Douglas Rowe

Douglas Rowe Filmography

movie 2013 Redwood Highway as Sid
movie 2012 Alone
movie 2009 Calvin Marshall as Skeeter
movie 2009 Stephanie's Image as Stephanie's Uncle
movie 2008 Babysitter Wanted as Professor
movie 2006 Conversations with God as Harry the Janitor
movie 2004 Raspberry Heaven as Dr. Nathan Andrews
tv movie 1997 Sins of the Mind as Dr. Kessler
tv movie 1995 The Colony as Hal
movie 1994 The Hard Truth as Capt. Bering
movie 1993 No More Dirty Deals as Alan
tv movie 1993 Precious Victims as Don Gray
tv movie 1991 Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann as Tom McGinn
tv movie 1991 Deadly Desire as Lynch
tv movie 1991 Writer's Block as Mel
movie 1990 Impulse as Criminologist
tv movie 1990 The Incident as Clarence
tv movie 1990 To My Daughter as Dr. Silverstein
tv movie 1989 Incident at Dark River as Arthur Riskin
movie 1988 Critters 2 as Quigley
tv movie 1988 Run Till You Fall
movie 1987 In the Mood as Uncle Clete
movie 1985 Appointment with Fear as Detective Kowalski
tv movie 1985 Scandal Sheet
movie 1972 The Legend of Nigger Charley as Dewey Lyons
movie 1969 Flareup as Gas Station Attendant

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