Drew Cummings

Drew Cummings Filmography

tv series 2002 Our 20th Century
tv series 2000 GamePro Minutes
tv series 1999 Billboard Magazine Minutes
tv series 1999 Hollywood Reporter Minutes
tv movie 1992 Casino
tv movie 1989 Connie Francis: A Legend in Concert
tv movie 1989 Pearl River Studios: China's Filmmakers
tv movie 1989 The Making of 'Nightmare on Elm Street IV'
tv movie 1989 Encounters of the Fourth Kind
video movie 1988 The Manchurian Candidate Interviews
tv movie 1987 The Making of 'RoboCop'
tv movie 1986 The Vidiots
video movie 1985 The Making of... 'Lifeforce'
tv movie 1984 The Making of 'Terminator'
tv series 1981 Entertainment Tonight
tv series 1981 The New You Asked for It
tv movie 1975 20 Years of Rock & Roll

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A short computer animation by Drew Cummings. With voice over work by Jon O'Brien.

Behind-the-scenes documentary from Producer/Director Drew Cummings on the original blockbuster feature film ROBOCOP.

From 1999 to 2001 this daily entertainment news series was produced specifically for internet syndication by AENTV.com, and syndicated to every major portal .