Ebony Ayes

Ebony Ayes Filmography

video movie 2013 Busty Belle's Lesbian Fantasies
video movie 2001 Splatterhouse #16
video movie 1992 Black Madam Sadista
video movie 1991 Big Tit Orgy 3
video movie 1991 Black & Gold
video movie 1990 Backfield in Motion
video movie 1990 Big Mellons 25
video movie 1990 Big Melons 31
video movie 1990 Big Tit Orgy 1
video movie 1990 Busen Extra 2
movie 1990 Kiss Thy Mistress' Feet
movie 1990 Lesbian Fantasies
movie 1990 The Rise of the Roman Empress II
video movie 1989 Afro Erotica 31
video movie 1989 Afro Erotica 32
video movie 1989 Afro Erotica 33
movie 1989 Angelica
movie 1989 Berlin Caper
video movie 1989 Big Tit Hookers
movie 1989 Big Top Cabaret 2
movie 1989 Black Valley Girls 2
video movie 1989 BlackMan
video movie 1989 Casino Fortune as Joan Dyce
video movie 1989 Dirty Dozen 1: Big Busts
movie 1989 Double D Roommates
movie 1989 Educating Kascha as 2nd Couple on Video
video movie 1989 Lesbian She Fights
video movie 1989 Lesbian She Fights 2
video movie 1989 My Sensual Body
movie 1989 Some Like It Hotter
video movie 1989 Swing Shift
video movie 1989 Ten Years of Big Bust
movie 1989 The Sexaholic
video movie 1988 Afro Erotica 23
video movie 1988 Afro Erotica 24
video movie 1988 Best in Bed
movie 1988 Big Bust Babes 4 as Prostitute
movie 1988 Black 'n' Blew
movie 1988 Black Chicks in Heat
movie 1988 Black Fox
video movie 1988 Blacks Next Door
video movie 1988 Booby Prize Volume 2
video movie 1988 Bra Breakers Vol. 1
video movie 1988 Campfire Girls as 'Bad News' Grissom
video movie 1988 Charlie's Girls
movie 1988 Ebony Humpers 4
movie 1988 Filet-o-Breast
movie 1988 Get Me While I'm Hot
video movie 1988 Girls Girls Girls
video movie 1988 Girls of the Double D 8 as Important Buxom Client
video movie 1988 How to Get Ahead...
movie 1988 I Can't Get No... Satisfaction
movie 1988 Just Between Friends
video movie 1988 Kascha & Friends
video movie 1988 Kascha's Blues
video movie 1988 La Boomba as Blade
movie 1988 Mandii's Magic
movie 1988 Matched Pairs
movie 1988 Nasty Blacks
movie 1988 Party Wives as Mary
movie 1988 Scorching Secrets
movie 1988 That Ole Black Magic
movie 1988 The Booby Prize
movie 1988 The Godmother 2
movie 1988 The Taking of Reno
video movie 1988 Three-way Lust
video movie 1988 Top Heavy
video movie 1987 Afro Erotica 20
movie 1987 Amos and Candy
movie 1987 Behind the Black Door
video movie 1987 Black Angel
movie 1987 Chocolate Dreams
movie 1987 Ebony Humpers III
movie 1987 Flesh for Frankenstein as Bar Girl
video movie 1987 Genital Hospital
video movie 1987 Girls of the Double D 2
movie 1987 Good 'n' Plenty
video movie 1987 Good Golly Ms. Molly as Molly
video movie 1987 Innocent Seduction
movie 1987 Lesbian Dildo Fever 2
video movie 1987 Lucky Charm
video movie 1987 Lust of Blackula as Charmine
movie 1987 Much More Than a Mouthful
video movie 1987 Red Hot Fire Girls
movie 1987 The Godmother
video movie 1987 The Rising
movie 1987 White Chocolate
movie 1986 Beyond the Senses
video movie 1986 Ebony Humpers
movie 1986 Ebony Humpers 2
video movie 1986 French Cleaners
video movie 1986 Girls of Double D
video movie 1986 Hooters as Dora
video movie 1986 Lust Letters
video movie 1986 Nooner as Sheeba Little
movie 1986 Sex with a Stranger as Sugar
video movie 1986 Sexy as Sue
movie 1986 Takin' It to the Streets
video movie 1985 Christy Canyon

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Sharon Kane beats the heck out of ebony in this scene.