Dorothy Davenport

Dorothy Davenport (March 13, 1895 - October 12, 1977) was an American actress, screenwriter, film director, and producer who appeared in silent film for Biograph Studios under the direction of D.W. Griffith. ... more on Wikipedia

Dorothy Davenport Filmography

tv series 1980 Hollywood as Herself
movie 1956 The First Traveling Saleslady
movie 1955 Footsteps in the Fog
movie 1954 Francis Joins the WACS
movie 1953 Francis Covers the Big Town
movie 1952 It Grows on Trees
movie 1951 Rhubarb
movie 1949 Impact
movie 1948 Who Killed Doc Robbin
movie 1947 Curley
movie 1947 The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival
movie 1941 Redhead
movie 1940 Drums of the Desert
movie 1940 Haunted House
movie 1940 On the Spot
movie 1940 The Old Swimmin' Hole
movie 1940 Tomboy
movie 1938 Rose of the Rio Grande
movie 1938 Prison Break
movie 1937 A Bride for Henry
movie 1937 Paradise Isle
movie 1936 The House of a Thousand Candles
movie 1935 Honeymoon Limited
movie 1935 Women Must Dress
movie 1934 The Road to Ruin as Mrs. Merrill
movie 1934 Redhead
movie 1934 The Woman Condemned
movie 1933 Man Hunt as Mrs. Scott
movie 1933 Sucker Money
movie 1932 The Racing Strain
movie 1930 The Dude Wrangler
movie 1929 Linda
movie 1928 Hellship Bronson as Mrs. Bronson
movie 1927 The Satin Woman as Mrs. Jean Taylor
movie 1926 The Earth Woman
movie 1925 The Red Kimona as Woman Telling the Story
movie 1924 Broken Laws as Joan Allen
movie 1923 Human Wreckage as Ethel MacFarland
movie 1922 The Masked Avenger as Valerie Putnam
movie 1921 Every Woman's Problem as Clara Madison
movie 1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 14-F as Herself
movie 1920 The Fighting Chance as Leila Mortimer
movie 1918 His Extra Bit as Herself
movie 1917 Buried Alive
movie 1917 It Makes a Difference as Genevieve
movie 1917 Mothers of Men as Clara Madison
movie 1917 The Brand of Death
movie 1917 The Girl and the Crisis as Ellen Wilmot
movie 1917 The Penalty of Silence
movie 1917 The Scarlet Crystal as Marie Delys
movie 1917 The Squaw Man's Son as Edith, Lady Effington
movie 1917 Treason as Luella Brysk
movie 1916 A Yoke of Gold as Carner
movie 1916 Barriers of Society as Martha Gorham
movie 1916 Black Friday as Elionor Rossitor
movie 1916 Doctor Neighbor as Hazel Rogers
movie 1916 Heartaches
movie 1916 Her Husband's Faith
movie 1916 Her Soul's Song
movie 1916 Number 16 Martin Street as Cleo
movie 1916 Romance at Random
movie 1916 The Devil's Bondwoman as Beverly Hope
movie 1916 The False Clue
movie 1916 The Human Gamble
movie 1916 The Mother Call as Mary
movie 1916 The Phantom Island as Pearl Jeffries
movie 1916 The Question Mark
movie 1916 The Turn of the Wheel
movie 1916 The Unattainable as Bessie Gale
movie 1916 The Way of the World as Beatrice Farley
movie 1916 The Wrong Heart
movie 1916 Two Mothers as Violetta Andree
movie 1915 $500 Reward as Winnifred Garth
movie 1915 A Voice from the Sea
movie 1915 Fate's Vengeance
movie 1915 In Humble Guise as Grace Hunt
movie 1915 Letters Entangled as Grace Livingston - John's Sweetheart
movie 1915 Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo as Grand Duchess Feodora
movie 1915 One Hundred Years Ago as Evelyn Gilbert
movie 1915 The Adventurer
movie 1915 The Bond of Friendship
movie 1915 The Crystal Globe as Sheila
movie 1915 The Explorer as Lucy Allerton
movie 1915 The Hawk and the Hermit as Kate Shaw
movie 1915 The Heritage of a Century
movie 1915 The Skein of Life
movie 1915 The Toilers of the Sea as Mildred Bruce
movie 1915 The Unknown as Nancy Preston
movie 1915 The Vanishing Cinderella as Florence Kingdon - Newspaper Reporter
movie 1915 The Witness
movie 1915 The Wolf's Den as Alice Harper
movie 1915 Where the Trail Led
movie 1914 'Cross the Mexican Line as Dorothy West
movie 1914 A Flash in the Dark as Mrs. Randall
