Dot Farley

Dot Farley (6 February 1881 ? 2 May 1971) was an American film actress. She appeared in 280 films between 1910 and 1950. Mainly known for her roles in short comedies, prolific with Mack Sennett in the silent days;she was later notable as the Mother-in-law of Edgar Kennedy in most of his series of short films at the RKO studios. ... more on Wikipedia

Dot Farley Filmography

movie 1950 The File on Thelma Jordon as Woman Prisoner
movie 1948 Brother Knows Best as Florence's Mother
movie 1948 Contest Crazy as Florence's Mother
movie 1948 Dig That Gold as Mother
movie 1948 Fighting Father Dunne as Mrs. Monohan
movie 1948 Home Canning as Florence's Mother
movie 1948 How to Clean House as Florence's Mother
movie 1948 No More Relatives as Mother
movie 1948 Variety Time as Edgar's Mother-in-Law
movie 1947 Do or Diet as Florence's Mother
movie 1947 Heading for Trouble as Florence's Mother
movie 1947 Host to a Ghost as Florence's Mother
movie 1947 Mind Over Mouse as Mother
movie 1947 Television Turmoil as Florence's Mother
movie 1947 The Sin of Harold Diddlebock as Smoke's Secretary
movie 1947 They Won't Believe Me as Emma
movie 1946 I'll Build It Myself as Mother
movie 1946 Motor Maniacs as Mother
movie 1946 Noisy Neighbors as Mother
movie 1946 Social Terrors as Mother
movie 1946 Trouble or Nothing as Florence's Mother
movie 1946 Wall Street Blues as Mother
movie 1945 It's Your Move as Florence's Mother
movie 1945 Mother-In-Law's Day as Florence's Mother
movie 1945 Sleepless Tuesday as Mother-in-Law
movie 1945 The Big Beef as Florence's mother
movie 1945 What, No Cigarettes? as Florence's Mother
movie 1944 Feather Your Nest as Florence's Mother
movie 1944 Hail the Conquering Hero as Mother of Mamie
movie 1944 Prunes and Politics as Mother-in-law
movie 1944 Radio Rampage as Florence's Mother
movie 1944 San Fernando Valley as Hattie O'Toole
movie 1943 Hers to Hold as Wife of Soldier
movie 1943 Hold Your Temper as Edgar's Mother-in-Law
movie 1943 Hot Foot as Mother-in-Law
movie 1943 Indian Signs as Mrs. Kennedy's Mother
movie 1943 Unlucky Dog as Mrs. Kennedy's Mother
movie 1942 Cat People as Mrs. Agnew
movie 1942 Cooks and Crooks as Sally's Mother
movie 1942 Duck Soup as Florence's Mother
movie 1942 Heart Burn as Mrs. Kennedy's Mother
movie 1942 Inferior Decorator as Mrs. Kennedy's Mother
movie 1942 Obliging Young Lady as Bird Lover Who Did Paper on Shrikes
movie 1942 Rough on Rents as Florence's Mother
movie 1942 Two for the Money as Florence's Mother
movie 1941 Look Who's Laughing as Mrs. Mary Blaize
movie 1941 We Go Fast as Hempstead's Cook
movie 1939 $1000 a Touchdown as Hysterical Woman
movie 1939 A Small Town Idol as Mrs. Smith
movie 1939 I Stole a Million as Bit Part
movie 1939 The Women as Large Woman
movie 1938 Lawless Valley as Anna
movie 1938 Slander House as Mrs. Willis
movie 1938 The Purple Vigilantes as Suffrogate
movie 1938 The Road to Reno as Mrs. Brumleigh
