Edith Storey

Edith Storey (March 18, 1892 ? October 9, 1967) was an American actress during the silent film era, and whose brother, Richard Storey, also had a brief and much less successful film acting career, with him appearing in only four films. She worked for New York-based Vitagraph Studios most of her career except 1910-1911, when she was under contract with Star Film Company in San Antonio, Texas. She appeared in nearly 150 films between 1908 to 1921, including the 1911 film The Immortal Alamo an ... more on Wikipedia

Edith Storey Filmography

movie 1933 The Film Parade as Herself, film clip
movie 1931 The Movie Album as Herself
movie 1921 Beach of Dreams as Cleo de Bromsart
movie 1921 The Greater Profit as Maury Brady
movie 1920 Moon Madness as Valerie
movie 1919 As the Sun Went Down as Col. Billy
movie 1918 Edith's Victory for Democracy as The Cowgirl
movie 1918 Revenge as Alva Leigh
movie 1918 The Claim as Belle Jones
movie 1918 The Demon as Princess Perdita
movie 1918 The Eyes of Mystery as Carma Carmichael
movie 1918 The Legion of Death as Princess Marya
movie 1918 The Silent Woman as Nan McDonald
movie 1918 The Treasure of the Sea as Margaret Elkins
movie 1918 United States Fourth Liberty Loan Drive as Herself
movie 1917 Aladdin from Broadway as Faimeh
movie 1917 Captain of the Gray Horse Troop as Elsie
movie 1917 Money Magic as Bertha Gilman
movie 1916 An Enemy to the King as Julie De Varion
movie 1916 Jane's Bashful Hero as Jane
movie 1916 Jane's Husband as Jane
movie 1916 She Won the Prize
movie 1916 Susie, the Sleuth
movie 1916 The Scarlet Runner as Dorothy Herbert
movie 1916 The Shop Girl as Winifred Childs
movie 1916 The Tarantula as Chonita Alvarado
movie 1916 The Two Edged Sword as Mary Brooks
movie 1915 A Man's Sacrifice as Mary
movie 1915 A Price for Folly as Dorothea Jardeau
movie 1915 A Queen for an Hour as Jane
movie 1915 In the Latin Quarter as Marie Duval
movie 1915 Jane Was Worth It as Jane
movie 1915 Love's Way as Edith Havens
movie 1915 O'Garry of the Royal Mounted as Marie LaRose
movie 1915 On Her Wedding Night as Helen Carter
movie 1915 The Dust of Egypt as Amenset
movie 1915 The Enemies as Minnie Waverlie - John's Sister
movie 1915 The Island of Regeneration as Katherine Brenton
movie 1915 The Quality of Mercy as Eileen Van Cortland - the Daughter
movie 1915 The Ruling Power as Rose Williams - the Daughter-in-Law
movie 1915 The Silent Plea as Marie Carson - the Mother
movie 1914 A Florida Enchantment as Miss Lillian Travers
movie 1914 Captain Alvarez as Bonita, Don Arana's niece
movie 1914 Children of the Feud as Hulda Belfield
movie 1914 Hope Foster's Mother as Hope Foster
movie 1914 How Cissy Made Good as Herself
movie 1914 Steve O'Grady's Chance as Bess
movie 1914 The Christian as Glory Quayle
movie 1914 The Mischief Maker as Dolly Hoffman
movie 1914 The Old Flute Player as Anna - the Old Flute Player's Daughter
movie 1914 Warfare in the Skies as Enia - the General's Ward
movie 1913 'Mid Kentucky Hills as Melinda Morton
movie 1913 A Homespun Tragedy as Mrs. Dorothy Thompson
movie 1913 A Regiment of Two as Laura
movie 1913 Brother Bill as Nan - the Storekeeper's Daughter
movie 1913 Captain Mary Brown as Captain Mary Brown - the Colonel's Daughter
movie 1913 Hearts of the First Empire as Marie Luise of Austria
