Eddie Donnelly

Eddie Donnelly Filmography

movie 1956 Pirate's Gold
movie 1954 Pet Problems
movie 1954 Pride of the Yard
movie 1953 Blind Date
movie 1953 Featherweight Champ
movie 1953 Growing Pains
movie 1953 Hot Rods
movie 1953 Mouse Menace
movie 1953 Open House
movie 1953 The Orphan Egg
movie 1953 The Timid Scarecrow
movie 1952 Aesop's Fable: Happy Valley
movie 1952 Hair Cut-Ups
movie 1952 Happy Holland
movie 1952 Nice Doggy
movie 1952 Snappy Snapshots
movie 1952 The Happy Cobblers
movie 1951 'Sno Fun
movie 1951 Aesop's Fable: Golden Egg Goosie
movie 1951 Bulldozing the Bull
movie 1951 Flop Secret
movie 1951 Injun Trouble
movie 1951 Little Problem
movie 1951 Mechanical Bird
movie 1951 Musical Madness
movie 1951 The Haunted Cat
movie 1950 Better Late Than Never
movie 1950 If Cats Could Sing
movie 1950 Law and Order
movie 1950 Rival Romeos
movie 1950 The Beauty Shop
movie 1950 The Dog Show
movie 1950 Wide Open Spaces
movie 1950 Woodman, Spare That Tree
movie 1949 Stop, Look, and Listen
movie 1949 The Perils of Pearl Pureheart
movie 1949 Mrs. Jones' Rest Farm
movie 1949 The Catnip Gang
movie 1949 The Kitten Sitter
movie 1949 The Lion Hunt
movie 1948 Hounding the Hares
movie 1948 Magpie Madness
movie 1948 Mighty Mouse and the Magician
movie 1948 Mystery in the Moonlight
movie 1948 The Power of Thought
movie 1948 Triple Trouble
movie 1947 A Date for Dinner
movie 1947 Aladdin's Lamp
movie 1947 Lazy Little Beaver
movie 1947 Mighty Mouse in the First Snow
movie 1947 The Dead End Cats
movie 1947 The Intruders
movie 1947 The Super Salesman
movie 1947 The Wolf's Pardon
movie 1946 Beanstalk Jack
movie 1946 Dinky Finds a Home
movie 1946 My Old Kentucky Home
movie 1946 Svengali's Cat
movie 1946 The Crackpot King
movie 1946 Winning the West
movie 1945 Fisherman's Luck
movie 1945 Mighty Mouse and the Wolf
movie 1945 The Exterminator
movie 1945 The Port of Missing Mice
movie 1945 The Silver Streak
movie 1945 The Watchdog
movie 1945 Who's Who in the Jungle
movie 1944 At the Circus
movie 1944 Dear Old Switzerland
movie 1944 My Boy Johnny
movie 1944 The Butcher of Seville
movie 1944 The Frog and the Princess
movie 1944 The Green Line
movie 1944 The Helicopter
movie 1944 The Two Barbers
movie 1943 Aladdin's Lamp
movie 1943 Camouflage
movie 1943 He Dood It Again
movie 1943 Mopping Up
movie 1943 Yokel Ducks Makes Good
movie 1942 A Torrid Toreador
movie 1942 Barnyard Waac
movie 1942 Funny Bunny Business
movie 1942 Lights Out
movie 1942 School Daze
movie 1942 Shipyard Symphony
movie 1942 The Mouse of Tomorrow
movie 1942 The Stork's Mistake
movie 1942 Tire Trouble
movie 1942 Tricky Business
movie 1941 A Dog's Dream
movie 1941 Back to the Soil
movie 1941 Fishing Made Easy
movie 1941 Horsefly Opera
movie 1941 Ice Carnival
movie 1941 Slap Happy Hunters
movie 1941 Twelve O'Clock and All Ain't Well
movie 1941 What a Little Sneeze Will Do
movie 1940 Swiss Ski Yodelers
movie 1940 A Dog in a Mansion
movie 1940 Hare and the Hounds
movie 1940 How Wet Was My Ocean
movie 1940 Just a Little Bull
movie 1940 Plane Goofy
movie 1939 A Bully Romance
movie 1939 Billy Mouse's Akwakade
movie 1939 G-Man Jitters
movie 1939 Hook, Line and Sinker
movie 1939 Nick of Time
movie 1939 The Hitch-Hiker
movie 1939 The Old Fire Horse
movie 1939 The Owl and the Pussycat
movie 1939 Their Last Bean
movie 1938 Chris Columbo
movie 1938 Here's to the Good Old Jail
movie 1938 Housewife Herman
movie 1938 Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
movie 1933 Cubby's Picnic
movie 1933 Galloping Fanny

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