movie 1938 The Stranger from Arizona as Martha
movie 1937 A Rented Riot as Errol's Mother-in-Law
movie 1937 Love Is News as Woman Wanting Steve's Autograph
movie 1937 Rustlers' Valley as Mrs. Anson
movie 1937 Too Many Wives as Mrs. Potts
movie 1937 We Have Our Moments
movie 1937 Wife Insurance as Errol's Mother-in-Law
movie 1936 Arizona Mahoney as Woman at Circus
movie 1936 Dummy Ache as Florence's Mother
movie 1936 Gasoloons as Florence's Mother
movie 1936 High Beer Pressure as Florence's Mother
movie 1936 Ring Around the Moon as Bella
movie 1936 Wanted: Jane Turner as Landlady
movie 1936 Will Power as Mother
movie 1935 Brick-a-Brac as Mother
movie 1935 Counselitis
movie 1935 Diamond Jim
movie 1935 Edgar Hamlet as Florence's Mother
movie 1935 False Pretenses as Mrs. Smythe
movie 1935 Happy Tho' Married as Florence's Mother
movie 1935 In Love at 40 as Florence's Mother
movie 1935 Sock Me to Sleep as Florence's Mother
movie 1935 South Seasickness as Florence's Mother
movie 1935 Tramp Tramp Tramp as Mrs. Clyde
movie 1934 A Blasted Event as Mother
movie 1934 Bridal Bail as Mrs. Jones - June's Mother
movie 1934 Down to Their Last Yacht as Passenger with Diamond Bracelets
movie 1934 Fixing a Stew
movie 1934 In-Laws Are Out as Mother
movie 1934 Love on a Ladder as Florence's Mother
movie 1934 Love Past Thirty as Dressmaker
movie 1934 Old Maid's Mistake
movie 1934 Poisoned Ivory as Florence's Mother
movie 1934 Wrong Direction as Edgar's Mother-in-Law
movie 1933 A Merchant of Menace as Florence's Mother
movie 1933 Art in the Raw as Florence's Mother
movie 1933 Curtain at Eight as Ella - Party Guest
movie 1933 Good Housewrecking as Florence's Mother
movie 1933 Grin and Bear It as Florence's Mother
movie 1933 Quiet Please! as Florence's Mother
movie 1933 Torchy Turns Turtle
movie 1933 Torchy's Kitty Coup
movie 1933 What Fur as Florence's Mother
movie 1932 Bon Voyage as Florence's Mother
movie 1932 Fish Feathers as Florence's Mother
movie 1932 Giggle Water as Florence's Mother
movie 1932 Lawyer Man as Client Paying $5,000 Fee
movie 1932 Mother-in-Law's Day as Florence's Mother
movie 1932 Parlor, Bedroom and Wrath as Florence's Mother
movie 1932 The Golf Chump as Florence's Mother
movie 1932 Torchy Turns the Trick
movie 1932 Torchy's Two Toots
movie 1932 Trapped in Tia Juana as Aunt Emma
movie 1932 While Paris Sleeps as Concierge
movie 1931 Camping Out as Florence's Mother
movie 1931 Chasing Trouble
movie 1931 Dancing Dynamite as Effie
movie 1931 Disappearing Enemies as Aunt Molly
movie 1931 Law of the Tong as Madam Duval
movie 1931 Lemon Meringue as Florence's Mother
movie 1931 Oh! Marry Me
movie 1931 One Yard to Go as Mrs. Maison
movie 1931 Thanks Again as Florence's Mother
movie 1931 The Dog Doctor as Mrs. Martin
movie 1931 What a Time
movie 1930 Getting a Raise as Secretary
movie 1930 Harmony at Home as The Modiste
movie 1930 He Trumped Her Ace as Dot
movie 1930 Love Your Neighbor
