Edna Murphy

Edna Murphy (17 November 1899 ? 3 August 1974) was an American actress of the silent era. She appeared in 80 films between 1918 and 1933. Murphy was voted "Most Photographed Movie Star of 1925" by ScreenLand Magazine. She was born in New York, New York and died in Santa Monica, California. ... more on Wikipedia

Edna Murphy Filmography

movie 1965 Laurel and Hardy's Laughing 20's
movie 1933 Cheating Blondes
movie 1932 Girl of the Rio as Madge
movie 1931 Anybody's Blonde as Myrtle Devoe
movie 1931 Behind Office Doors as Daisy Presby
movie 1931 Finger Prints as Lola Mackey
movie 1931 Forgotten Women as Trixie de Forrester
movie 1930 Dancing Sweeties as 'Jazzbo' Gans
movie 1930 Lummox as May Wallenstein
movie 1930 Second Choice as Beth Randall
movie 1930 Wide Open as Nell Martin
movie 1929 Bachelor's Club
movie 1929 Kid Gloves as Lou
movie 1929 Little Johnny Jones as Vivian Dale
movie 1929 Stolen Kisses as Fanchon La Vere
movie 1929 The Greyhound Limited as Edna
movie 1929 The Sap as Jane
movie 1929 The Show of Shows as Performer in 'Bicycle Built for Two' Number
movie 1929 The Unkissed Man
movie 1928 Across the Atlantic as Phyllis Jones
movie 1928 Fashion News as Herself
movie 1928 My Man as Edna Brand
movie 1928 The Midnight Adventure as Jeanne Wentworth
movie 1928 The Sunset Legion as Susan
movie 1927 All Aboard as May Brooks
movie 1927 Burnt Fingers as Vera
movie 1927 Dearie as Ethel Jordan
movie 1927 His Foreign Wife as Mary Jackson
movie 1927 McFadden's Flats as Mary Ellen McFadden
movie 1927 Modern Daughters
movie 1927 Rose of the Bowery as Rose
movie 1927 Silver Comes Through as Lucindy
movie 1927 Tarzan and the Golden Lion as Betty Greystoke
movie 1927 The Black Diamond Express as Jeanne Harmon
movie 1927 The Cruise of the Hellion as Diana Drake
movie 1927 The Silent Hero as Mary Stoddard
movie 1927 The Valley of Hell as Mary Calvert
movie 1927 Wilful Youth as Edna Tavernay
movie 1926 45 Minutes from Hollywood as Em, Hotel Detective's Wife
movie 1926 College Days as Bessie
movie 1926 Obey the Law as The Daughter
movie 1926 Oh, What a Night! as June Craig
movie 1926 The Little Giant as Myra Clinton
movie 1926 The Truth About Men as Elsa
movie 1926 Things Wives Tell as Ellen
movie 1926 Wives at Auction as Violet Kingston
movie 1925 A Man Must Live as Eleanor Ross-Fayne
movie 1925 Clothes Make the Pirate as Nancy Downs
movie 1925 Ermine and Rhinestones as Minnette Christie
movie 1925 His Buddy's Wife as Mary Mullaney
movie 1925 Lena Rivers as Carrie Nichols
movie 1925 Lying Wives as Elsie Chase
movie 1925 The Police Patrol as Alice Bennett
movie 1925 Wildfire as Myrtl Barrington
movie 1924 After the Ball as Arthur's Wife
movie 1924 Daughters of Today as Mabel Vandegrift
movie 1924 Into the Net as Natalie Van Cleef
movie 1924 Leatherstocking as Judith Hutter
movie 1924 The King of the Wild Horses as Mary Fielding
movie 1924 The White Moth as Gwendolyn Dallas
movie 1923 Going Up as Madeline Manners
movie 1923 Her Dangerous Path as Corinne Grant
movie 1923 Nobody's Bride as Doris Standish
movie 1923 The Man Between as Zephne Lamont
movie 1922 Caught Bluffing as Doris Henry
movie 1922 Don't Shoot as Velma Gay
movie 1922 Extra! Extra! as Myra Rogers
movie 1922 Paid Back as Eloise Hardy
movie 1922 Ridin' Wild as Grace Nolan
movie 1922 The Galloping Kid as Helen Arnett
movie 1922 The Ordeal as Helen Brayshaw
movie 1921 Dynamite Allen as Betty Reed
movie 1921 Live Wires as Rena Austin
movie 1921 Play Square as Betty Bedford
movie 1921 The Jolt as Georgette
movie 1921 What Love Will Do as Mary Douglas
movie 1920 A Philistine in Bohemia as Kate
movie 1920 Fantomas as Ruth Harrington
movie 1920 Over the Hill to the Poorhouse as Lucy
movie 1920 The Branded Woman as Vivian Bolton
movie 1920 The North Wind's Malice as Dorothy
movie 1919 Easy Money
movie 1919 Puppy Love
movie 1918 To the Highest Bidder as Jennie

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