movie 1914 A Gypsy Romance as Queen of the Gypsies
movie 1914 A Wife on a Wager
movie 1914 Breed o' the Mountains as Sue Jarvis
movie 1914 Cupid Incognito as Angela Graham
movie 1914 Fires of Conscience as Ethel
movie 1914 Heart of the Hills as The Government Detective
movie 1914 Love's Western Flight as Dorothy
movie 1914 Passing of the Beast as The Mountie's Wife
movie 1914 The Countess Betty's Mine as Countess Betty Ardmore
movie 1914 The Den of Thieves as Dorothy
movie 1914 The Dream of Loco Juan as Carmencita Nina
movie 1914 The Fruit of Evil
movie 1914 The Greater Devotion
movie 1914 The Intruder as The Woodsman's Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Man Within
movie 1914 The Mask as Dorothy Stevens
movie 1914 The Mountaineer as Dorothy - Jim's Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Only Way
movie 1914 The Quack as Mary Rohan
movie 1914 The Siren as Renee
movie 1914 The Skeleton as Jack's Wife
movie 1914 The Spider and Her Web
movie 1914 The Stranger as Dorothy Stevens
movie 1914 The Test as The Poor Man's Wife
movie 1914 The Test of Manhood as Ethel Crandall
movie 1914 The Voice of the Viola as Dorothy
movie 1914 The Way of a Woman as Dorothy
movie 1914 The Wheel of Life as The Prospector's Wife
movie 1914 Women and Roses as Wallace's Mistress
movie 1913 A Black Hand Elopement as Dolly Gardner - the Bride
movie 1913 A Cracksman Santa Claus as Dot
movie 1913 A False Friend as Elsie
movie 1913 A Hopi Legend
movie 1913 A Plain Girl's Love as Nancy Cleveland - the Village Belle
movie 1913 All Rivers Meet at Sea
movie 1913 Dances of the Ages as The Young Dancer
movie 1913 God of Chance
movie 1913 Pierre of the North as Mary McKenzie
movie 1913 Retribution as Dorothy
movie 1913 Right for Right's Sake
movie 1913 Romance of Erin as Molly
movie 1913 The Bondsman
movie 1913 The Cracksman's Reformation as Dorothy
movie 1913 The Failure of Success as The Widow
movie 1913 The Fires of Fate as Dot - Wally's Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Heart of Kathleen as Kathleen
movie 1913 The Lightning Bolt as Dot
movie 1913 The Revelation as Mrs. Burns
movie 1913 The Sea Dog as Alice Clayton - the Captain's Daughter
movie 1913 The Spark of Manhood
movie 1912 A Brave Little Woman as Clara Lyttell
movie 1912 A Matinee Mix-Up
movie 1912 A Pair of Baby Shoes as Mrs. Richard Darrell
movie 1912 Almost a Suicide as The Young Wife
movie 1912 Dad's Mistake as The Younger Sister
movie 1912 Fatty's Big Mix-Up
movie 1912 Her Indian Hero as Veda Mead
movie 1912 His Only Son as Jessie Carter
movie 1912 Home and Mother as Nance
movie 1912 In the Long Run as Mrs. Dowlan
movie 1912 Inbad, the Count as Ethel Wells
movie 1912 Our Lady of the Pearls as Anita
movie 1912 The Bachelor and the Baby as Eleanor Enomis - the Bachelor's Fiancée
movie 1912 The Boomerang as Dottie, a Visitor
movie 1912 The Border Parson as Mary
movie 1912 The Cub Reporter's Big Scoop as Alice Ford
movie 1912 The Feudal Debt as The Harvey Girl
movie 1912 The Lost Address as Dora Davey - the Waiting Bride
movie 1912 The Torn Letter as Mabel - the Wife
movie 1912 Uncle Bill as Dorothy, Jennie's Niece
movie 1911 His Dream
movie 1911 Out of Darkness as Ruth - Bart's Sweetheart
movie 1911 The Best Man Wins as Dotty - the Farmer's Daughter
movie 1911 Vengeance Hath Been Had as Gertie
movie 1910 A Gold Necklace as A Friend
movie 1910 A Mohawk's Way as Indian
movie 1910 Examination Day at School as Student
movie 1910 The Broken Doll as Townswoman
movie 1910 The Fugitive
movie 1910 The Golden Supper as Flower Girl
movie 1910 The Iconoclast as Employer's Friend
movie 1910 The Oath and the Man as Aristocrat
movie 1910 The Troublesome Baby as At Station
movie 1910 Two Little Waifs as Nun
movie 1910 Waiter No. 5 as In Restaurant

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