movie 1930 Old Vamps for New
movie 1930 Radio Kisses as Mr. Bennett's Sweetheart
movie 1930 Road to Paradise as Lola
movie 1930 Should a Girl Marry? as Mae Reynolds
movie 1930 Swell People
movie 1930 The Little Accident as Mrs.Van Dine
movie 1930 The Third Alarm as Woman Barber
movie 1930 The Unholy Three as Woman Buying Parrot
movie 1930 Traffic Tangle
movie 1929 A Bird in the Hand as The Giddy Widow
movie 1929 Ain't It the Truth
movie 1929 Baby's Birthday as Mrs. Brown
movie 1929 Calling Hubby's Bluff as Widow Schultz
movie 1929 Divorce Made Easy as Aunt Emma
movie 1929 Foolish Husbands as Mrs. Billy Blake
movie 1929 Marquis Preferred as Mrs. Gruger
movie 1929 The Bees' Buzz as Party Guest
movie 1929 Uncle Tom as Minor Role
movie 1929 Weak But Willing as Claire Finkel
movie 1929 Whirls and Girls as The Henpecked Husband's Wife
movie 1929 Why Leave Home? as Susan
movie 1928 Black Feather
movie 1928 Celebrity as Mother
movie 1928 His Unlucky Night as Mrs. Trotter
movie 1928 Hubby's Weekend Trip as Mrs. Bill Blake
movie 1928 Lady Be Good as Texas West
movie 1928 Motorboat Mamas as Automobile Passenger
movie 1928 Run, Girl, Run as Minor Role
movie 1928 The Bargain Hunt
movie 1928 The Bicycle Flirt as The Wife
movie 1928 The Code of the Scarlet as Widow Malone
movie 1928 The Garden of Eden as Monte Carlo Telephone Operator
movie 1928 The Girl from Nowhere
movie 1928 The Head Man as Mrs. Denny
movie 1927 All Aboard as Aunt Patsy
movie 1927 Breakfast at Sunrise as Telephone Operator
movie 1927 Girl in the Rain
movie 1927 His First Flame as Mrs. Benedict
movie 1927 McFadden's Flats as Bridget Maloney
movie 1927 Nobody's Widow as Roxanna's Maid
movie 1927 The Climbers as Juana
movie 1927 The Girl from Everywhere as Madame Zweibach
movie 1927 The King of Kings as Maidservant of Caiaphas
movie 1927 The Lost Limited
movie 1927 The Overland Stage as Aunt Viney
movie 1927 The Shamrock and the Rose as Mrs. Kelly
movie 1927 The Tired Business Man as Mrs. McGinnis
movie 1927 Topsy and Eva
movie 1927 What Every Iceman Knows
movie 1927 Yours to Command as Ma O'Brien
movie 1926 A Punch in the Nose
movie 1926 Brooding Eyes as Marie De Costa
movie 1926 Golf Widows
movie 1926 Honesty - The Best Policy as Author's Wife
movie 1926 Matrimony Blues
movie 1926 Memory Lane as Maid
movie 1926 Money Talks as Mrs. Chatterton
movie 1926 So This Is Paris as Madame Moreau
movie 1926 The Family Upstairs as Mademoiselle Clarice
movie 1926 The Grand Duchess and the Waiter as The Countess Prascovia Avaloff
movie 1926 The Little Irish Girl as Gertie
movie 1926 The Still Alarm as Mrs. Maloney
movie 1926 The Timid Terror as Mrs. Milliken
movie 1926 Young April as Maggie
movie 1925 A Woman of the World as Mrs. Bierbauer
movie 1925 Battling Romeo
movie 1925 Border Intrigue as Tough's Sister
movie 1925 Breaking the Ice as The Maid
movie 1925 Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde as Townswoman
