Edward Dillon

Edward Dillon Filmography

tv movie 1985 Proposta in quattro parti
movie 1948 Flicker Flashbacks No. 6, Series 5 as Land Agent
movie 1932 Love Pains
movie 1932 Sherlock Holmes as Al
movie 1932 The Golden West as Pat
movie 1932 The Nickel Nurser as Mr. Todd
movie 1932 The Trial of Vivienne Ware as Mr. Hardy
movie 1932 Week Ends Only as Guest - Sitting
movie 1932 While Paris Sleeps as Concierge's Husband
movie 1932 Young Ironsides as Evans' Lawyer
movie 1931 Catch as Catch Can as Wrestling Match Spectator
movie 1931 Iron Man as Jeff
movie 1931 Let's Do Things as Music Store Manager
movie 1931 Sob Sister as Pat
movie 1931 Thundering Tenors as Mr. Dillon
movie 1930 Caught Short as Mr. Thutt
movie 1930 Fifty Million Husbands as Benjamin Shipman
movie 1930 Whispering Whoopee as Mr. Richmond, the Landlord
movie 1929 Hot for Paris as Ship's Cook
movie 1929 The Broadway Melody as Stage Manager
movie 1929 The Locked Door as Bit Part
movie 1928 Lilac Time as Mike the Mechanic
movie 1926 The Skyrocket
movie 1926 Don Key (Son of Burro)
movie 1926 Wandering Papas
movie 1926 Bred in Old Kentucky
movie 1926 Flame of the Argentine
movie 1926 The Danger Girl
movie 1926 The Dice Woman
movie 1924 America
movie 1923 Broadway Gold
movie 1923 The Drums of Jeopardy
movie 1922 Women Men Marry
movie 1922 The Beauty Shop
movie 1921 A Heart to Let
movie 1921 Sheltered Daughters
movie 1921 The Education of Elizabeth
movie 1920 Parlor, Bedroom and Bath
movie 1920 The Amateur Wife
movie 1920 The Frisky Mrs. Johnson
movie 1919 The Mother and the Law as Chief Detective
movie 1919 Help! Help! Police!
movie 1919 Luck and Pluck
movie 1919 Never Say Quit
movie 1919 Putting One Over
movie 1919 The Winning Stroke
movie 1918 Our Little Wife
movie 1918 The Embarrassment of Riches
movie 1917 A Daughter of the Poor
movie 1917 Might and the Man
movie 1917 The Antics of Ann
movie 1916 A Calico Vampire
movie 1916 Bedelia's Bluff
movie 1916 Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages as Crook
movie 1916 Mr. Goode, Samaritan as Shifty Ed
movie 1916 The French Milliner
movie 1916 The Lady Drummer
movie 1916 The Two O'Clock Train as Terry Cotta
movie 1916 Sunshine Dad
movie 1916 The Heiress at Coffee Dan's
movie 1916 The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary
movie 1915 A Chase by Moonlight
movie 1915 A Costly Exchange as Ned Bates
movie 1915 A Flurry in Art as Harry Gregg
movie 1915 A Flyer in Spring Water
movie 1915 Beppo, the Barber
movie 1915 Bill Turns Valet
movie 1915 Brave and Bold
movie 1915 Don Quixote
movie 1915 Ethel Gets Consent as Ed Jr.
