Dorothy West

Dorothy West (June 2, 1907 ? August 16, 1998) was a novelist and short story writer who was part of the Harlem Renaissance. She is best known for her novel The Living Is Easy, about the life of an upper-class black family. ... more on Wikipedia

Dorothy West Filmography

tv movie 1985 Proposta in quattro parti
movie 1916 The Eternal Grind as Jane
movie 1916 The Habit of Happiness as Elsie Pepper
movie 1911 A Knight of the Road as The Rancher's Daughter
movie 1911 A Wreath of Orange Blossoms as At Party
movie 1911 Fate's Turning
movie 1911 Heart Beats of Long Ago as The Daughter
movie 1911 His Mother's Scarf as The Pioneer Girl
movie 1911 His Trust Fulfilled as The Frazier child, as an adult
movie 1911 His Trust: The Faithful Devotion and Self-Sacrifice of an Old Negro Servant
movie 1911 In the Days of '49 as Edith's Friend
movie 1911 Priscilla's April Fool Joke as Unidentified Role
movie 1911 Priscilla's Engagement Ring
movie 1911 Swords and Hearts as Jenny Baker
movie 1911 The Broken Cross as The Manicurist
movie 1911 The Chief's Daughter as Indian
movie 1911 The Diamond Star
movie 1911 The Hidden Mine as The Miner's Wife
movie 1911 The Italian Barber
movie 1911 The Lily of the Tenements as The Tenement Girl
movie 1911 The New Dress as Marta
movie 1911 The Revenue Man and the Girl as The Moonshiner's Daughter
movie 1911 The Spanish Gypsy as Gypsy
movie 1911 The Squaw's Love as Indian
movie 1911 The Two Paths
movie 1910 A Child of the Ghetto as Ruth
movie 1910 A Child's Faith as Well-Wisher
movie 1910 A Child's Impulse as At Second Party
movie 1910 A Flash of Light as At First Party
movie 1910 A Midnight Cupid as At Party
movie 1910 A Plain Song as Storemate
movie 1910 A Romance of the Western Hills as Tourist
movie 1910 A Salutary Lesson
movie 1910 A Summer Idyll as At Party
movie 1910 A Victim of Jealousy as Visitor
movie 1910 As the Bells Rang Out! as The Maid of Honor
movie 1910 Examination Day at School as Student
movie 1910 Faithful as Neighbor
movie 1910 His Last Burglary as The Maid
movie 1910 His Sister-In-Law as Wedding Guest
movie 1910 In the Border States as Union Maiden at Farewell
movie 1910 Love in Quarantine
movie 1910 One Night, and Then -- as At the Party
movie 1910 Ramona as Woman in chapel
movie 1910 Rose O'Salem Town as A Sea Child
movie 1910 Sunshine Sue as Sweatshop Employee
movie 1910 The Banker's Daughters as Martha Bourne
movie 1910 The Broken Doll as Townswoman
movie 1910 The Call to Arms as A Gypsy
movie 1910 The Cloister's Touch as At the Palace
movie 1910 The Converts as Leaving Bar
movie 1910 The Duke's Plan as At the Inn
movie 1910 The Englishman and the Girl as A Friend
movie 1910 The Fugitive as Confederate Son's Fiancée
movie 1910 The Golden Supper as Camilla
movie 1910 The Honor of His Family as Woman at farewell
movie 1910 The House with Closed Shutters as His sister
movie 1910 The Impalement as At Second Party
movie 1910 The Lesson
movie 1910 The Love of Lady Irma as Party Guest
movie 1910 The Newlyweds as On Train
movie 1910 The Oath and the Man as Aristocrat
movie 1910 The Purgation
movie 1910 The Rocky Road as At Church
movie 1910 The Smoker
movie 1910 The Thread of Destiny as On the Street
movie 1910 The Twisted Trail as Girl on Farm
movie 1910 The Two Brothers as Mexican
movie 1910 The Unchanging Sea as Villager
movie 1910 The Usurer as At Luncheon
movie 1910 The Way of the World as A Young Girl
movie 1910 The Woman from Mellon's as Maid
movie 1910 Thou Shalt Not as Laura's Friend
movie 1910 Waiter No. 5 as One of the Poor
movie 1910 Winning Back His Love as At Stage Door
movie 1909 A Burglar's Mistake as One of the Children
movie 1909 A Corner in Wheat as Visitor to the Grain Elevator
movie 1909 A Fool's Revenge as At Court
movie 1909 A Midnight Adventure as Mercedes
movie 1909 A Strange Meeting
movie 1909 At the Altar as Minnie's Friend
movie 1909 Choosing a Husband as One of Gladys' Friends
movie 1909 His Lost Love as At Wedding
movie 1909 His Wife's Mother as Maid
movie 1909 I Did It as The Maid
movie 1909 In a Hempen Bag as The Daughter
movie 1909 In Little Italy as At the Ball
movie 1909 In the Watches of the Night as At Brainard's
movie 1909 Lady Helen's Escapade as First Maid
movie 1909 Lines of White on a Sullen Sea as The Second Wife's Friend
movie 1909 Love Finds a Way as Lady-in-Waiting
movie 1909 Nursing a Viper
movie 1909 One Touch of Nature
movie 1909 The Brahma Diamond as Tourist
movie 1909 The Cord of Life as In Tenement
movie 1909 The Cricket on the Hearth as Sister Bertha
movie 1909 The Day After as Party Guest
movie 1909 The Death Disc: A Story of the Cromwellian Period as One of the Wife's Companions
movie 1909 The Deception as At Laundry
movie 1909 The Drive for a Life as One of Mignon's Sisters
movie 1909 The Gibson Goddess as A Maid
movie 1909 The Girls and Daddy as Dr. Payson's Second Daughter
movie 1909 The Golden Louis as Reveller
movie 1909 The Joneses Have Amateur Theatricals as Theatre Man
movie 1909 The Light That Came as At the Ball
movie 1909 The Little Darling
movie 1909 The Lure of the Gown as At Dance
movie 1909 The Medicine Bottle as At Party
movie 1909 The Mountaineer's Honor as At Dance
movie 1909 The Open Gate as One of Hetty's Relatives
movie 1909 The Politician's Love Story as Woman, First Couple
movie 1909 The Red Man's View as Indian
movie 1909 The Roue's Heart as Sculptress's Friend
movie 1909 The Salvation Army Lass as Salvation Army
movie 1909 The Trick That Failed as At Gallery
movie 1909 The Voice of the Violin as At Party Meeting
movie 1909 Those Awful Hats as Theatre Audience
movie 1909 Those Boys! as A Daughter
movie 1909 To Save Her Soul as At Party
movie 1909 Two Women and a Man as At Party
movie 1909 Was Justice Served?
movie 1909 What's Your Hurry? as On Street
movie 1908 An Awful Moment
movie 1908 The Girl and the Outlaw
movie 1908 The Guerrilla as Dorothy

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Interviewed by Dorothy West (P) (C) 2013 Cleopatra Records, Inc.. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws [ http://c... Ira H. Gallen Video Resources 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023 (212) 724 - 7055 ...

This two-part TV miniseries, adapted from Dorothy West's novel The Wedding, takes a look at mid-century issues of race and class in well-to-do black society....