate
movie 1976 Trial by Combat as Sir Giles Marley
tv movie 1976 Ubu roi as Pa Ubu
movie 1975 Escape to Witch Mountain as Lucas Deranian
movie 1975 Hearts of the West as A.J. Neitz
movie 1975 I Don't Want to Be Born as Dr. Finch
movie 1975 Journey Into Fear as Kuvetli
tv movie 1975 The Count of Monte-Cristo as Danglars
movie 1974 ...altrimenti ci arrabbiamo! as The Doctor
movie 1974 Barry McKenzie Holds His Own as Erich Count von Plasma
tv movie 1974 Barry McKenzie: Ogre or Ocker as Erich Count von Plasma
movie 1974 From Beyond the Grave as Jim Underwood
movie 1974 La loba y la Paloma as Martin Zayas
tv movie 1974 Occupations as Christo Kabak
movie 1974 The Black Windmill as Cedric Harper
movie 1974 The Mutations as Professor Nolter
movie 1973 Death Line as Inspector Calhoun
tv movie 1973 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Fred Smudge
movie 1973 Malachi's Cove as Malachi
movie 1973 Tales That Witness Madness as Prof. R.C. Tremayne
movie 1973 The Rainbow Boys as Ralph Logan
tv movie 1973 The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water as The Spirit
movie 1972 Henry VIII and His Six Wives as Thomas Cromwell
movie 1972 Innocent Bystanders as Loomis
tv movie 1972 The 26th Annual Tony Awards as Himself
movie 1972 The Jerusalem File as Major Samuels
movie 1972 The Pied Piper as The Baron
movie 1972 Wedding in White as Jim Dougall, Sr.
movie 1971 Kidnapped as Ebenezer Balfour
movie 1971 THX 1138 as SEN
movie 1971 Wake in Fright as Doc Tydon
movie 1970 Soldier Blue as Isaac Q. Cumber
movie 1969 Arthur! Arthur! as Arthur Brownjohn
movie 1969 Mr. Freedom as Dr. Freedom
tv movie 1969 The 23rd Annual Tony Awards as Himself
movie 1969 The Madwoman of Chaillot as The Prospector
movie 1968 Creature of Comfort as James Thorne
movie 1968 The Other People as Clive - Elsa's father
movie 1968 Will Penny as Preacher Quint
tv movie 1967 Call Me Daddy as Mr. Hoffman
movie 1967 Matchless as Gregori Andreanu
tv movie 1967 The Diary of Anne Frank as Mr. Dusseli
movie 1967 The Night of the Generals as General Kahlenberge
tv movie 1967 Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond as Ernst Stavro Blofeld
movie 1967 You Only Live Twice as Blofeld
movie 1966 Cul-de-sac as George
movie 1966 Eye of the Devil as Pere Dominic
movie 1966 Fantastic Voyage as Dr. Michaels
movie 1965 The Greatest Story Ever Told as The Dark Hermit - Satan
movie 1965 The Hallelujah Trail as 'Oracle' Jones
movie 1963 Dr. Crippen as Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen
movie 1963 The Caretaker as Mac Davies
movie 1963 The Great Escape as Blythe 'The Forger'
tv movie 1962 The Hatchet Man
movie 1962 The Inspector as Sgt. Wolters
movie 1961 A Story of David as Nabal
movie 1961 No Love for Johnnie as Roger Renfrew
movie 1961 Spare the Rod as Mr. Jenkins
movie 1961 The Wind of Change as 'Pop' Marley
movie 1961 What a Carve Up! as Everett Sloane
tv movie 1960 Alice Through the Looking Box
movie 1960 Circus of Horrors as Vanet
movie 1960 Hell Is a City as Gus Hawkins
movie 1960 Sons and Lovers as Pappleworth
movie 1960 Suspect as Parsons, alias Bill Brown
movie 1960 The Big Day as Victor Partridge
movie 1960 The Flesh and the Fiends as William Hare
movie 1960 The Hands of Orlac as Graham Coates
movie 1960 The Shakedown as Jessel Brown
movie 1959 Killers of Kilimanjaro as Captain
movie 1959 Look Back in Anger as Hurst
movie 1959 The Battle of the Sexes as Irwin Hoffman
tv movie 1959 The Traitor as Grantley Caypor
movie 1958 A Tale of Two Cities as Barsad
tv movie 1958 Granite as A nameless man
movie 1958 Heart of a Child as Spiel
tv movie 1958 I Spy as Mr. Frute
movie 1958 The Man Inside as Organ-grinder
movie 1958 The Two-Headed Spy as General Hardt
movie 1958 The Wind Cannot Read as Doctor
movie 1957 Barnacle Bill as Cashier
movie 1957 Manuela as Evans
movie 1957 The Man in the Sky as Crabtree
movie 1956 1984 as R. Parsons
movie 1956 The Black Tent as Ali
movie 1955 Value for Money as Limpy
tv series 1955 The Adventures of Robin Hood as Prince John
tv movie 1954 Montserrat as Juan Alvarez
tv movie 1954 Nineteen Eighty-Four as Syme
movie 1954 Orders Are Orders as Cpl. Martin
movie 1954 The Beachcomber as Tromp
tv movie 1954 The Face of Love as Alex
tv movie 1952 The Dybbuk as Second batlon

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