Edgar Jones

Edgar Jones Filmography

movie 1922 Lonesome Corners as Grant Hamilton
movie 1921 A Forest Samson as A Forest Samson
movie 1921 Caught in the Rapids as The Lumberjack
movie 1921 Cupid, Registered Guide as The Trail Guide
movie 1921 Dangerous Dollars as Barry Douglas
movie 1921 Lochinvar o' the Line
movie 1921 Single-Handed Sam
movie 1921 The Big Punch as The Sheriff
movie 1921 The Black Ace as The Guide
movie 1921 The Flaming Trail as Clair Blinn
movie 1921 The Law of the Woods
movie 1921 The Timber Wolves
movie 1921 The V That Vanished
movie 1921 Two-Fisted Judge as The Two-Fisted Judge
movie 1921 The Rider of the King Log
movie 1920 Quicksands
movie 1920 The Knight of the Pines as Sam Murdock
movie 1920 When Quackel Did Hide
movie 1919 Border River as Lieut. Dave Blunt R.C.M.P.
movie 1919 The Last Outlaw as Bud Coburn
movie 1919 One Against Many
movie 1918 Wild Honey as Dick Hadding
movie 1918 A Rich Man's Darling
movie 1918 The Girl Who Wouldn't Quit
movie 1917 Mentioned in Confidence
movie 1917 The Girl Angle
movie 1917 The Lady in the Library
movie 1917 Zollenstein
movie 1916 Dimples
movie 1916 Lovely Mary
movie 1916 The Half Million Bribe
movie 1916 The Turmoil
movie 1915 A Prince of Peace as Lite Allen
movie 1915 A Romance of the Navy as Jack Gardner - the Son
movie 1915 Courage and the Man as The Crippled Young Physician
movie 1915 Indiscretion as Jerome Howard
movie 1915 Men of the Mountains as Ned Davis
movie 1915 On Bitter Creek as Clay Yancy
movie 1915 The Beast as Will
movie 1915 The Gold in the Crock as Chester Gray
movie 1915 The Little Detective as Jim Blake
movie 1915 The Nameless Fear as Fred Raymond
movie 1915 The Shanghaied Baby as Gordon Lambert - the Father
movie 1915 The Spy's Sister as A Northern Officer
movie 1915 The Stroke of Fate as Richard Dare
movie 1915 The Trapper's Revenge as Hugo Sinclaire, R.C.M.P.
movie 1915 The Winthrop Diamonds as Dick Winthrop
movie 1915 Under the Fiddler's Elm as Jim Chadwick
movie 1915 Where the Road Divided as The Young Mountaineer
movie 1915 Who Bears Malice
movie 1915 An Enemy to Society
movie 1915 The Woman Pays
movie 1914 A Chance in Life as Frank Deacon
movie 1914 A Country Girl as Edgar Manners
movie 1914 A Deal in Real Estate as Riley Leigh
movie 1914 A Pack of Cards as Paul Trevor, N.W.M.P.
movie 1914 Between Two Fires as Everett Kenyon
movie 1914 Fitzhugh's Ride as Robert Fitzhugh
movie 1914 In the Gambler's Web as John Dixon
movie 1914 In the Hills of Kentucky as Lafe Herron
movie 1914 Love's Long Lane as Cecil Langley
movie 1914 On Lonesome Mountain as Frank Russell
movie 1914 On Moonshine Mountain as Brice Gordon
movie 1914 Stonewall Jackson's Way as Capt. Robert Randolph
movie 1914 The Aggressor as Carson King - the Aggressor
movie 1914 The Girl at the Lock as Steve Hart
movie 1914 The Greater Love as Dr. John Strong
movie 1914 The Inscription as John Bobb
movie 1914 The Intriguers
movie 1914 The Lie as The Father
movie 1914 The Making of Him as Ens. Herford
movie 1914 The Mountain Law as Bob Tyler
movie 1914 The Reward as Dan Maley
movie 1914 The Shell of Life as Dan