movie 1925 Lure of the Track
movie 1925 Mac's Beth
movie 1925 My Son as Hattie Smith
movie 1925 Rugged Water as Mrs. Fuller
movie 1925 Taming of the Shrewd
movie 1925 The Red Kimona as The Inquisitive One
movie 1925 The Unchastened Woman
movie 1924 A Self-Made Failure as Undetermined Minor Role
movie 1924 All Night Long as Gwendolyn
movie 1924 Listen Lester as Miss Pink
movie 1924 Picking Peaches as The Customer
movie 1924 Romeo and Juliet as Rodney's Mother
movie 1924 So Big as Widow Paarlenburg
movie 1924 The Enemy Sex as Ida Summers
movie 1924 The Fatal Mistake
movie 1924 The Mask of Lopez as Townswoman
movie 1924 The Signal Tower as Cousin Gertie
movie 1924 Vanity's Price as Katherine, Vanna's maid
movie 1923 Boy of Mine as Mrs. Pettis
movie 1923 One Cylinder Love as The Society Girl's Mother
movie 1923 Pitfalls of a Big City as Rodney's Mother
movie 1923 Rob 'Em Good as Lady Maryann Fizzwater
movie 1923 Tea: With a Kick! as Mrs. Juniper
movie 1923 The Acquittal as Maid
movie 1923 When Knights Were Cold
movie 1923 Where's My Wandering Boy This Evening? as Rodney's Mother
movie 1922 Home Made Movies as The 2nd Theatre Operator's Wife
movie 1922 Husband and Strife as Mrs. Cruelywed
movie 1922 Ma and Pa as The Theatre Owner's Wife
movie 1922 The Crossroads of New York as Landlady
movie 1922 Young Sherlocks as Mary Jane's mother
movie 1921 A Small Town Idol as Mrs. Smith
movie 1921 Astray from the Steerage as Mrs. Gabble - the Rich Husband's Mother-in-Law
movie 1921 Bright Eyes as The Ambitious Mother
movie 1921 By Heck as The Widow
movie 1921 Home Talent as Boarder
movie 1921 Love's Outcast as Mrs. Franklyn Fairchild
movie 1921 Officer Cupid as The Cook
movie 1921 Sweetheart Days as The School Principal
movie 1921 The Unhappy Finish as Riley's Wife
movie 1920 An Arabian Nightmare
movie 1920 An Elephant on His Hands
movie 1920 Bungalow Troubles as 2nd Husband's Wife
movie 1920 Fickle Fancy as The Cashier
movie 1919 A Lion in the House
movie 1919 Brownie's Doggone Tricks
movie 1919 Frisky Lions and Wicked Husbands
movie 1919 Good Night, Turk
movie 1919 Howling Lions and Circus Queens
movie 1919 Looney Lions and Monkey Business
movie 1919 Nellie's Naughty Boarder
movie 1918 A Self-Made Lady as Hedda Holliday
movie 1918 A Widow's Camouflage
movie 1918 By Heck, I'll Save Her
movie 1918 From Caterpillar to Butterfly
movie 1918 He Couldn't Fool His Wife
movie 1918 Love's Lucky Day
movie 1918 Oh, the Women!
movie 1918 Rip Roaring Rivals as Nifty Nell
movie 1918 Shadows of Her Pest
movie 1918 The Paperhangers' Revenge
movie 1918 The Poor Rich Cleaners as The Cook
movie 1918 The Wooing of Coffee Cake Kate as Kate
movie 1917 A Milk-Fed Vamp as A Simple Farmer's Daughter
movie 1917 The House of Terrible Scandals
movie 1916 Inherited Passions as Masie Williams
movie 1916 Sammy Versus Cupid as Sally
movie 1915 A Woman's Way
movie 1915 Aunt Matilda Outwitted
movie 1915 Buy, Buy Baby!