movie 1915 Ethel's Disguise as Ed
movie 1915 Ethel's Doggone Luck as Ethel's Sweetheart
movie 1915 Ethel's Romance as Ed
movie 1915 Faithful to the Finish as Ed, Fay's Sweetheart
movie 1915 His Lesson as Participant in Mob Scene
movie 1915 Only a Messenger Boy as Another Messenger
movie 1915 Shocking Stockings as Ed
movie 1915 The Deacon's Whiskers as Edward
movie 1915 The Fatal Finger Prints as Ben
movie 1915 Where Breezes Blow
movie 1915 Safety First
movie 1915 Bill Gives a Smoker
movie 1915 By Fair Means or Foul
movie 1915 Caught by the Handle
movie 1915 Cupid and the Pest
movie 1915 Ethel Gets the Evidence
movie 1915 Ethel's New Dress
movie 1915 Father Love
movie 1915 Love and Business
movie 1915 Mixed Values
movie 1915 Music Hath Charms
movie 1915 Over and Back
movie 1915 The Jinx on Jenks
movie 1914 A Desperate Hero as The Husband
movie 1914 A Physical Culture Romance
movie 1914 An Interrupted Séance as The Clairvoyant
movie 1914 Bill and Ethel at the Ball as Ethel's Beau
movie 1914 Bill Joins the W.W.W.'s
movie 1914 Bill Manages a Prizefighter as Spike
movie 1914 Bill Organizes a Union
movie 1914 Bill Saves the Day as Policeman
movie 1914 Buy Wool as William - Pa's Secretary
movie 1914 Casey's Vendetta as Casey
movie 1914 Dizzy Joe's Career as Dizzy Joe
movie 1914 Ethel Has a Steady as Ethel's Boyfriend
movie 1914 Ethel's Teacher as Teacher
movie 1914 Fatty and the Heiress
movie 1914 Foiled Again as Percy Basker
movie 1914 Home, Sweet Home as The Musician
movie 1914 Hubby to the Rescue
movie 1914 Judith of Bethulia
movie 1914 Leave It to Smiley
movie 1914 Mr. Hadley's Uncle
movie 1914 Nell's Eugenic Wedding
movie 1914 Search, the Scientific Detective
movie 1914 The Deceiver as Clancy
movie 1914 The Doctor's Trust as The Son
movie 1914 The Faddists as Mr. Jenks
movie 1914 The Fatal Dress Suit as Sam - Rosie's Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Housebreakers as Bunko Bill
movie 1914 The Man in the Couch as Jack
movie 1914 The Massacre as John Randolph, In Prologue
movie 1914 The Million Dollar Bride as Fiance
movie 1914 The Mix-Up at Murphy's
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Milk as Policeman
movie 1914 The Record Breaker as Eddie Pullen
movie 1914 The Right Dope
movie 1914 The White Slave Catchers as Sam
movie 1914 When a Woman Guides as The Mayor
movie 1914 A First Class Cook
movie 1914 Skelley Buys a Hotel
movie 1914 Skelley's Birthday
movie 1914 A Corner in Hats
movie 1914 A Jonah
movie 1914 After Her Dough
movie 1914 An Exciting Courtship
movie 1914 Because of a Hat
movie 1914 Bill Goes in Business for Himself
movie 1914 Bill Spoils a Vacation
movie 1914 Bill Takes a Lady Out to Lunch... Never Again
movie 1914 Bill's Job
movie 1914 Ethel's Roof Party
movie 1914 How Bill Squared It with His Boss
movie 1914 It Was Some Party
movie 1914 Izzy and the Bandit
movie 1914 Maniacs Three
movie 1914 Nearly a Burglar's Bride
movie 1914 Out Again, in Again
movie 1914 Skelley and the Turkey
movie 1914 Skelley's Skeleton
movie 1914 The Alarm
movie 1914 The Fire Chief's Bride
movie 1914 The Last Drink of Whiskey
movie 1914 The Mascot
movie 1914 The Scene of His Crime
movie 1914 Wrong All Around
movie 1913 A Compromising Complication as Bully Boy
movie 1913 A Delivery Package as The Waiter
movie 1913 A Horse on Bill as Town Band Member
movie 1913 A Lesson to Mashers as In Laundry
movie 1913 A Queer Elopement as The Sheriff's Deputy
movie 1913 A Rainy Day as The Clubman
movie 1913 A Sea Dog's Love as Panty Smart, the Would-Be-Protector
movie 1913 All Hail to the King as The Jester
movie 1913 Almost a Wild Man as Rooly, Pooly, Dooly
movie 1913 Among Club Fellows as The Heartbreaker
movie 1913 An 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' Troupe as Member of the Troupe
movie 1913 An Evening with Wilder Spender as Wilder Spender
movie 1913 An Indian's Loyalty as The Young Foreman
movie 1913 An Old Maid's Deception as Man at picnic
movie 1913 An Up-to-Date Lochinvar as C.O.D.
