Edgar Dearing

Edgar Dearing Filmography

movie 1964 The Big Parade of Comedy as Bill in 'Go West'
movie 1961 Ada as Politician
movie 1960 Pollyanna as Mr. Gorman
movie 1960 When Comedy Was King as edited from 'A Pair of Tights'
movie 1959 No Name on the Bullet as Charlie - Chess Player
movie 1957 God Is My Partner as Mike Malone, Cop
movie 1957 The Golden Age of Comedy as Policeman at car fight
movie 1957 The Hired Gun as Sheriff Jenner
movie 1956 Cha-Cha-Cha Boom! as Investor Charlie
movie 1955 Tarantula as Second Tramp
tv movie 1954 Alarm as Postmaster
movie 1954 Her Twelve Men as Fire Chief
movie 1954 Ma and Pa Kettle at Home as Perkins
movie 1954 The Long Wait as Foreman
movie 1953 Gun Belt as Territorial Prison Guard
movie 1953 It Came from Outer Space as Sam
movie 1953 The Long, Long Trailer as Trailer Park Manager
movie 1953 Vice Squad as Fitz
movie 1952 Carson City as Daly - Railroad Conductor
movie 1952 My Wife's Best Friend as Police Chief
movie 1952 Rancho Notorious as Sheriff #4
movie 1952 Ruby Gentry as Engineer
movie 1952 The Kid from Broken Gun as Judge Halloway
movie 1952 The Lion and the Horse as Minor Role
movie 1951 As You Were as Sgt. Monahan
movie 1951 Pecos River as Henry Mahoney
movie 1951 Ridin' the Outlaw Trail as Pop Willard
movie 1951 Santa Fe as Official
movie 1951 Silver Canyon as Colonel Middler
movie 1950 Double Deal as Joe
movie 1950 Fancy Pants as Mr. Jones
movie 1950 Hot Rod as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1950 Hunt the Man Down as Deputy in Corridor
movie 1950 Lightning Guns as Captain Dan Saunders
movie 1950 Raiders of Tomahawk Creek as Randolph Dike
movie 1950 Riding High as Deputy
movie 1950 Right Cross as Ring Announcer
movie 1950 The Good Humor Man as Desk Sergeant
movie 1950 The Iroquois Trail as Colonial Major
movie 1950 This Side of the Law as Cop
movie 1950 Union Station as Detective
movie 1949 Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture as Reiber, Policeman
movie 1949 Flaxy Martin as State Trooper
movie 1949 Prison Warden as Lt. Davis
movie 1949 Samson and Delilah as Tax Collector
movie 1949 Sorrowful Jones as Police Lt. Ed Mitchell
movie 1949 The Threat as Roadblock Police Sergeant
movie 1948 Man or Mouse as Hercules Jones
movie 1948 My Girl Tisa as Jailer
movie 1948 Out of the Storm as Ed Purcell
movie 1948 Parole, Inc. as Atty. Gen. Whitmore
movie 1948 Sleep, My Love as Hannigan
movie 1948 The Paleface as Sheriff
movie 1948 The Return of the Whistler as Police Captain Griggs
movie 1947 Christmas Eve as Police Sergeant
movie 1947 Copacabana as Police Detective
movie 1947 Magic Town as Questioning Grandview Citizen
movie 1947 My Brother Talks to Horses as Policeman
movie 1947 The Bishop's Wife as Policeman
movie 1947 Unconquered as Soldier in Gilded Beaver
movie 1947 Variety Girl as Cop
movie 1947 Where There's Life as Desk Sergeant
movie 1947 Wild Harvest as Man
movie 1946 Nocturne as Policeman with Injured Susan
movie 1946 Road to Utopia as Official Policeman
movie 1946 She Wrote the Book as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1946 The Gentleman Misbehaves as Officer
movie 1946 The Virginian as Train Engineer
movie 1946 Up Goes Maisie as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1945 Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood as Al - First Studio Cop
movie 1945 Don't Fence Me In as Chief of Police
movie 1945 Her Lucky Night as Casey
movie 1945 Johnny Angel as Jim, the Cop
movie 1945 Midnight Manhunt as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1945 Scarlet Street as Policeman
movie 1945 Swing Out, Sister as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1945 The Crime Doctor's Courage as Sheriff
movie 1944 And the Angels Sing as Man
movie 1944 Barbary Coast Gent as Police Officer O'Reilly
