Eddie Lawrence

Eddie Lawrence (born March 2, 1919) is an American monologist, actor, singer, lyricist, playwright, director and television personality, whose unique comic creation, the eternally and bizarrely optimistic Old Philosopher, has gained him a devoted, although specialized, cult following for over five decades. ... more on Wikipedia

Eddie Lawrence Filmography

movie 1978 Somebody Killed Her Husband as Other Neighbor
movie 1975 The Wild Party as Kreutzer
movie 1973 Blade as Producer
movie 1971 Who Killed Mary Whats'ername? as Shouting Man on Street
movie 1968 The Night They Raided Minsky's as Scratch
movie 1965 Inferior Decorator as Swifty
movie 1964 A Friend in Tweed as Swifty
movie 1964 Accidents Will Happen as Swifty
movie 1964 Call Me a Taxi as Swifty
movie 1964 Fix That Clock as Swifty
movie 1964 Fizzicle Fizzle as Swifty
movie 1964 Highway Slobbery as Swifty
movie 1964 Hip Hip Ole as Swifty
movie 1964 Panhandling on Madison Avenue as Swifty
movie 1964 Sailing Zero as Swifty
movie 1964 Service with a Smile as Swifty
movie 1964 The Bus Way to Travel as Swifty
movie 1964 The Once Over as Swifty
movie 1962 Good and Guilty as Goodie the Gremlin
movie 1962 TV or Not TV as Various
movie 1962 Without Time or Reason
movie 1961 Abner the Baseball as Abner - Narrator
movie 1961 In the Nicotine as Charlie Butts
movie 1961 The Plot Sickens as Myron
movie 1960 Busy Buddies as Creepers
movie 1960 The Boss Is Always Right
movie 1960 Trouble Date as Creepers
movie 1957 Mr. Money Gags as Tommy Tortoise
movie 1956 Sleuth But Sure as Tommy Tortoise

Eddie Lawrence on Youtube

"Life" Movie Trailer 1999 - starring Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence.

RadioWaves.us - Voice Over in the style of Eddie Lawrence The Old Philosopher Let us create the perfect commercial spot for you! http://www.radiowaves.us ...

Hit comedy recording from 1956.