Eddie Barry

Eddie Barry (October 1887 ? January 22, 1967) was an American film actor. He appeared in 108 films between 1912 and 1930. ... more on Wikipedia

Eddie Barry Filmography

movie 1930 The Freshman's Goat
movie 1929 Are Scotchmen Tight? as MacDougall
movie 1929 Crazy Doings as Mr. Mashie
movie 1929 Footloose Wimmen
movie 1929 Happy Heels as The Commander
movie 1929 His Angel Child
movie 1929 His Baby Daze as Slick
movie 1929 Ladies' Choice
movie 1929 Papa Spank
movie 1929 Reckless Rosie as Mr. Teddy
movie 1929 Rough Dried
movie 1929 Sappy Service
movie 1929 Single Bliss
movie 1929 Stage Struck Susie as Professor Drybones
movie 1929 Tight Places
movie 1929 Turn Him Loose
movie 1928 A Gallant Gob
movie 1928 Believe It or Not
movie 1928 Hot Scotch
movie 1928 Loose Change
movie 1928 Nifty Numbers as J.R. Stern
movie 1928 Picture My Astonishment
movie 1928 Skating Home
movie 1928 Slick Slickers
movie 1928 Slippery Heels
movie 1928 The Sock Exchange
movie 1927 Red Suspenders as Fire Chief Burns
movie 1926 Fighting Luck as Cousin Oswald aka Wilkdcat
movie 1926 Red Blood as Donald Custer
movie 1926 That Girl Oklahoma
movie 1926 The Lost Express as Valentine Peabody
movie 1925 Crack o' Dawn as Toby Timkins
movie 1925 Fair But Foolish
movie 1925 Reckless Courage as Slim Parker
movie 1925 Sagebrush Lady as Harmony Hayden
movie 1924 Grandpa's Girl
movie 1924 Safe and Sane as Laughing Larry
movie 1923 Family Troubles
movie 1923 Sweet and Pretty
movie 1922 Brilliantine the Bull Fighter as In cafe
movie 1922 But a Butler!
movie 1922 Family Affairs
movie 1922 He's Bugs on Bugs
movie 1922 Love Taps
movie 1922 Money or My Life
movie 1922 Papa's Night Out
movie 1922 Peaceful Neighbors
movie 1922 Pure But Simple
movie 1922 Rented Trouble
movie 1922 The Janitor's Wife
movie 1922 West Is Worst
movie 1922 What Next?
movie 1922 Whose Husband Are You?
movie 1921 A Hard Guess
movie 1921 A Waiting Maid as The Butler
movie 1921 Bring on the Groom
movie 1921 Falling for Fanny
movie 1921 Nobody's Wife
movie 1921 Nothing Like It
movie 1921 Short and Snappy
movie 1921 Stay Down East
movie 1921 When Eve Fell
movie 1921 Zulu Love
movie 1920 A Bashful Bigamist as Uncle Oswald
movie 1920 A Home Made Hero as The Lifeguard
movie 1920 A Husband in Haste as The Rival
movie 1920 Dining Room, Kitchen and Sink
movie 1920 Fore and After
movie 1920 Her Bridal Night-Mare
movie 1920 His Pajama Girl as Peter Johnson
movie 1920 Home, James
movie 1920 Monkey Shines as Uncle Ebenezer
movie 1920 Mr. Fatima
movie 1920 Out for the Night
movie 1920 Save Me, Sadie
movie 1920 Shuffle the Queens
movie 1920 Striking Models
movie 1920 Tea for Two
movie 1919 A Roman Scandal
movie 1919 Dangerous Nan McGrew
movie 1919 He Married His Wife
movie 1919 His Master's Voice
movie 1919 Klever Kiddies
movie 1919 Mary Moves In
movie 1919 Rowdy Ann as Prof. Leavitoff
movie 1919 Shades of Shakespeare
movie 1919 Wild and Western
movie 1918 A Clean Sweep
movie 1918 A Pullman Blunder
movie 1918 Ash-Can Alley
movie 1918 Business Before Honesty as Nellie
movie 1918 Fools and Fires
movie 1918 Hey, Doctor! as The Janitor
movie 1918 Oh, Baby!
movie 1918 Romance and Dynamite
movie 1918 Rough on Husbands
movie 1918 Scars and Bars
movie 1918 The Blind Pig
movie 1918 What's the Matter with Father?
movie 1917 A Bold, Bad Knight
movie 1917 A Lucky Slip
movie 1917 A Nurse of an Aching Heart
movie 1917 Almost a Scandal
movie 1917 As Luck Would Have It
movie 1917 Black Hands and Soapsuds
movie 1917 Bride and Gloom
movie 1917 Clothes and the Man
movie 1917 Double Dukes
movie 1917 Father Was Right
movie 1917 Her Crooked Career
movie 1917 His Last Pill
movie 1917 Hubby's Night Out
movie 1917 Out for the Coin
movie 1917 Practice What You Preach
movie 1917 Sauce for the Goose
movie 1917 Small Change
movie 1917 Street Cars and Carbuncles
movie 1917 Suspended Sentence
movie 1917 The Kid Snatchers
movie 1917 The Milky Way
movie 1917 Those Wedding Bells
movie 1917 Twice in the Same Place
movie 1917 Vamping Reuben's Millions
movie 1917 With the Mummies' Help
movie 1917 Won in a Cabaret
movie 1916 By the Sad Sea Waves
movie 1916 Catching That Burglar
movie 1916 Foiled
movie 1916 He Loved the Ladies
movie 1916 His Baby
movie 1916 His Blushing Bride
movie 1916 His Friend, the Elephant
movie 1916 Hist! At Six O'Clock
movie 1916 Sea Nymphs
movie 1916 Seminary Scandal
movie 1916 The Deacon's Widow
movie 1916 Their College Capers
movie 1916 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp

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