Douglas Gerrard

Douglas Gerrard (12 August, 1891 ? 5 June, 1950), was an Irish actor and film director of the silent era. He appeared in 116 films between 1913 and 1949. He also directed 23 films between 1916 and 1920. ... more on Wikipedia

Douglas Gerrard Filmography

movie 1949 Chicken Every Sunday as Barker
movie 1949 You're My Everything as Director
movie 1948 Road House as Waiter
movie 1948 That Wonderful Urge
movie 1948 The Luck of the Irish as Receptionist
movie 1948 Unfaithfully Yours as Minor Role
movie 1947 The Shocking Miss Pilgrim as Office Clerk
movie 1947 Thunder in the Valley as Villager
movie 1944 The Lodger as Porter
movie 1942 The Undying Monster as Jury Foreman
movie 1941 Man Hunt as Policeman
movie 1939 Boy Friend as Customer
movie 1939 Pack Up Your Troubles as British Tommy
movie 1939 Quick Millions as Indian
movie 1938 Kidnapped as Clansman
movie 1936 Ants in the Pantry as Lord Stoke Pogis
movie 1936 Lloyd's of London as Underwriter
movie 1936 Mary of Scotland
movie 1936 Under Two Flags as Colonel Farley
movie 1934 Bombay Mail as Anderson
movie 1934 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back as Parker, Drummond's Valet
movie 1934 Father Brown, Detective as Constable
movie 1934 Pursued as English Sailor
movie 1934 The Ghost Walks as Carroway
movie 1933 The King's Vacation as Count Gouvain
movie 1932 Man Wanted as Mr. Orca
movie 1932 One Way Passage as Sir Harold
movie 1932 The Tenderfoot as Stage Director
movie 1931 Manhattan Parade as Toreador with No Pants
movie 1931 The Public Enemy as Assistant Tailor
movie 1931 The Road to Singapore as Simpson
movie 1930 General Crack as Captain Sweeney
movie 1930 Lilies of the Field as Headwaiter
movie 1930 Sweet Kitty Bellairs as Tom Stafford
movie 1929 Glad Rag Doll as Butler
movie 1929 Madonna of Avenue A as Arch Duke
movie 1929 The Argyle Case as Finley
movie 1929 The Hottentot as Swift
movie 1929 The Painted Angel as Sir Harry
movie 1928 Five and Ten Cent Annie as Judge
movie 1928 Ladies of the Night Club as Cyril Bathstowe
movie 1927 A Million Bid as Lord Bobby Vane
movie 1927 Dearie as Manley's friend
movie 1927 Ginsberg the Great as Sam Hubert
movie 1927 The College Widow as Professor Jelicoe
movie 1927 The Desired Woman as Fitzroy
movie 1927 The First Auto as Squire Stebbins
movie 1927 Wolf's Clothing as Herbert Candish
movie 1926 Doubling with Danger as Malcolm Davis
movie 1926 Footloose Widows as Grover
movie 1926 Private Izzy Murphy as Robert O'Malley
movie 1926 The Gosh-Darn Mortgage as Steve Hemingway
movie 1925 My Neighbor's Wife as Bertie
movie 1925 Wings of Youth as Grantland Dobbs
movie 1924 In Fast Company as Reginald Chichester
movie 1924 Julius Sees Her as Hemingway Bryce
movie 1924 On Time as Mr. Black
movie 1924 The Lighthouse by the Sea as Edward Cavanna
movie 1924 The Square Sex as Tower
movie 1922 A Tailor-Made Man as Gustavus Sonntag
movie 1922 Impulse as David Usher
movie 1922 Omar the Tentmaker as Hassan
movie 1922 The Golden Gallows as Alexander Riche
movie 1921 The Lady from Longacre as Sir Henry
movie 1920 The Forged Bride
movie 1920 The Phantom Melody
movie 1919 His Divorced Wife
movie 1919 The Sealed Envelope
movie 1918 $5,000 Reward
movie 1918 A Mother's Secret
movie 1918 Madame Spy
movie 1918 Playthings
movie 1918 The Cabaret Girl
