Earl Metcalfe

Earl Metcalfe Filmography

movie 1928 Air Mail Pilot as Tom Miller
movie 1928 Eagle of the Night
movie 1927 Daring Deeds as Rance Sheldon
movie 1927 Night Life as Swain
movie 1927 The Devil's Saddle as 'Gentle' Laaadley
movie 1927 The King of Kings
movie 1927 The Notorious Lady as Anthony Walford
movie 1926 Atta Boy as Mr. Harrie's Brother
movie 1926 Love's Blindness as Col. Ralph Dangerfield
movie 1926 Outlaw Love
movie 1926 Partners Again as Aviator
movie 1926 Remember as Jimmy Cardigan
movie 1926 Sin Cargo as Harry Gibson
movie 1926 The Call of the Klondike as Mortimer Pearson
movie 1926 The High Flyer
movie 1926 The Midnight Message as Burl
movie 1926 The Midnight Sun as Nicolai Orloff
movie 1926 The Mystery Club as Red
movie 1926 With Buffalo Bill on the U. P. Trail as Sheriff
movie 1925 Kit Carson Over the Great Divide as Basil Morgan
movie 1925 Ship of Souls as Stikeen Harry
movie 1925 The Man Without a Country as Lt. Riddle
movie 1924 Fair Week as 'Sure Thing' Sherman
movie 1924 Silk Stocking Sal as Bull Reagan
movie 1924 Surging Seas as Edwin Sinclair
movie 1924 The Courageous Coward as J. Roger Dawson
movie 1924 The Silent Accuser as Phil
movie 1924 Valley of Hate as Lem Darley
movie 1923 Look Your Best as Krug
movie 1923 Skid-Proof as Rufus Tyler
movie 1923 The Lone Wagon
movie 1922 Back to Yellow Jacket
movie 1922 Boomerang Justice
movie 1922 Ignorance
movie 1922 The Great Night as Green
movie 1922 The New Teacher as Edward Hurley
movie 1922 The Power of a Lie as Richard Burton
movie 1922 While Justice Waits as George Carter
movie 1922 White Eagle as Phil Stanton
movie 1921 Eden and Return as John Grey
movie 1921 Mother Eternal as Dr. Emerson
movie 1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 23 as Himself
movie 1921 What Women Will Do as Jim Coring
movie 1920 The Chamber Mystery as Dr. Carroll West
movie 1920 The Face at Your Window as Frank Maxwell
movie 1920 The Fortune Hunter as Roland Barnett
movie 1920 The Garter Girl as Brad Mortimer
movie 1920 While New York Sleeps as The Gangster
movie 1919 Coax Me as Jim Wildman
movie 1919 The Battler as Hagan Hart
movie 1919 The Poison Pen as David Alden
movie 1919 The Woman of Lies as Jim Waldron
movie 1919 The World to Live In as Hugh Chalvey
movie 1917 A Long Lane
movie 1917 Ace High
movie 1917 Birds of Prey
movie 1917 Her Good Name as Vincent Schuyleer
movie 1917 Kidnapped
movie 1917 Many a Slip
movie 1917 Misjudged
movie 1917 Outwitted
movie 1917 Taking Chances
movie 1917 The Black Door
movie 1917 The Counterfeiters
movie 1917 The Jade Necklace
movie 1917 The Schemers
movie 1917 The Smite of Conscience
movie 1917 The White Trail
movie 1916 Ignorance as The district attorney
movie 1916 Perils of Our Girl Reporters
movie 1916 Race Suicide
movie 1916 The Last Shot as Lt. Thomas
movie 1916 A Skate for a Bride
movie 1916 A Temporary Husband
movie 1916 A Wise Waiter
movie 1916 Billie's Double
movie 1916 Billie's Headache
movie 1916 Billie's Lucky Bill
movie 1916 Billie's Revenge
movie 1916 Cured
movie 1916 Dare Devil Bill
movie 1916 Hamlet Made Over
movie 1916 Insomnia
movie 1916 Love One Another
movie 1916 Mr. Housekeeper
movie 1916 Some Boxer
movie 1916 The Election Bet
movie 1915 A Heart Awakened as Dr. Gerald Graham
movie 1915 A Romance of the Navy as Reggie Gardner - the Adopted Son
movie 1915 A Thief in the Night as The Stranger
movie 1915 Destiny's Skein as Earl Fortier aka Earl Calmet
movie 1915 Just Retribution
movie 1915 Such Things Really Happen
movie 1915 The Cipher Key as John Burton
movie 1915 The Darkness Before Dawn as Carson - the Defrauder
movie 1915 The Friendship of Lamond as Victor Lamond
movie 1915 The Hermit of Bird Island as Dave - the Fisherman
movie 1915 The Human Investment as John Hastings
movie 1915 The Insurrection as Lt. Charles Hubbard - Lolita's Sweetheart
movie 1915 The Last Rebel as Lt. Howard Goodrich
movie 1915 The Man of God as The Man of God
movie 1915 The Nation's Peril as Lt. Sawyer
movie 1915 The Path to the Rainbow as Edward Hardy
movie 1915 The Phantom Happiness as Don Emerson
movie 1915 The Rainy Day as The Husband
movie 1915 The Regenerating Love
movie 1915 The Ringtailed Rhinoceros as Grouch
movie 1915 The Second Shot as Phil Dunbar
movie 1915 The Shanghaied Baby as John Manning
movie 1915 The Telegrapher's Peril as Jane's Brother
movie 1915 The Thief in the Night
movie 1915 Where the Road Divided as The School Teacher
movie 1915 An Unwilling Burglar
movie 1915 And the Parrot Said...?