movie 1914 The Struggle Everlasting as Henry Dawson
movie 1914 The Unknown Country as Robert Strong
movie 1914 The Vagaries of Fate as Gerald Durban - District Attorney
movie 1914 The Weaker Brother as Jack Phillips
movie 1914 Treasures on Earth as William Dow aka Dowling - the Son
movie 1914 Nothing to Be Done
movie 1913 A Waif of the Desert as Zeke Stevens
movie 1913 An Enemy's Aid as Tom Richards
movie 1913 Before the Last Leaves Fall as Tom Stone
movie 1913 Breed of the North as John & Jim - Twin Brothers
movie 1913 From Out of the Flood as Andrew Tyler
movie 1913 Greed for Gold as Joe Johnson
movie 1913 Her Only Boy as Ed Ryan - the Wayward Son
movie 1913 His Redemption as Ed Cole
movie 1913 Lone Dog, the Faithful as Lone Dog
movie 1913 On the Mountain Ranch as Ed Wallace - Ranch Foreman
movie 1913 Papita's Destiny as Manuel
movie 1913 The Battle of Shiloh as Capt. Cook
movie 1913 The Engraver as Ralph Davis - the Engraver
movie 1913 The Evil One as Fleet Foot
movie 1913 The Girl and the Gambler as Jack Oakley - the Gambler
movie 1913 The Girl Back East as Edward Rand
movie 1913 The Girl of the Sunset Pass as Jack Keen
movie 1913 The Invader as Tom Bradford
movie 1913 The Love Test as Mr. Holden
movie 1913 The Love Token as Ed Turner
movie 1913 The Man of Him as The Stranger
movie 1913 The Paymaster as Carson
movie 1913 The Right Road as John Craig
movie 1913 The Teacher at Rockville as Alexander 'Sandy' Morton - The Profligate
movie 1912 A Fugitive from Justice as George Rand
movie 1912 A Lucky Fall as Jack Hollingsworth
movie 1912 A Trustee of the Law as Bob McNeal - the Sheriff
movie 1912 Bar K Foreman as Gale Harding - Bar K Foreman
movie 1912 In the Service of the State as Joseph Vance
movie 1912 Over the Divide as Jim Burton
movie 1912 Parson James as Parson Richard James
movie 1912 Ranch Mates as Ed Manley
movie 1912 Red Saunders' Sacrifice as Red Saunders
movie 1912 Struggle of Hearts as John Carnes - an escaped convict
movie 1912 The Bank Cashier as George Graham
movie 1912 The Deputy's Peril as Roger West
movie 1912 The Divine Solution as Manuel Garcia
movie 1912 The End of the Feud as Jim Blake
movie 1912 The Minister and the Outlaw as Sheriff John Rand
movie 1912 The New Ranch Foreman as Jack Walton - Renegade
movie 1912 The Physician of Silver Gulch as Dr. Ralph Jones
movie 1912 The Renegades as The Prospector
movie 1912 The Sheriff's Daughter as The Detective
movie 1912 The Sheriff's Mistake as James Young - the U.S. Secret Service Agent
movie 1912 The Surgeon as Dr. Albert Hartley
movie 1912 The Two Gun Sermon as Ralph Foster - the Minister

Edgar Jones on Youtube

Taken from the album 'Gettin' a little help from The Joneses '. Video by www.clearmedia.tv.

First round 135 (47+39+49) Dominique Wilkins (Atlanta) 134 (44+44+46) Larry Nance (Phoenix) 134 (39+47+48) Julius Erving (Philadelphia) 121 (39+40+42) ...

http://www.the-viper-label.co.uk/catalogue/edgar-jones-and-the-joneses-gettin-a-little-help-cddl-043/ Edgar Jones and The Joneses magical album 'Gettin' A li...

Live in Liverpool 25th June 2007.