Edna Marion

Edna Marion, also known as Edna Marian, born Edna Marion Hannam (December 12, 1906 ? December 2, 1957) was a vivacious silent motion picture actress who appeared in a number of Hal Roach short comedies. ... more on Wikipedia

Edna Marion Filmography

movie 1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue as Mignette
movie 1931 Marriage Rows
movie 1930 Her Bashful Beau
movie 1930 Romance of the West as Mary Winters
movie 1930 Today as Gloria Vernon
movie 1929 King of the Campus
movie 1929 Skinner Steps Out as Neighbor's Wife
movie 1928 Aching Youth
movie 1928 All for Nothing
movie 1928 Barnum & Ringling, Inc. as Maid
movie 1928 Flying Elephants as Cavewoman
movie 1928 From Soup to Nuts as Maid
movie 1928 Imagine My Embarrassment
movie 1928 Limousine Love as The Bride
movie 1928 Should Married Men Go Home? as Blonde Girlfriend
movie 1928 Sinner's Parade as Connie Adams
movie 1928 The Family Group
movie 1928 The Fight Pest
movie 1927 Assistant Wives as The Wife
movie 1927 Busy Lizzie as The Errand Girl
movie 1927 Cash and Carry
movie 1927 For Ladies Only as Gertie Long
movie 1927 Giddy Gobblers
movie 1927 Keeping His Word
movie 1927 Never the Dames Shall Meet
movie 1927 Now I'll Tell One as Wife
movie 1927 She's My Cousin as The Bride
movie 1927 Sugar Daddies as Daughter
movie 1927 The Lighter That Failed
movie 1927 The Sting of Stings as Edna
movie 1927 The Way of All Pants
movie 1926 A Haunted Heiress
movie 1926 A Honeymoon Squabble as Betty
movie 1926 Dare Devil Daisy as Daredevil Daisy
movie 1926 Dodging Trouble as Mrs. Brown
movie 1926 Don't Kidd Me, Monkey
movie 1926 His Girl Friend as Edna
movie 1926 Movie Madness as Betty
movie 1926 Rah! Rah! Heidelberg!
movie 1926 Readin', 'Ritin', 'Rithmetic
movie 1926 Say It with Love
movie 1926 The Big City
movie 1926 The Call of the Wilderness as Dorothy Deveau - Land Agent's Daughter
movie 1926 The Daffy Dill
movie 1926 The Mad Racer
movie 1926 The Still Alarm as Drina Fay
movie 1926 Two Lips in Holland
movie 1926 Wait a Bit as Dorothy
movie 1926 WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1926 as Herself
movie 1925 After a Reputation
movie 1925 Eighteen Carat
movie 1925 Her Daily Dozen
movie 1925 My Baby Doll
movie 1925 Nursery Troubles
movie 1925 Plenty of Nerve
movie 1925 Powdered Chickens
movie 1925 Putting on Airs
movie 1925 Speak Freely
movie 1925 Stranded
movie 1925 The Desert's Price as Nora
movie 1925 Uncle Tom's Gal as Eva
movie 1924 Broadway Beauties

Edna Marion on Youtube

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