Edna Maison

Edna Maison (17 August 1892 San Francisco - 11 January 1946 Hollywood, California), was an American silent film actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Edna Maison Filmography

movie 1918 A Rich Man's Darling as Madame Ricardo
movie 1918 The Mysterious Mr. Browning as Undetermined Role
movie 1917 Love's Turmoil as Dorothy Gray
movie 1917 The Jewel of Death
movie 1916 A Daughter of Penance as Pia - the Waif
movie 1916 After the Play as Princess Olga
movie 1916 Buck Simmons, Puncher as Jessie Adams
movie 1916 The Dumb Bandit as The Sheepherder's Wife
movie 1916 The Dumb Girl of Portici as Elvira
movie 1916 The One Woman as Irene Forbes
movie 1916 Through Baby's Voice
movie 1916 Undine as Lady Berthelda
movie 1915 A Girl of the Pines as A Girl of the Pines
movie 1915 Courage as Ruth
movie 1915 Her Adopted Mother as Elsie Ellis
movie 1915 Her Mysterious Escort
movie 1915 Lure of the West as Jane Morgan
movie 1915 Manna as Little Dora
movie 1915 One Man's Evil as Lucy Kent
movie 1915 Roses and Thorns as Edna - a Child of Nature
movie 1915 The Grim Messenger as Edna
movie 1915 The Love of Mary West as Mary West - Widow
movie 1915 The Recoil as Edna Gardner
movie 1915 The Unmasking
movie 1915 The Vaudry Jewels as Mrs. Vaudry
movie 1915 Their Island of Happiness as Helen Belden
movie 1915 Under the Crescent as Princess Zohra
movie 1915 Vanity as Mrs. James Gordon
movie 1915 Was She a Vampire? as Enid
movie 1915 When Jealousy Tumbled as Mrs. Allen Frisbee
movie 1914 A Modern Melnotte
movie 1914 Be Neutral
movie 1914 By Radium's Rays as Sarah
movie 1914 Cupid Incognito
movie 1914 Dangers of the Veldt as Gretchen's Rival
movie 1914 Heart Strings as Ann Purdy - the Daughter
movie 1914 Kate Waters of the Secret Service as Kate Waters
movie 1914 Nan of the Hills as Nan Walsh of the Hills
movie 1914 Old California as SeƱorita Dolores
movie 1914 Pitfalls as Belle
movie 1914 Richelieu as Marion de Lormer
movie 1914 Risen from the Ashes
movie 1914 Siss Dobbins, Oil Magnate as Siss Dobbins
movie 1914 Suspended Sentence as Mrs. Harrison
movie 1914 The Actress
movie 1914 The Angel of the Camp
movie 1914 The Barnstormers
movie 1914 The Brand of Cain as Grace - the Ranch Owner's Daughter
movie 1914 The Cycle of Adversity as May - the Waitress
movie 1914 The Divorcee
movie 1914 The Great Universal Mystery as Herself
movie 1914 The Heart of a Magdalene as Mlle. Clarine Caldee
movie 1914 The King and the Man as Princess Sophia
movie 1914 The Masked Rider as Edna - the Masked Dancer
movie 1914 The Mayor's Manicure as Gail - the Girl Reporter aka The Manicurist
movie 1914 The Merchant of Venice as Jessica
movie 1914 The Option as Edith
movie 1914 The Padrone's Ward as The Little Italian Girl
movie 1914 The Pearl of the Sea as Myra Benson
movie 1914 The Senator's Lady as The Senator's Wife
movie 1914 The Spy as Katie
movie 1914 The Storm Bird
movie 1914 The Taint of an Alien
movie 1914 The Transformation of Prudence as Prudence Marlow
movie 1914 The Way of a Woman
movie 1914 The Woman in Black as Hope Jefferson
movie 1914 Them Ol' Letters
movie 1914 This Is the Life
movie 1913 A Pig's a Pig as Edna
movie 1913 Freckles' Fight for His Bride as Vera
movie 1913 Her Legacy
movie 1913 How Freckles Won His Bride as Vera
movie 1913 In Slavery Days as Carlotta - the Slave Girl
movie 1913 Mother
movie 1913 On El Camino Real as The Spanish Girl
movie 1913 Playmates
movie 1913 Poleon the Trapper as Rosie
movie 1913 The Bear Hunter
movie 1913 The Death Stone of India as The Nautch Girl
movie 1913 The Faithful Yuma Servant
movie 1913 The Idol of Bonanza Camp as Nan
movie 1913 The Kid as Edna
movie 1913 The Lesson the Children Taught as The Wife
movie 1913 The Little Skipper as Alice Hardson, the Captain's Daughter
movie 1913 The Proof of the Man as Alma Field, Dick's Wife
movie 1913 The Revelation
movie 1913 The Second Home-Coming
movie 1913 The Spectre Bridegroom as Mistress Von Landshort
movie 1913 The Struggle
movie 1913 The Village Blacksmith as Mrs. Newton
movie 1913 Three Children as Mother
movie 1913 What Happened to Freckles as Vera
movie 1912 A Double Reward as Nellie Wayne
movie 1912 A Redman's Friendship as Mrs. William Dodd
movie 1912 Fate's Decree as The Mother
movie 1912 For the Sake of the Papoose
movie 1912 Misleading Evidence as The Moonshiner's Daughter
movie 1912 The Bear Trap as The Hunter's Wife
movie 1912 The Branded Arm as White Bird - the Branded Sister
movie 1912 The Girl Sheriff as The Girl Sheriff
movie 1912 The Padre's Gift

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