movie 1913 Aunts, Too Many! as Peter Jay, a Newlywed
movie 1913 Broken Ways
movie 1913 Cinderella and the Boob as The Boob
movie 1913 Cupid and the Cook as The Young Woman's Suitor
movie 1913 Edwin Masquerades as Jack
movie 1913 Edwin's Badge of Honor as A Guard
movie 1913 Faust and the Lily as Faust
movie 1913 He Had a Guess Coming as Dick
movie 1913 Jenks Becomes a Desperate Character as In Club
movie 1913 Just Kids as Half-Back Harold
movie 1913 Kissing Kate as Among Men
movie 1913 Look Not Upon the Wine as In Cabaret
movie 1913 Love in an Apartment Hotel as Pinky Doolan, a Bellboy
movie 1913 Master Jefferson Green as One of the Doctors
movie 1913 Mixed Nuts
movie 1913 Mr. Spriggs Buys a Dog as In Police Station
movie 1913 Oh, Sammy! as Sammy Goldberg
movie 1913 Oh, What a Boob! as The Boy
movie 1913 Pa Says as Teddy
movie 1913 Red Hicks Defies the World as O'Shea, the Fighting Irishman
movie 1913 The Bite of a Snake as The Druggist
movie 1913 The Lady in Black as The Girl's Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Little Tease as In Lunchroom
movie 1913 The Mothering Heart as Club Patron
movie 1913 The Noisy Suitors as The Jealous Suitor
movie 1913 The Old Gray Mare as Outside Saloon
movie 1913 The Power of the Camera as Guard
movie 1913 The Rise and Fall of McDoo as First Nilly Boy
movie 1913 The Spring of Life as The Innkeeper's Daughter's Suitor
movie 1913 The Suffragette Minstrels as In Audience
movie 1913 The Suicide Pact as Harold
movie 1913 The Sweat-Box as Ricco
movie 1913 The Trimmers Trimmed as The Wise Guy
movie 1913 The Troublesome Mole
movie 1913 The Work Habit
movie 1913 Their One Good Suit as The Guard
movie 1913 There Were Hoboes Three as Second Hobo
movie 1913 Tightwad's Predicament as The Policeman
movie 1913 What Is the Use of Repining? as The Widow's Daughter's Sweetheart
movie 1913 While the Count Goes Bathing as A Friend of the Family
movie 1913 Come Seben, Leben
movie 1913 A Barber Cure
movie 1913 A Circumstantial Hero
movie 1913 A Cure for Suffragettes
movie 1913 A Fallen Hero
movie 1913 A Foul and Fearful Plot
movie 1913 A Saturday Holiday
movie 1913 Binks' Vacation
movie 1913 Boarders and Bombs
movie 1913 Dyed But Not Dead
movie 1913 He's a Lawyer
movie 1913 His Hoodoo
movie 1913 How the Day Was Saved
movie 1913 In the Hands of the Black Hands
movie 1913 McGann and His Octette
movie 1913 Mrs. Casey's Gorilla
movie 1913 Never Known to Smile
movie 1913 Scenting a Terrible Crime
movie 1913 The End of the World
movie 1913 The Somnambulists
movie 1913 The Winning Punch
movie 1913 With the Aid of Phrenology
movie 1912 A Blot on the 'Scutcheon as A Nobleman
movie 1912 A Close Call as Jasper
movie 1912 A Dash Through the Clouds as Carmelita's Objecting Relative
movie 1912 A Limited Divorce as Mrs. Peck's Brother
movie 1912 A Real Estate Deal as Second Real Estate Clerk
movie 1912 A String of Pearls as In Tenement
movie 1912 A Ten-Karat Hero as Zeke Thompson
movie 1912 A Voice from the Deep as Percy
