Douglas Evans

Douglas Evans Filmography

movie 1968 Panic in the City as Mayor
tv movie 1966 Slaves of the Invisible Monster as James Hunter
movie 1966 The Oscar as Reporter
movie 1965 I Saw What You Did as Tom Ward
movie 1965 Mirage as Customer
movie 1965 The Family Jewels
movie 1962 Moon Pilot as Colonel
movie 1961 The Errand Boy as Serina's Escort at Premiere
movie 1960 From the Terrace as Partner
movie 1959 The Man in the Net as Charlie Raines, Hamilton's former Boss
movie 1958 The Buccaneer as Soldier
movie 1958 The Female Animal as Al The Director
movie 1957 Beginning of the End as Norman Taggart - News Editor
movie 1957 Short Cut to Hell as Mr. Henry
movie 1956 Bundle of Joy as Doctor
movie 1956 D-Day the Sixth of June as Ship Captain
movie 1956 The Benny Goodman Story as Kel Murray, Orchestra Leader
movie 1956 The Birds and the Bees as Guest
movie 1956 The Toy Tiger as Executive
movie 1954 Johnny Dark as Wellington
movie 1954 So You're Taking in a Roomer as Roomer
movie 1953 Border City Rustlers as Grogan
movie 1953 City of Bad Men as William Brady
movie 1953 Let's Do It Again as Black Cat Club Manager
movie 1953 So Big as Richard 'Dick' Hollis
movie 1953 The Big Heat as Councilman Gillen
movie 1953 The Eddie Cantor Story as Leo Raymond
movie 1953 The Girls of Pleasure Island as Lieutenant Commander
movie 1953 The Magnetic Monster as Pilot
movie 1952 Actor's and Sin as Mr. Devlin
movie 1952 Captive Women as Jason
movie 1952 Just for You as Raymond
movie 1952 My Son John as Government Employee
movie 1952 Red Ball Express as Brigadier General at Briefing
movie 1952 Retreat, Hell! as Big Boy
movie 1952 South Pacific Trail as Rodney Brewster
movie 1952 The Quiet Man as Ring Physician
movie 1952 With a Song in My Heart as Colonel
movie 1951 Cuban Fireball as Atkins
movie 1951 Force of Arms as Colonel Traill
movie 1951 Hollywood Story as Director
movie 1951 I Was a Communist for the FBI as Chief Agent
movie 1951 Leave It to the Marines as Gen. Garvin
movie 1951 Let's Go Navy! as Lt. Smith
movie 1951 Little Egypt as Board Member
movie 1951 Lost Planet Airmen as Chairman
movie 1951 Queen for a Day as Freddy Forster, Horsie segment
movie 1951 Sky High as Maj. Talbot
movie 1951 The Groom Wore Spurs as Reporter
movie 1951 The Well as Lobel
movie 1951 The Whip Hand as Carstairs
movie 1950 At War with the Army as Col. Davis
movie 1950 Between Midnight and Dawn as Detective Captain
movie 1950 Champagne for Caesar as Radio Announcer
movie 1950 Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard as Colonel Kilgore
movie 1950 D.O.A. as Eddie - Salesman on Phone
movie 1950 Kill the Umpire as Doctor
movie 1950 Lucky Losers as Tom Whitney
movie 1950 No Sad Songs for Me as Jack Miles
movie 1950 North of the Great Divide as Mountie Sergeant
movie 1950 Rustlers on Horseback as Ken Jordan
movie 1950 The Arizona Cowboy as Rodeo Announcer
movie 1950 The Invisible Monster as James Hunter [Chs. 1, 3, 7, 12]
movie 1950 The Underworld Story as Newscaster
movie 1949 Hideout as Radio Announcer
movie 1949 King of the Rocket Men as Chairman [Ch. 12]
movie 1949 Neptune's Daughter as Radio Contest Announcer
movie 1949 Powder River Rustlers as Devereaux, posing as Manning
movie 1949 The Golden Stallion as Jeff Middleton, Owner of Oro City Hotel
movie 1949 Trails End as Lawyer Porter
movie 1948 California Firebrand as Lance Dawson
movie 1948 Cowboy Cavalier as Lance Regan
movie 1948 Crossed Trails as Jim Hudson
movie 1948 Michael O'Halloran as Dr. Johnson
movie 1948 Million Dollar Weekend as Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1948 Ruthless as George
movie 1948 Secret Service Investigator as Secret Service Inspector Crehan
movie 1948 The Main Street Kid as Mark Howell
movie 1948 The Three Musketeers as British Officer
movie 1947 Dangerous Venture as Dr. Grimes Atwood
movie 1947 Dragnet as Radio Announcer
movie 1947 Flashing Guns as Longdon
movie 1947 Gun Talk as Rod Jackson
movie 1947 The Crimson Key as Dr. Kenneth G. Swann
movie 1947 The Farmer's Daughter as Silbey, Politician
movie 1947 The Spirit of West Point as Corbett
movie 1946 My Dog Shep as Dutch Riley, Kidnapper
movie 1943 Hitler's Children as Radio Announcer
movie 1942 Seven Days' Leave as Radio Announcer
movie 1942 The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine as Radio Announcer
movie 1941 Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. as Police Broadcaster
movie 1941 Highway West as Police Announcer
movie 1941 Man Made Monster as Police Radio Announcer
movie 1941 Parachute Battalion as Radio Announcer
movie 1941 Play Girl as Concert Radio Announcer
movie 1941 Sailors on Leave as Radio Announcer
movie 1941 Too Many Blondes as UBC Radio Network Announcer
movie 1940 King of the Royal Mounted as Sergeant - Wireless Operator [Chs. 1, 11]
movie 1940 Oklahoma Renegades as Show Announcer
movie 1940 The Green Hornet as Martin Mortinson [Chs. 2-3]
movie 1940 Three Faces West as We the People Radio MC
movie 1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as Francis Scott Key
movie 1939 Society Smugglers as Radio Announcer
movie 1939 Sued for Libel as Douglas Evans, Radio Announcer
movie 1939 They Asked for It as Radio Announcer
movie 1938 Dick Tracy Returns as Mr. Burke
movie 1938 Hold That Co-ed as Announcer of State-Louisiana Game
movie 1938 Young Fugitives as Announcer
movie 1937 Public Cowboy No. 1 as Radio Announcer

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