Doug LaRue

Doug LaRue Filmography

movie 2012 Withdrawn
movie 2011 Austin Groove: Strange Daze
video movie 2011 Tattered Souls
video movie 2010 Circle of Pain as Fight Fan
video movie 2009 Van Wilks Live and Loud from Austin Texas
movie 2006 Idiocracy as Front Row Spectator
video movie 2006 Winter Solstice in Tiwanaku, Bolivia
video movie 2003 Austin Groove Vol. 1, 30 Years Inside Austin's Music
movie 1986 Rigged
movie Barlow Grant's Wish

Doug LaRue on Youtube Documentary Film (1hr.) A Magical Musical History Tour... through the Live Music Capitol of the World told by Aus...

Feature film Starring George Kennedy and Ken Roberson, Buck Flowers.

Following the rise and fall of an Austin Arts Icon that featured the independent nature of Music and Arts. The Culture squares off against Politics and Big B...

New Trailer for The Feature Documentary Strange Daze Alex Jones Squares off against Natalie Zoe over Free Speech and Public Access Media. The feature ...