movie 1912 After the Honeymoon as Mr. Gooddresser
movie 1912 Algy the Watchman as The Bank Manager
movie 1912 An Absent-Minded Burglar as Mr. Hardluck
movie 1912 An Interrupted Elopement as Bob
movie 1912 At the Basket Picnic as Dave
movie 1912 Bill Bogg's Windfall as Bill Bogg
movie 1912 Blind Love as The Young Man
movie 1912 Did Mother Get Her Wish? as Brown
movie 1912 For His Son as At Soda Fountain
movie 1912 Getting Rid of Trouble as The Husband
movie 1912 Helen's Marriage as Tom
movie 1912 Help! Help! as Office Worker
movie 1912 His Auto's Maiden Trip as Mr. Jinx
movie 1912 Hoist on His Own Petard as At Dancing Academy
movie 1912 Hot Stuff as Party Guest
movie 1912 Jinx's Birthday Party as Visiting Friend
movie 1912 Katchem Kate as Detective School Pupil
movie 1912 Love's Messenger as A Visitor
movie 1912 Mr. Grouch at the Seashore as Mr. Grouch
movie 1912 Oh, Those Eyes as Henrico
movie 1912 One Round O'Brien as 2nd Contestant
movie 1912 Priscilla's Capture
movie 1912 She Is a Pippin as The Husband
movie 1912 Stern Papa as The Suitor
movie 1912 The Baby and the Stork as The Workman
movie 1912 The Club-Man and the Crook as A Friend
movie 1912 The Engagement Ring as Harry
movie 1912 The Fickle Spaniard as Jose, the Barber
movie 1912 The Informer as Confederate Soldier
movie 1912 The Leading Man as The Ringmaster
movie 1912 The Old Bookkeeper as An Office Visitor
movie 1912 The Root of Evil as The Secretary
movie 1912 The Speed Demon as Racing Spectator
movie 1912 The Spirit Awakened as The Christian Farmhand
movie 1912 The Tourists
movie 1912 The Water Nymph as Minor Role
movie 1912 The Would-Be Shriner as Policeman
movie 1912 Their First Kidnapping Case as The Boob
movie 1912 Their Idols as Heinie, Schmaltz's Son
movie 1912 Those Hicksville Boys as Farmer
movie 1912 Through Dumb Luck as The Boob Detective
movie 1912 Tragedy of the Dress Suit as The Heiress' Friend
movie 1912 What the Doctor Ordered as Jenks' Daughter's Suitor
movie 1912 When the Fire-Bells Rang as The Fireman
movie 1912 Willie Becomes an Artist as Willie
movie 1912 With a Kodak as The Secretary
movie 1912 Won by a Fish as Harry
movie 1912 The Divorcee
movie 1911 A Convenient Burglar as Mr. Gay's Friend
movie 1911 A Country Cupid as Among Students
movie 1911 A Decree of Destiny as At the Club
movie 1911 A Knight of the Road as The Hobo's Friend
movie 1911 An Interrupted Game as Baxter
movie 1911 Bearded Youth
movie 1911 Bobby, the Coward as On Street
movie 1911 Caught with the Goods
movie 1911 Cured as In Crowd at Finale
movie 1911 Curiosity
movie 1911 Dave's Love Affair as Dave
movie 1911 Dutch Gold Mine
movie 1911 Enoch Arden: Part I
movie 1911 Enoch Arden: Part II as Rescuer
movie 1911 Fate's Turning as An Attorney
movie 1911 Fighting Blood as The Wagon Driver
movie 1911 Fisher Folks as At Fair
movie 1911 Her Mother Interferes as Jack
movie 1911 Josh's Suicide
movie 1911 Madame Rex
movie 1911 Misplaced Jealousy as The Hairdresser