movie 1944 Bowery to Broadway
movie 1944 Destiny as Fourth Motorcycle Cop
movie 1944 Ghost Catchers as Police Sergeant
movie 1944 Gypsy Wildcat
movie 1944 In Society as Policeman in Taxi Garage
movie 1944 Make Your Own Bed as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1944 Seven Doors to Death as Claude Burns
movie 1944 Strange Affair as Motorcycle Officer
movie 1944 The Big Noise as Motor Policeman
movie 1944 The Mark of the Whistler as Bank Guard
movie 1944 The Merry Monahans as Cop
movie 1944 Weekend Pass as Motor Cop
movie 1943 Don Winslow of the Coast Guard as CPO Ben Cobb
movie 1943 Fired Wife as Sullivan
movie 1943 Henry Aldrich Haunts a House as Chief of Police Reedy
movie 1943 Henry Aldrich Swings It as Police Chief
movie 1943 My Kingdom for a Cook as Motor Policeman
movie 1943 Princess O'Rourke as Policeman at White House
movie 1943 Swing Shift Maisie as Radio Policeman
movie 1943 The Good Fellows as Sheriff
movie 1943 The Hard Way as Policeman at Hospital
movie 1943 The Meanest Man in the World as Hotel Detective
movie 1943 Whistling in Brooklyn as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1942 A Gentleman After Dark as Joe
movie 1942 A-Haunting We Will Go as Officer
movie 1942 Apache Trail as Marshal
movie 1942 Between Us Girls as Policeman
movie 1942 Henry Aldrich, Editor as McLean
movie 1942 Henry and Dizzy as Police Sergeant McElroy
movie 1942 Men of Texas as Sergeant
movie 1942 Miss Annie Rooney as Policeman
movie 1942 My Favorite Blonde as Joe - Policeman
movie 1942 My Favorite Spy as Police Sergeant in Bumped Car
movie 1942 My Gal Sal as Policeman
movie 1942 Star Spangled Rhythm as Mac
movie 1942 The Affairs of Martha as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1942 The Navy Comes Through as Bud
movie 1942 True to the Army as Target Sergeant
movie 1942 When Johnny Comes Marching Home as Army Sergeant
movie 1942 Wings for the Eagle as Motorcycle Officer
movie 1941 A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob as Policeman
movie 1941 Caught in the Draft as Recruiting Sergeant
movie 1941 Design for Scandal as Joe - Foreman
movie 1941 Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1941 Hold That Ghost as Irondome
movie 1941 Kisses for Breakfast as Motorcycle Policeman
movie 1941 Louisiana Purchase as House Detective
movie 1941 Maisie Was a Lady as Motorcycle Policeman
movie 1941 Niagara Falls as State Trooper
movie 1941 Night of January 16th as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1941 Pot o' Gold as Police Officer McGinty
movie 1941 Remember the Day as Detective
movie 1941 Shadow of the Thin Man as Motorcycle Cop on Bridge
movie 1941 Sullivan's Travels as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1941 The Big Store as Department Store Doorman
movie 1941 Three Sons o' Guns as Cop with Mr. Haddock
movie 1940 A Little Bit of Heaven as Uncle Jack
movie 1940 American Spoken Here as Mike Fink
movie 1940 And One Was Beautiful as Higgins - Motorcycle Policeman
movie 1940 Broadway Melody of 1940 as Policeman
movie 1940 Buck Benny Rides Again as Police Officer
movie 1940 Cross-Country Romance as Ed Sweeney
movie 1940 Edison, the Man as Policeman
movie 1940 Florian as Cop
movie 1940 Girl from Avenue A as Man at Table With Jane
movie 1940 Go West as Bill - Train Engineer
movie 1940 Knute Rockne All American as Doc - Knute's Friend at Kansas City Airport
movie 1940 Little Orvie as Policeman
movie 1940 Lucky Partners as Desk Sergeant
movie 1940 Manhattan Heartbeat as Policeman
movie 1940 No Time for Comedy as Sweeny
movie 1940 One Night in the Tropics as Cop with Black Eye
movie 1940 Primrose Path as Motorcycle Policeman
movie 1940 Queen of the Mob as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1940 Sailor's Lady as Chief Master-of-Arms