movie 1913 Peggy's Burglar as Peggy
movie 1913 Red and White Roses as Mrs. Andrews
movie 1913 Sisters All as Helen - Sergius's Wealthy Daughter
movie 1913 The Call as Lucille Wilson, Ned's Wife
movie 1913 The Chains of an Oath as Donia
movie 1913 The Classmate's Frolic as Classmate
movie 1913 The Cure as Mrs. Harry Lindsay
movie 1913 The Delayed Letter as Mabel Hinton
movie 1913 The Forgotten Latchkey
movie 1913 The Leading Lady as Helen Marsden - the Leading Lady
movie 1913 The Next Generation as Janice Barnes
movie 1913 The Prince of Evil as Josephine Chester
movie 1913 The Skull
movie 1913 The Still Voice as Marjorie, Steele's Daughter
movie 1913 The Strength of Men as Marie Cummings
movie 1913 The Trap
movie 1913 The Vengeance of Durand; or, The Two Portraits as Marion - as an Adult
movie 1913 When Bobby Forgot as Jane's Mother
movie 1912 A Marriage of Convenience as Mildred Girard
movie 1912 A Modern Atalanta as Ruth Grantland
movie 1912 A Vitagraph Romance as Herself
movie 1912 Coronets and Hearts as Lilly Penn - the Heiress
movie 1912 Following the Star as Helen Winthrop
movie 1912 His Lordship, the Valet as Harriet Knowlton
movie 1912 In the Furnace Fire as Mary Nelson
movie 1912 Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
movie 1912 Never Again as The Wife
movie 1912 None But the Brave Deserve the Fair as Flora Green, the Farmer's Daughter
movie 1912 Nothing to Wear as Mrs. Coster - the Wife
movie 1912 Old Love Letters as Edith, The Wife
movie 1912 On Her Wedding Day as Ethel Morris, The Bride
movie 1912 On the Line of Peril as Lucille Buel
movie 1912 The Barrier That Was Burned as Jennie Slocum
movie 1912 The Cave Man as Chloe
movie 1912 The Dandy, or Mr. Dawson Turns the Tables as A Maid
movie 1912 The French Spy as Mathilde, a French Spy
movie 1912 The Godmother as Fifth Girl
movie 1912 The Governor Who Had a Heart as Mrs. Browden - the Governor's Wife
movie 1912 The Heart of Esmeralda as Esmeralda Foster
movie 1912 The Heart of the King's Jester as The Princess
movie 1912 The Lady of the Lake as Ellen, Douglas' Daughter
movie 1912 The Lovesick Maidens of Cuddleton as Dr. Baldwin's Wife
movie 1912 The Reincarnation of Karma
movie 1912 The Scoop as Beulah Mead - a Newspaper Journalist
movie 1912 The Serpents as Chloe
movie 1912 The Star Reporter as Jack Wilson's Wife
movie 1912 The Telephone Girl as Marion - the Telephone Girl
movie 1912 The Troublesome Step-Daughters as A Step-Daughter
movie 1912 The Victoria Cross as Ellen Carson
movie 1912 Two Women and Two Men as Mlle. Valeria
movie 1912 While She Powdered Her Nose as The Maid
movie 1912 Yellow Bird as Edith, John's Sister, Brought Up by the Indians
movie 1911 A Tale of Two Cities
movie 1911 A Western Heroine as Sue - Roger's Niece
movie 1911 An Aeroplane Elopement as Maud Brooks
movie 1911 An Unwilling Cowboy as Nellie
movie 1911 Bessie's Ride as Bessie Fields
movie 1911 Billy and His Pal
movie 1911 Billy the Kid as Billy the Kid
movie 1911 Her Cowboy Lover as Clarice Martin
movie 1911 Her Faithful Heart as Mary
movie 1911 How Betty Won the School as Betty Carleton
movie 1911 How Mary Met the Cowpunchers as Mary
movie 1911 In the Hot Lands as Nell
movie 1911 In Time for Press as Edith Gates
movie 1911 Jack Mason's Last Deal as Ruth Watson - the Prospector's Daughter
