Dorothy Christy

Dorothy Christy (May 26, 1906 - May 21, 1977) was an American actress. She acted with Will Rogers, Buster Keaton and the Marx brothers and with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in the film Sons of the Desert (1933), in the role of Mrs Laurel. She was Queen Tika of Murania in The Phantom Empire, Gene Autry?s 1935 cliffhanger serial. She concluded her cinema career in 1953. ... more on Wikipedia

Dorothy Christy Filmography

tv movie 1992 A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel and Hardy
tv series 1986 The Laurel and Hardy Show as Various
movie 1953 So Big as Widow Paarlenberg
movie 1951 Oh! Susanna as Officer's Wife at Dance
movie 1949 Caught as Wealthy Shopper
movie 1949 The Fountainhead as Society Woman
movie 1948 Dream Girl as Mollie Hand
movie 1948 Fighting Back as Martha Higby
movie 1948 Homecoming as Party Guest
movie 1948 Silver River as Woman
movie 1947 Miracle on 34th Street as Secretary
movie 1947 Scared to Death as Mrs. Williams
movie 1947 Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman as Party Guest
movie 1947 That's My Man
movie 1947 The Fabulous Joe as Grace
movie 1947 The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival as Grace, in 'Fabulous Joe'
movie 1947 The Pilgrim Lady as Nell Brown
movie 1947 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as Store Official
movie 1947 The Unfaithful as Mrs. Freedley
movie 1946 Little Giant as Jim's wife
movie 1946 Little Miss Big as Mrs. Baxter
movie 1946 Lover Come Back as Receptionist
movie 1946 The Magnificent Rogue as Clerk
movie 1946 Undercurrent as Woman
movie 1945 Black Market Babies as Mrs. Becker
movie 1945 Dakota as Nora
movie 1945 Fashion Model as Mme. Celeste
movie 1945 Flame of Barbary Coast as Mother Bronson
movie 1945 George White's Scandals as Lady Molly Asbury
movie 1945 Junior Miss as Mrs. Cummings
movie 1945 That's the Spirit as Nurse
movie 1945 Week-End at the Waldorf as Cashier
movie 1944 Army Wives as Mrs. Lowry
movie 1944 Cowboy and the Senorita as Lulubelle
movie 1944 Laura as Woman
movie 1943 Cutie on Duty as Mrs. Errol
movie 1943 Double Up as Leon's Wife
movie 1943 Gem-Jams as Mrs. Arlene Errol
movie 1943 Radio Runaround as Mrs. Arlene Errol
movie 1943 Seeing Nellie Home as Mrs. Errol
movie 1943 The Falcon and the Co-eds as Maya Harris
movie 1943 The Youngest Profession as Sally
movie 1942 Dear! Deer! as Mrs. Taylor
movie 1942 Get Hep to Love as 3rd Woman
movie 1942 Sunset on the Desert as Committee Woman
movie 1942 The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine as Mrs. Updyke
movie 1942 When Johnny Comes Marching Home as Speaker
movie 1941 Sailors on Leave as Blonde Woman
movie 1941 Sierra Sue as Verebel Featherstone
movie 1940 City of Chance as Woman on Phone
movie 1940 Men with Steel Faces as Queen Tika
movie 1939 East Side of Heaven as Mrs. Henry Smith
movie 1939 Pardon Our Nerve as Blonde
movie 1939 Rough Riders' Round-up as Rusty's Dancing Partner
movie 1939 They Shall Have Music as Woman Angry at Husband Being Late
movie 1938 Marie Antoinette as Lady in Waiting to Madame Du Barry
movie 1938 Submarine Patrol as McPeek's Girl
movie 1938 Sweethearts as Woman in Lobby
movie 1938 Woman Against Woman as Mrs. Morton
movie 1937 Love Is News as Boardinghouse Beauty
movie 1937 Slave Ship as Blonde
movie 1937 Topper as Nurse
movie 1937 You Can't Have Everything as Blonde
movie 1936 Early to Bed as Nurse
movie 1936 Mind Your Own Business as Beautician
movie 1935 I've Been Around as Girl
movie 1935 The Daring Young Man as Helen Kay
movie 1935 The Phantom Empire as Queen Tika
movie 1934 6 Day Bike Rider as Mrs. Mabel St. Clair
movie 1934 Bright Eyes as Anita Smythe
movie 1934 Love Birds as Kitten
movie 1934 Merry Wives of Reno as Derwent's Client - Hubert's Divorce Seeking Wife
movie 1934 Million Dollar Ransom as Gwen
movie 1934 Now I'll Tell as Gossipy Blonde Fight Fan
movie 1934 One Exciting Adventure as Woman with Earrings
movie 1934 Servants' Entrance as Mrs. Knut Johnson
movie 1934 Such Women Are Dangerous
movie 1933 Mister Mugg
movie 1933 Only Yesterday as Rena
movie 1933 Open Sesame
movie 1933 Second Hand Wife as Rose Bray
movie 1933 Sons of the Desert as Mrs. Betty Laurel
movie 1933 The Big Squeal as Natalie
movie 1932 Arm of the Law as Mrs. Myrtle Welling
movie 1932 Devil and the Deep as Mrs. Crimp
movie 1932 Forbidden Company as Louelle Fenwick
movie 1932 Lawyer Man as Chorus Girl
movie 1932 Shop Angel as Margot Kennedy
movie 1932 Slightly Married as Marjorie
movie 1932 The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood as Mrs. Chauncey Chadwick
movie 1932 The Hollywood Handicap as Character
movie 1932 The Unexpected Father as Evelyn Smythe
movie 1932 Union Depot as Society Woman Saying Goodbye to Jean
movie 1931 Big Business Girl as Mrs. Emery
movie 1931 Caught Cheating as Tessie
movie 1931 Convicted as Constance Forbes
movie 1931 Gold Dust Gertie as Mabel Guthrie
movie 1931 Grief Street as Mrs. Alvin Merle aka Ethel Wynn
movie 1931 King of the Wild as Mrs. LaSalle
movie 1931 Night Life in Reno as Gwen Maynard
movie 1931 No, No, Lady as Adelle Martin
movie 1931 Parlor, Bedroom and Bath as Angelica Embrey
movie 1931 The Devil Plays as Dolores Quincy
movie 1930 Big Money as Leila
movie 1930 Extravagance as Esther Hamilton
movie 1930 Playboy of Paris as Mlle. Berengere
movie 1930 She Got What She Wanted as Olga
movie 1930 She Who Gets Slapped as Wife
movie 1930 So This Is London as Lady Amy Ducksworth
movie 1929 That's My Wife as Undetermined Role

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