movie 1940 The Doctor Takes a Wife as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1940 Those Were the Days! as Policeman
movie 1940 We Who Are Young as 1st Motorcycle Policeman
movie 1940 When the Daltons Rode as Sheriff
movie 1940 Wildcat Bus as Policeman Giving Ticket
movie 1940 Wyoming as Capt. Evans
movie 1939 A Child Is Born as Police Sergeant
movie 1939 Blondie Meets the Boss as Officer McGuire
movie 1939 Drunk Driving as Second Cop
movie 1939 Dust Be My Destiny as Second Railroad Cop
movie 1939 Four Girls in White as Motorcycle Cop Going to Accident
movie 1939 Full Confession as Lieutenant Thatcher
movie 1939 Honolulu as Jailer
movie 1939 It Could Happen to You as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1939 It's a Wonderful World as Actor as 'Captain Flagg'
movie 1939 King of the Underworld as Police Detective
movie 1939 Made for Each Other as Mounted Policeman
movie 1939 Nick Carter, Master Detective as Denny
movie 1939 Rose of Washington Square as Lieutenant
movie 1939 Some Like It Hot as MacCrady
movie 1939 The Gracie Allen Murder Case as Motorcycle Officer Corrigan
movie 1939 The Jones Family in Hollywood as Policeman
movie 1939 Thunder Afloat as Petty Officer
movie 1939 Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite as Jim Simmons
movie 1939 Twelve Crowded Hours as Second Bartender
movie 1938 Blondie as Policeman at Hotel
movie 1938 Border G-Man as Smoky Joslin
movie 1938 City Girl as Detective Lieutenant
movie 1938 Everybody Sing as Police Lt. at Desk
movie 1938 Goodbye Broadway as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1938 Hard to Get as Eddie
movie 1938 Hold That Kiss as Policeman
movie 1938 Listen, Darling as Motorcycle Policeman
movie 1938 Love Is a Headache as Detective 'Pinch' Reardon
movie 1938 Maid's Night Out as Police Detective
movie 1938 Men Are Such Fools as Police Driver
movie 1938 No Time to Marry as Policeman
movie 1938 Spring Madness as Policeman
movie 1938 Thanks for Everything as Policeman Mike
movie 1938 The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse as Patrolman
movie 1938 The Chaser as Policeman at End
movie 1938 The First Hundred Years as Policeman Giving Ticket
movie 1938 Three Loves Has Nancy as Bus Conductor
movie 1938 You Can't Take It with You as Bill - Plainclothes Policeman
movie 1937 Big City as Tom Reilley
movie 1937 China Passage as Bill - Ship's Customs Officer
movie 1937 Dangerous Number as Policeman
movie 1937 Every Day's a Holiday as Cop
movie 1937 It Happened in Hollywood as Joe Stevens
movie 1937 Love Is News as Motorcycle Officer
movie 1937 Married Before Breakfast as Police Sergeant
movie 1937 Midnight Taxi as Officer Murray
movie 1937 Nancy Steele Is Missing! as Officer Flynn
movie 1937 Saratoga as Medbury the Trainer
movie 1937 The Awful Truth as Motor Cop
movie 1937 There Goes My Girl as Traffic Policeman
movie 1937 They Gave Him a Gun as Sgt. Meadowlark
movie 1937 Thoroughbreds Don't Cry as Police Sergeant
movie 1937 Wise Girl as Motorcycle Cop #1
movie 1937 You Only Live Once as State Trooper Firing Machine Gun
movie 1936 A Son Comes Home as State Police Officer
movie 1936 After the Thin Man as Bill
movie 1936 All Business as House Detective
movie 1936 Back to Nature as Motorcycle Officer
movie 1936 Border Flight as Smugglers' Pilot
movie 1936 Bunker Bean as Policeman
movie 1936 Dog Blight as Tom Morgan
movie 1936 Down the Ribber
movie 1936 End of the Trail
movie 1936 Fight is Right as Policeman
movie 1936 Hollywood Boulevard as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1936 Rose of the Rancho as Stranger
movie 1936 Rose-Marie as Mounted Policeman
movie 1936 Sky Parade as 'Gat' Billings
movie 1936 Swing Time as Policeman
movie 1936 Thank You, Jeeves! as Unidentified Role
movie 1936 That Girl from Paris as Ship's Purser
movie 1936 The Bride Walks Out as Cop