movie 1918 The Empty Cab
movie 1918 The Velvet Hand
movie 1917 Conscience as Cecil Brooke
movie 1917 Eternal Love as Paul Dachette
movie 1917 Mary from America
movie 1917 Money's Mockery
movie 1917 Polly Put the Kettle On as Chester Creigg
movie 1917 The Bubble of Love as Jack
movie 1917 The Keeper of the Gate as Fra Bennoni
movie 1917 The Melody of Death
movie 1917 The Moral Right as Gerradi Garaboldi
movie 1916 A Beast of Society as Giles Luther
movie 1916 A Daughter of Penance as Castro Mabello
movie 1916 A Soul Enslaved as Paul Kent
movie 1916 Bettina Loved a Soldier as Paul de Lacardens
movie 1916 Buck Simmons, Puncher as Undetermined Role
movie 1916 Her Wedding Day
movie 1916 In the Dead o' Night
movie 1916 Naked Hearts as Lord Lovelace
movie 1916 Shackles as Frank
movie 1916 The Dumb Girl of Portici as Alphonso
movie 1916 The Evil Women Do as Justin Chavessat
movie 1916 The False Gems
movie 1916 The Fur Trimmed Coat as Adelbert
movie 1916 The Human Cactus
movie 1916 The One Woman as Kelly
movie 1916 The Penalty of Treason
movie 1916 The Price of Victory
movie 1916 Through Baby's Voice
movie 1916 Under the Spell
movie 1916 Undine as Huldbrand
movie 1915 A Girl of Yesterday
movie 1915 The Commanding Officer as Brent Lindsay
movie 1915 The High Hand as Francis Everard Lewis
movie 1915 The Light in a Woman's Eyes
movie 1915 The Tragedy of Bear Mountain as Charley Barty - Steve's Brother
movie 1914 Against Heavy Odds as Bob Melville
movie 1914 Down Lone Gap Way
movie 1914 Micky Flynn's Escapade as Ike Levy - Hinkle's Confederate
movie 1914 Shannon of the Sixth as Lieutenant Shannon of the Sixth
movie 1914 The Bond Eternal as Walter Standish - a Artist
movie 1914 The Chief of Police as Jack Keenan
movie 1914 The Derelict as Mr. Clinton - the Husband
movie 1914 The Fatal Opal as Frank Morton - Alice's Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Merchant of Venice as Bassanio
movie 1914 The Potter and the Clay as Bertram Trent - a Man of Wealth
movie 1914 The Primitive Instinct as Jack Tremmond - an Artist
movie 1914 The Quicksands
movie 1914 The Quicksands as Lt. Osborn - Gladys' Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Rajah's Vow as Raja Lal Chahala - the Rajah's Son
movie 1914 The Smugglers of Lone Isle as George Luther
movie 1914 Whom God Hath Joined as Tom Weston
movie 1913 A Bear Escape as Professor Arlington
movie 1913 A Break for Freedom as Arthur Fisher - the Trapper
movie 1913 An Indian Don Juan as White Feather
movie 1913 Beauty and the Beast as The Beast
movie 1913 By the Two Oak Trees
movie 1913 Just in Time as Mack - the Dynamiter
movie 1913 Maid of the Mountains as Harvey Bryce, the Stranger
movie 1913 Suspense as The Pursuer
movie 1913 The Light Woman as The Tenor
movie 1913 The Stolen Inheritance as Dr. Alvarez
movie 1913 Through Strife as The Lover

Douglas Gerrard on Youtube

An isolated house in deserted area is too remote for a servant, who leaves a note, quietly exits the back door, and puts the key under the mat. Alone in the ...

What I did here was reconstruct - with some obvious jump cuts where lost titles used to be - a fragment representing all that exists of the original 1925 ope...

in this sequence is an actor who you think might be Lon Chaney in one of his first roles as an extra.

at the party.