Ed Stradling

Ed Stradling (born 1972 in Cardiff, Wales), is a freelance TV/video producer/director, whose most notable work is The Doctor Who Years, a series of three webcast programmes commissioned by the BBC to coincide with the return of the famous science-fiction series in 2005. ... more on Wikipedia

Ed Stradling Filmography

video movie 2012 Rediscovering 'The Urge to Live' as Himself
video movie 2012 Second Time Around: The Troughton Years as Additional Voice
video movie 2012 The Nightmare of TV Centre
video movie 2012 The Village That Came to Life
video movie 2011 The End of the Line? as Additional Voices
video movie 2011 Casting Far and Wide
video movie 2011 Come in Number Five
video movie 2011 Dream Time: The Making of 'Kinda'
video movie 2011 People Power and Puppetry
video movie 2011 Remembering Barry Letts
video movie 2011 Snake Charmer: The Making of 'Snakedance'
video movie 2010 Into the Unknown: The Making of 'Underworld'
video movie 2010 The Last Chance Saloon
video movie 2010 The Seven Year Hitch
video movie 2010 Cheques, Lies and Videotape
video movie 2009 Lalla's Wardrobe: A Frockumentary
video movie 2008 The Depths as Himself
video movie 2008 Trials and Tribulations
video movie 2007 A Darker Side
video movie 2007 A Matter of Time
video movie 2007 Defining Shadows
video movie 2007 Directing 'Who': Michael Hayes
video movie 2007 Getting Blood from the Stones
video movie 2007 The Humans of Tara
video movie 2007 The Ribos File
video movie 2006 Love Off-Air
video movie 2005 Paris in the Springtime
video movie 2005 'Revelation' Exhumed
video movie 2005 Sir David Attenborough Remembers 'The Ascent of Man'
video movie 2004 A New Beginning
video movie 2004 Synthesizing Starfields
video movie 2004 Sir David Attenborough Remembers the Making of 'Civilisation'
video movie 2003 Osirian Gothic
video movie 2003 Putting the Shock Into 'Earthshock'
video movie 2003 Serial Thrillers

Ed Stradling on Youtube

My interview with Steven Moffat, conducted exclusively for the Gallifrey 2013 convention in Los Angeles, where it was screened on Sunday 17 February. Follow .

"Shadows" is a Heavenly Waterfall (ASCAP) Song Publishing Production with all rights to the license owned by Marneen Lynne Fields as the publisher and ...

Part of the opening sequence I put together for the BBC Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration at the ExCel Arena. Includes a unique mix of various versions.

On a drizzly March morning, Keith Maynard and producer Ed Stradling take us behind the scenes at the world famous All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club.