movie 1915 Bashful Billie
movie 1915 Blaming the Duck, or Ducking the Blame
movie 1915 His Three Brides
movie 1914 A Question of Right as Detective Joe Vance
movie 1914 A Soldier of Peace as John Woodward - the Soldier of Peace
movie 1914 By Whose Hand as Thompson - the Butler
movie 1914 His Wife as Dawson
movie 1914 The Beloved Adventurer
movie 1914 The Changeling as Dr. Delmore
movie 1914 The Daughters of Men as Jem Burress
movie 1914 The Debt as Dan Appleby
movie 1914 The Gamblers as James Darwin
movie 1914 The Intriguers
movie 1914 The Making of Him as Lt. Arling
movie 1914 The Man from the Sea as Bradley Wolf
movie 1914 The Moth as Wallace
movie 1914 The Price of a Ruby as The Doctor
movie 1914 The Story the Gate Told as Tom Blake
movie 1914 Three Men and a Woman as John Temple
movie 1914 When Conscience Calls as The Detective
movie 1913 A Florida Romance
movie 1913 A Pill Box Cupid as Tom
movie 1913 A Sleepy Romance as Tom - Sleepy's Rival
movie 1913 Beating Mother to It as Tom Travers
movie 1913 Down on the Rio Grande as Undetermined Supporting Role
movie 1913 From Ignorance to Light as Paul Langford
movie 1913 Her Husband's Picture as Bruce Errington
movie 1913 His Chorus Girl Wife as The Deacon
movie 1913 In the Southland
movie 1913 Into the Light as Hayward -the Magazine Illustrator
movie 1913 Making Good as Sam Bell
movie 1913 Partners in Crime as Frank Dobley
movie 1913 Private Smith as Pvt. Smith
movie 1913 Sixes and Nines as Jim Nugent
movie 1913 The Call of the Heart as Jack Ames
movie 1913 The Doctor's Romance
movie 1913 The Eye of a God
movie 1913 The First Prize
movie 1913 The Great Pearl as Balk - the Rival
movie 1913 The Judgment of the Deep as Joe Crane
movie 1913 The Mexican Spy as Tom Loring - the Colonel's Son
movie 1913 The Momentous Decision as Jimmy Gedney - the Wife's Paramour
movie 1913 The Moonshiner's Wife as John
movie 1913 The Price of Jealousy as Capt. Salvada
movie 1913 The Regeneration of Nancy as Jim Hogan
movie 1913 The Scapegrace as Phil Andover
movie 1913 The Smuggler's Daughter as Luca Marino - the Rival Suitor
movie 1913 The Soul of a Rose
movie 1913 The Wine of Madness as Juan - the Gypsy
movie 1913 Women of the Desert
movie 1912 A Girl's Bravery as Harry Tennant
movie 1912 A Romance of the Border as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1912 Gentleman Joe as Tom Gordon, The Insane Lover
movie 1912 Juan and Juanita as Secondary Role
movie 1912 Kitty and the Bandits as SeƱor Yaro - the Bandit
movie 1912 The Bravery of Dora as Juan - the Half-Breed
movie 1912 The Moonshiner's Daughter as Zeb Borth
movie 1912 The Water Rats as Bill Crow