Ed McNamara

Ed McNamara Filmography

tv series 1986 Red Serge as Abe Farwell
movie 1985 Bayo as Phillip Longlan
movie 1985 Stitches as Osgood Hamilton, Jr
tv movie 1985 Tramp at the Door
movie 1984 The Last Right as Grandad
movie 1983 Gentle Sinners as Sigfius
tv movie 1983 The Prodigal
tv movie 1979 Riel as Asseewyn
movie 1979 The Black Stallion as Jake
movie 1977 Who Has Seen the Wind as Saint Sammy
movie 1976 Death Weekend as Spragg
movie 1976 Find the Lady as Kaminsky
movie 1976 For Gentlemen Only
movie 1976 Goldenrod as Johnson
movie 1976 Shoot as Sargent Bellows
movie 1976 Silver Streak as Benny
tv movie 1975 The Canary as Arch
movie 1973 Class of '44 as Train Conductor
movie 1971 Rip-Off
tv series 1966 Rocket Robin Hood as Little John
tv series 1966 The Marvel Super Heroes as Voice
tv series 1962 Scarlett Hill as Harry Russell
tv series 1961 Razzle Dazzle as Percy Q. Kidpester
tv series 1956 It's the Law
movie 1943 Coney Island as Policeman
movie 1943 The Sky's the Limit as Mac - First Bartender
movie 1943 This Land Is Mine as Policeman
movie 1941 Ziegfeld Girl as Mr. Regan

Ed McNamara on Youtube

Born Ready (Tony and Larry Sabino, Dave Guro, Ed McNamara) Singing the Jay Althouse composition. Apologies to Dave Guro, whose countenance is largely ...

Ecco le parti, secondo me, più emozionanti e suggestive di questo splendido film. The Black Stallion è un film del 1979 diretto da Carroll Ballard. Il film è...

I'm sorry, Mr. Wilson...

Born Ready vers .75 (minus Dave Guro). Tony Sabino, Larry Sabino, Ed mcnamara.