Dorothy Peterson

Dorothy Peterson (December 25, 1897 ? October 3, 1979) was an American actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Dorothy Peterson Filmography

movie 1963 Escala en Hi-Fi
tv movie 1953 Lincoln's Little Correspondent
movie 1947 That Hagen Girl as Minta Hagen
movie 1946 Canyon Passage as Mrs. Dance
movie 1946 Sister Kenny as Agnes
movie 1944 Faces in the Fog as Mrs. Mason
movie 1944 Mr. Skeffington as Manby
movie 1944 The Woman in the Window as Mrs. Wanley
movie 1944 This Is the Life as Aunt Betsy
movie 1944 When the Lights Go on Again as Mrs. Clara Benson
movie 1943 Air Force as Mrs. Chester
movie 1943 The Moon Is Down as Mother
movie 1943 This Is the Army as Mrs. Nelson
movie 1942 Saboteur as Mrs. Mason
movie 1942 The Man in the Trunk as Lola DeWinters
movie 1941 Cheers for Miss Bishop as Mrs. Bishop
movie 1941 Henry Aldrich for President as Mrs. Aldrich
movie 1941 Ride, Kelly, Ride as Mrs. Martin
movie 1941 Uncle Joe as Margaret Day
movie 1940 Five Little Peppers at Home as Mrs. Pepper
movie 1940 Five Little Peppers in Trouble as Mrs. Pepper
movie 1940 Lillian Russell as Cynthia Leonard
movie 1940 Out West with the Peppers as Mrs. Pepper
movie 1940 Screen Snapshots Series 19, No. 5: Art and Artists as Herself
movie 1940 Too Many Husbands as Gertrude Houlihan
movie 1940 Women in War as Sister Frances
movie 1939 Dark Victory as Miss Wainwright
movie 1939 Five Little Peppers and How They Grew as Mrs. Pepper
movie 1939 Sabotage as Edith Grayson
movie 1939 The Flying Irishman as Mrs. Edith Corrigan - Doug's Mother
movie 1939 Two Bright Boys as Kathleen O'Donnell
movie 1938 Breaking the Ice as Annie Decker
movie 1938 Girls on Probation as Jane Lennox
movie 1938 Hunted Men as Mary Harris
movie 1938 The World Is Ours as The Mother
movie 1937 52nd Street as Adela Rondell
movie 1937 Confession as Mrs. Koslov
movie 1937 Girl Loves Boy as Mrs. McCarthy
movie 1937 Her Husband Lies as Dorothy Powell
movie 1937 Under Cover of Night as Susan
movie 1936 Reunion as Katherine Kennedy
movie 1936 The Country Doctor as Nurse Katherine Kennedy
movie 1936 The Devil Is a Sissy as Mrs. Jennie Stevens
movie 1935 Freckles as Mrs. Duncan
movie 1935 Laddie as Mrs. Stanton
movie 1935 Man of Iron as Bessie Bennett
movie 1935 Pursuit as Mrs. McCoy
movie 1935 Society Doctor as Mrs. Harrigan
movie 1935 Sweepstake Annie as Mrs. Henry Foster
movie 1934 As the Earth Turns as Mil
movie 1934 Beloved as Baroness Irene von Hausmann
movie 1934 Men in White as Nurse Mary
movie 1934 Peck's Bad Boy as Aunt Lily Clay
movie 1934 Side Streets as Mrs. Richards
movie 1934 Treasure Island as Mrs. Hawkins
movie 1934 Uncertain Lady as Cicily Prentiss
movie 1933 Big Executive as Mrs. Sarah Conway
movie 1933 Billion Dollar Scandal as Mrs. Jackson
movie 1933 Hold Me Tight as Mary Shane
movie 1933 I'm No Angel as Thelma
movie 1933 Reform Girl as Mrs. Putnam
movie 1933 The Mayor of Hell as Mrs. Smith
movie 1932 Attorney for the Defense as Mrs. Wallace
movie 1932 Business and Pleasure as Mrs. Jane Olsen Tinker
movie 1932 Call Her Savage as Silas' Wife
movie 1932 Emma as Mrs. Winthrop
movie 1932 Forbidden as Helen
movie 1932 Life Begins as A Patient
movie 1932 Night World as Edith Blair
movie 1932 Payment Deferred as Annie Marble
movie 1932 She Wanted a Millionaire as Mrs. Miller
movie 1932 So Big! as Maartje Pool
movie 1932 The Beast of the City as Mary Fitzpatrick
movie 1932 The Cabin in the Cotton as Lilly Blake
movie 1932 Thrill of Youth as Seena Sherwood
movie 1932 When a Fellow Needs a Friend as Mrs. Margaret Randall
movie 1931 Bought! as Mrs. Dale
movie 1931 Party Husband as Kate
movie 1931 Penrod and Sam as Mrs. Schofield
movie 1931 Rich Man's Folly as Katherine Trumbull
movie 1931 Skyline as Rose Breen
movie 1931 The Reckless Hour as Mrs. Susie Jennison
movie 1931 Traveling Husbands as Martha Hall
movie 1931 Up for Murder as Mrs. Marshall
movie 1931 Way Back Home as Rose Clark
movie 1930 Mothers Cry as Mary Williams

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