Ed Lawrence

Edward James Lawrence was a professional football player who spent two seasons in the National Football League with the Boston Bulldogs in 1929 and the Staten Island Stapletons in 1930. Prior to joining the NFL, Fleming played college football at Brown University. He was a member of the 1926 "Iron Men" football team, which went 9?1 and played all but two minutes against Yale, Dartmouth, and Harvard. ... more on Wikipedia

Ed Lawrence Filmography

movie 1925 The Knockout as Mike Leary
movie 1922 The Sea Raiders
movie 1919 Thou Shalt Not as Rural Swain
movie 1918 Secret Strings as Detective
movie 1917 One Touch of Nature as Undetermined Role
movie 1917 Sins of Ambition as Jay Church
movie 1916 Her Father's Gold as A Crook
movie 1916 She Came, She Saw, She Conquered as Pa Hopkins
movie 1915 A Lucky Strike as His Assistant
movie 1915 A Tragedy of the Rails as Belle's Brother
movie 1915 An Expensive Visit as Dad
movie 1915 Cohen's Luck as Timothy Murphy
movie 1915 Her Choice as Mr. Stern
movie 1915 Matilda's Legacy as Seth Perkins
movie 1915 Mixed Flats as Minister Blake
movie 1915 Percival's Awakening
movie 1915 The New Editor
movie 1914 A Boomerang Swindle
movie 1914 A Dangerous Case
movie 1914 An Innocent Victim as The Doctor
movie 1914 He Changed His Mind as The Chief of Police
movie 1914 It's a Shame as Gus Schwartz
movie 1914 Long May It Wave as General Grabimoff
movie 1914 Mr. Daly's Wedding Day
movie 1914 Nice Nursie as The Doctor
movie 1914 She Was a Peach
movie 1914 She Was the Other as The Chief of Police
movie 1914 Summer Love as Major Ed Torrence
movie 1914 Swami Sam
movie 1914 Temper and Temperament as The Doctor
movie 1914 The Best Man
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Glass Tubes
movie 1914 The Servant Girl's Legacy as Pa
movie 1914 They Bought a Boat as Government Inspector
movie 1914 When the Ham Turned as The Mayor
movie 1914 Worms Will Turn as Police Chief
movie 1912 Tempted by Necessity

Ed Lawrence on Youtube

Jack Arnold Science Fiction Movie 50's classic horror soundtrack film score.

An interview with gardening guru Ed Lawrence before the blooms on bikes ride.

Ed.Lawrence: Бан, одну терру вернём, вторую они будут должны.

Southern Counties Prelims and Box- Offs 5th April 2014 Gosport Boxing Club.