movie 1911 Mary's Strategem as Mary
movie 1911 My Prairie Flower as Flora Jones
movie 1911 Only a Sister as Molly
movie 1911 Sir Percy and the Punchers as Mary
movie 1911 Tested by the Flag as Edna
movie 1911 The 'Schoolmarm' of Coyote County as Mary
movie 1911 The Battle Hymn of the Republic
movie 1911 The Child Crusoes
movie 1911 The Fighting Schoolmaster as Nellie Gardner
movie 1911 The Geranium
movie 1911 The Honor of the Flag as Mary
movie 1911 The Immortal Alamo as Lucy Dickenson
movie 1911 The Kiss of Mary Jane as Mary Jane
movie 1911 The Military Air-Scout as Marie Arthur
movie 1911 The Owner of L.L. Ranch as Lorna
movie 1911 The Reformation of Jack Robbins as Dr. Mary Gray
movie 1911 The Snake in the Grass as Margie
movie 1911 The Spring Round-Up as Rose Dempsey - Jim's Daughter
movie 1911 The Tired, Absent-Minded Man
movie 1911 Tony, the Greaser as The Ranchman's Daughter
movie 1911 Wages of War as Margaret Payson - Maurice's Sister
movie 1911 When the Tables Turned as Ethel Kirby
movie 1910 A Mountain Wife
movie 1910 A Postal Substitute as May Stone
movie 1910 A Western Welcome as Mary
movie 1910 Auld Robin Gray
movie 1910 Baseball, That's All as The Wife
movie 1910 Branding a Thief as Nellie
movie 1910 Drumsticks as The Mother
movie 1910 His Sergeant's Stripes
movie 1910 In the Tall Grass Country as Nell
movie 1910 Love's C. Q. D. as Cynthia Moore
movie 1910 Old Norris' Gal as Mary Norris
movie 1910 Return of Ta-Wa-Wa as Kawista
movie 1910 Saved by the Flag
movie 1910 Speed Versus Death as Mrs. Braggs
movie 1910 The Cowboys and the Bachelor Girls as Nora
movie 1910 The Debt Repaid as The Ranchman's Daughter
movie 1910 The Golden Secret as Kate Brown
movie 1910 The Little Preacher as Rev. A.B. Cole
movie 1910 The Newly Born as Mrs. Newlywed
movie 1910 The Padre's Secret as Anita
movie 1910 The Paleface Princess as White Fawn
movie 1910 The Romance of Circle Ranch as Bess
movie 1910 The Ruling Passion as Clarita Montez
movie 1910 The Seal of the Church
movie 1910 Twelfth Night as Sebastian
movie 1910 What Great Bear Learned
movie 1910 White Doe's Lovers as White Doe
movie 1910 Won in the Fifth as The Old Boxer's Daughter
movie 1909 A Brave Irish Lass
movie 1909 Cure for Bashfulness
movie 1909 King Lear as Undetermined role
movie 1909 Les Miserables (Part I)
movie 1909 Mogg Megone, an Indian Romance
movie 1909 Oliver Twist as Oliver
movie 1909 Onawanda; or, An Indian's Devotion
movie 1909 The Gift of Youth
movie 1909 The Life of Moses
movie 1909 The Way of the Cross
movie 1908 Barbara Fritchie: The Story of a Patriotic American Woman
movie 1908 Francesca di Rimini; or, The Two Brothers

Edith Storey on Youtube

Three and a half minute condensation of the Vitagraph film "A Florida Enchantment", produced and directed by Sidney Drew, starring Sidney Drew, Edith Storey,.

When Viola and her twin brother Sebastian are shipwrecked and separated, Viola dresses in her brother's clothes and becomes a page in the palace of the ...

INTERTITOLI IN ITALIANO LA DODICESIMA NOTTE - (Twelfth Night) 1910 Fu la prima delle numerosissime versioni cinematografiche della commedia di ...

A Florida Enchantment (Vitagraph Company of America, 1914) Lillian Travers, a New York heiress, pops down to Florida to surprise her fiance, Fred Cassadene, ...