movie 1915 Her New Yob
movie 1915 Louisa's Battle with Cupid as Louisa
movie 1915 Pretty Policeman
movie 1915 Sammy's Scandalous Scheme as Dottie
movie 1915 She Couldn't Get Away
movie 1915 The Misplaced Twins
movie 1915 The Poor Fixer
movie 1915 Wheeled Into Matrimony
movie 1915 With Daddy's Aid
movie 1914 A Mountain Goat
movie 1914 A Sage Brush Leading Lady
movie 1914 A Web of Fate as The Rancher's Widow
movie 1914 Even Unto Death as Dorothea Gordon
movie 1914 False Pride Has a Fall as Ellen Farley
movie 1914 Finished at Sea
movie 1914 Her Bandit Sweetheart
movie 1914 His Neighbor's Pants
movie 1914 Rescued by a Ranch Girl
movie 1914 Rural Romeos
movie 1914 Shot in the Fracas
movie 1914 Soul Mates
movie 1914 The Big Stick
movie 1914 The Chaser
movie 1914 The Daughter of the Tribe
movie 1914 The First Law of Nature
movie 1914 The Lust of the Red Man as The Settler's Wife
movie 1914 The Price of Crime as Dorothea Vale
movie 1914 The Toll of the War-Path
movie 1914 The Trail of the Law
movie 1914 The Unwritten Justice
movie 1914 Too Many Wives
movie 1914 Reuben's Busy Day
movie 1913 A Deaf Burglar as A Neighbor
movie 1913 A Dollar Did It as Mrs. Riley
movie 1913 A Fishy Affair as Neighbor
movie 1913 A Hasty Jilting as Kate's Mother
movie 1913 A Life in the Balance as The Landlord's Wife
movie 1913 A Strong Revenge as Party Guest
movie 1913 A Wife Wanted as Dot - Mail Order Bride
movie 1913 Algy on the Force as Algy's Sweetheart
movie 1913 Bangville Police as Della's Mother
movie 1913 Cohen Saves the Flag as Minor Role
movie 1913 Curing the Doctor as Dorothy Vernon
movie 1913 Dorothea and Chief Razamataz as Dorothea
movie 1913 Fatty Joins the Force as Fatty's Sweetheart
movie 1913 Flirty Florence as Florence
movie 1913 Hide and Seek as The Woman in the Hat
movie 1913 His Chum the Baron as Party Guest
movie 1913 Hubby's Job
movie 1913 Love and Pain as Ethel
movie 1913 Masquerading in Bear Canyon
movie 1913 Miss Fairweather Out West as Miss Fairweather
movie 1913 Murphy's I.O.U. as Wife
movie 1913 On His Wedding Day as The Bride
movie 1913 Sailing Under False Colors
movie 1913 Some Nerve as The Wife
movie 1913 The Frontier Twins Start Something as Dot
movie 1913 The Frontier Twins' Heroism as Dot
movie 1913 The Gusher as Party Guest
movie 1913 The Juvenile Kidnappers as Mary's Mother
movie 1913 The Man Next Door as Meyer's Wife
movie 1913 The Power of Civilization
movie 1913 The Rural Third Degree as Si's Bride
movie 1913 The Shop Girl's Big Day as Dora Thea Rankin - the Shop Girl
movie 1913 The Two Widows as 1st Widow
movie 1913 The Village Pest as Nora Farley
movie 1913 Those Good Old Days as Lady of the Court
movie 1913 Twixt Love and Fire
movie 1913 Wine as The Woman
movie 1912 A Gypsy's Love as Leila, the Gypsy Girl
movie 1912 At the Basket Picnic as Dave's Mother
movie 1912 Peril of the Plains as Eliza - the Mother
movie 1912 Raiders of the Mexican Border
movie 1912 Regeneration
movie 1912 The Plucky Ranch Girl
movie 1912 The Wordless Message
movie 1911 A Pittsburgh Millionaire as Mrs. Philip Nash
movie 1911 Bud Nevins, Bad Man as Riley's daughter
movie 1911 Crazy Gulch
movie 1911 Do You Know This Woman? as The wife
movie 1911 Hypnotizing a Hypnotist
movie 1911 Mrs. Gay Life's Visitors as Steena Iverson
movie 1911 Reddy's Redemption as The Charitable Young Woman
movie 1911 The Genius
movie 1911 The Harem Skirt
movie 1911 The Ranchman's Vengeance as Marie
movie 1910 A Troublesome Parcel as Mabel Vanastorbilt
movie 1910 Her Husband's Deception as The Doctor's Wife
movie 1910 Romantic Redskins
movie 1910 Starlight's Devotion as Starlight
movie 1910 The Rummage Sale

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