movie 1936 The Count Takes the Count
movie 1936 The Plainsman as Custer's Messenger
movie 1936 Too Many Surprises as 1st Buyer
movie 1935 A Quiet Fourth
movie 1935 Helldorado as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1935 Here Comes the Band as Army Officer
movie 1935 If You Could Only Cook as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1935 It Never Rains
movie 1935 Princess O'Hara as Motor Policeman
movie 1935 Rendezvous as MP #1
movie 1935 She Couldn't Take It as Policeman - Precinct 5
movie 1935 Spring Tonic as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1935 Stolen Harmony as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1935 The Crusades as Cart Man
movie 1935 The Farmer Takes a Wife as Railroad Man
movie 1935 The Nitwits as Police Officer Barney Riley
movie 1935 The Rainmakers as Kelly
movie 1935 Your Uncle Dudley as Motorcycle Officer
movie 1934 Cleopatra as Convict
movie 1934 Cracked Shots as Jack, Skeet Champion
movie 1934 Kentucky Kernels as Policeman
movie 1934 Lightning Strikes Twice as Police Lt. Foster
movie 1934 Ocean Swells
movie 1934 Strictly Dynamite as Motocycle Cop
movie 1934 Tailspin Tommy as 2nd Whistle-blowing Policeman
movie 1934 Thirty Day Princess as Tim - Policeman at Mrs. Schmidt's
movie 1933 Eskimo as Constable Balk
movie 1933 The Midnight Patrol as Policeman
movie 1933 The Nuisance as Policeman at Streetcar
movie 1932 Horse Feathers as Speakeasy Bartender
movie 1932 Million Dollar Legs as Train Official
movie 1932 The Beast of the City as Policeman in Car 91
movie 1932 The Lost Squadron as Policeman Wanting Report
movie 1931 Against the Rules
movie 1931 Consolation Marriage as Mulligan - a Policeman
movie 1931 Mr. Lemon of Orange as Henchman as Policeman
movie 1931 Next Door Neighbors as Cop
movie 1931 Sea Goin' Sheiks
movie 1931 The Kick-Off! as Racket Malone
movie 1931 The Painted Desert as Buck's Partner
movie 1931 The Star Witness as Policeman Jim Sockett
movie 1930 A Man from Wyoming as Sergeant
movie 1930 Abraham Lincoln as Armstrong
movie 1930 Big Money as Detective
movie 1930 Breakfast in Bed
movie 1930 Derelict as Mate Ryan
movie 1930 Estrellados as Bit Role
movie 1930 Free and Easy as Officer
movie 1930 Her Man as Marine
movie 1930 Live and Learn
movie 1930 Night Ride as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1930 Remote Control as First Policeman
movie 1930 Rich Uncles as Second Uncle
movie 1930 The Big House as Inmate
movie 1930 Traffic Tangle
movie 1930 Two Plus Fours as Rent Collector
movie 1929 A Pair of Tights as Policeman
movie 1929 Broadway as Crandall Mug at Party
movie 1929 Clunked on the Corner as Cop
movie 1929 Flight as Football Coach
movie 1929 The Jazz Age as Motor Cop
movie 1929 The Locked Door as Cop
movie 1929 The Mighty as Doughboy
movie 1929 The Rodeo as Policeman
movie 1928 Came the Dawn as Big Moving Man
movie 1928 Fair and Muddy as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1928 Finders Keepers as Sergeant
movie 1928 Leave 'Em Laughing as Dental Patient
movie 1928 Limousine Love as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1928 Lonesome as Cop
movie 1928 Playin' Hookey as Herr Dun der Blitzen
movie 1928 Should Tall Men Marry? as Henchman
movie 1928 Two Tars as Motorcycle policeman
movie 1927 A One Mama Man as Reception Committee Henchman
movie 1927 Call of the Cuckoo as Guest
movie 1927 Fluttering Hearts as Doorman
movie 1927 Should Men Walk Home? as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1927 The Old Wallop as Police Captain
movie 1927 The Second 100 Years as Officer
movie 1927 Why Girls Love Sailors as Amorous Sailor
movie 1926 On the Front Page as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1924 Hot Water as Motorcycle Cop

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