Ed Nelson

Edwin Stafford Nelson (born December 21, 1928) is an American actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Ed Nelson Filmography

movie 2003 Runaway Jury as George Dressler
movie 2000 Tony Bravo in Scenes from a Forgotten Cinema as Ghost of Mary's Dad
movie 1998 Ngo si seoi as General Sherman
movie 1996 Cries of Silence as Dr. August Claiborne
movie 1991 The Boneyard as Jersey Callum
movie 1989 Brenda Starr as President Harry S. Truman
movie 1989 Deadly Weapon
tv movie 1987 Sworn to Silence as Victor Handler
movie 1986 Police Academy 3: Back in Training as Governor Neilson
tv movie 1985 Peyton Place: The Next Generation as Dr. Michael Rossi
tv movie 1983 Shaft of Love as Dr. Burns
tv movie 1982 Help Wanted: Male as George Dobbs
tv movie 1981 Born to Be Sold as Carl Strickland
tv movie 1980 Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb as President Harry S Truman
tv movie 1980 The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything as Joseph Locordolos
tv movie 1980 The Return of Frank Cannon as Mike Danvers
tv movie 1979 Anatomy of a Seduction as Mark Kane
tv series 1979 Doctors' Private Lives as Dr. Michael Wise
movie 1978 Acapulco Gold as Hollister
tv movie 1978 Crash as Philip Mulwray
tv movie 1978 Doctors' Private Lives as Dr. Mike Wise
tv movie 1978 Leave Yesterday Behind as Mr. Clarkson
tv movie 1978 Superdome as George Beldridge
movie 1977 For the Love of Benji as Chandler Dietrich
tv movie 1977 Murder in Peyton Place as Dr. Michael Rossi
movie 1976 Midway as Admiral Harry Pearson
tv movie 1976 Riding with Death as Robert Denby
movie 1975 That's the Way of the World as Carlton James
tv movie 1975 The Missing Are Deadly as Dr. Margolin
movie 1974 Airport 1975 as Major John Alexander
tv movie 1974 Houston, We've Got a Problem as Gene Kranz, Flight Director
tv movie 1973 Linda as Paul Reston
tv movie 1973 Runaway! as Nick Staffo
movie 1973 Time to Run as Warren
tv movie 1972 The Screaming Woman as Carl Nesbitt
tv movie 1971 A Little Game as Paul Hamilton
tv movie 1970 Along Came a Spider as Dr. Martin Becker
tv series 1969 The Ed Nelson Show as Himself - Host
movie 1963 Soldier in the Rain as MP Sgt. James Priest
movie 1963 The Man from Galveston as Cole Marteen
movie 1961 Devil's Partner as Nick Richards
movie 1961 Judgment at Nuremberg as Captain at Nightclub Announcing Call-up of Officers
movie 1960 Code of Silence as Paul Lane
movie 1960 Elmer Gantry as Man on Phone at Sister Sharon Headquarters
movie 1960 Valley of the Redwoods as Dino Michaelis
movie 1959 A Bucket of Blood as Art Lacroix
movie 1959 T-Bird Gang as Alex Hendricks
movie 1959 The Young Captives as Norm Britt
movie 1958 Hot Car Girl as Second Cop at Soda Bar
movie 1958 I Mobster as Sid, Henchman
movie 1958 Night of the Blood Beast as Dave Randall
movie 1958 She Gods of Shark Reef as Guard
movie 1958 Street of Darkness as Slavo
movie 1958 Teenage Cave Man as Blond Tribe Member
movie 1958 The Brain Eaters as Dr. Paul Kettering
movie 1958 The Cry Baby Killer as Rick Connor
movie 1957 Attack of the Crab Monsters as Ensign Quinlan
movie 1957 Bayou as Etienne
movie 1957 Carnival Rock as Cannon
movie 1957 Hell on Devil's Island as Guard No. 2
movie 1957 Invasion of the Saucer Men as Tom
movie 1957 Rock All Night as Pete
movie 1957 Teenage Doll as Police Officer 'Dutch'
movie 1956 Swamp Women as Police Sergeant
movie 1955 New Orleans Uncensored as Charlie
movie 1952 The Steel Trap as Man in Ticket Line at Airport

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A frightened Rachel finds comfort in the arms of Dr. Michael Rossi in this scene from the 1960s soap opera, Peyton Place.

Dr. Mike Rossi tries to convince Constance Carson to visit Rachel in the psychiatric clinic, in this scene from the 1960s show, Peyton Place.