movie 1911 Priscilla and the Umbrella as Harry
movie 1911 Priscilla's April Fool Joke as Paul
movie 1911 Priscilla's Engagement Ring as Paul
movie 1911 Sunshine Through the Dark as The Stable Boy
movie 1911 Taking His Medicine as Lazy Lou
movie 1911 Teaching Dad to Like Her as The Foreman
movie 1911 The Chief's Daughter as Servant
movie 1911 The Crooked Road
movie 1911 The Delayed Proposal as Zeke
movie 1911 The Diving Girl as A Bather
movie 1911 The Failure as In Tavern
movie 1911 The Italian Barber as At Ball
movie 1911 The Jealous Husband as The Husband
movie 1911 The Lonedale Operator as The Telegrapher
movie 1911 The Long Road as In Bar
movie 1911 The Making of a Man as An Usher
movie 1911 The Manicure Lady as The Rival
movie 1911 The Midnight Marauder as Henry Blowhard
movie 1911 The Miser's Heart as Down-and-Out Young Man
movie 1911 The Poor Sick Men as A Tramp
movie 1911 The Spanish Gypsy
movie 1911 The Two Sides
movie 1911 The Villain Foiled as Harry - the Fiancé
movie 1911 Their Fates 'Sealed' as Dolly's Sweetheart
movie 1911 Their First Divorce Case as Hubby
movie 1911 Three Sisters as Customer at Adele's Academy
movie 1911 Through His Wife's Picture
movie 1911 Too Many Burglars as Mr. Brown
movie 1911 What Shall We Do with Our Old? as In Shop
movie 1911 When a Man Loves
movie 1911 When Wifey Holds the Purse Strings
movie 1911 Why He Gave Up as One of the Husband's Chums
movie 1910 A Child's Faith as Workman
movie 1910 A Child's Impulse as At First Party
movie 1910 A Flash of Light as At First Party
movie 1910 A Gold Necklace as The Driver
movie 1910 A Lucky Toothache as One of the Boys
movie 1910 A Midnight Cupid as At Party
movie 1910 A Mohawk's Way as Friend
movie 1910 A Plain Song as On Street
movie 1910 A Salutary Lesson as On Beach
movie 1910 A Summer Tragedy as At Hotel
movie 1910 A Victim of Jealousy as At Reception
movie 1910 After the Ball as Mr. Brown
movie 1910 An Arcadian Maid as In Gambling Hall
movie 1910 As the Bells Rang Out! as The Best Man
movie 1910 Effecting a Cure as At Club
movie 1910 Examination Day at School as Student
movie 1910 Happy Jack, a Hero as Second Society Crook
movie 1910 Her Father's Pride as Man from Bank
movie 1910 His Sister-In-Law as John, Eva's Sweetheart
movie 1910 In Life's Cycle as In Bar
movie 1910 In the Border States as Confederate Soldier
movie 1910 Little Angels of Luck as At Work
movie 1910 Muggsy Becomes a Hero as One of Muggsy's Friends
movie 1910 Muggsy's First Sweetheart as One of Muggsy's Friends
movie 1910 Rose O'Salem Town as A Puritan
movie 1910 Simple Charity as In Hallway
movie 1910 Sunshine Sue as Tom, Sunshine's Suitor
movie 1910 That Chink at Golden Gulch as Mail carrier
movie 1910 The Affair of an Egg as The Man
movie 1910 The Banker's Daughters as Criminal
movie 1910 The Call to Arms as A Servant
movie 1910 The Face at the Window as At First Club
movie 1910 The Fugitive as John, Confederate Son
movie 1910 The Impalement
movie 1910 The Lesson as In First Bar
movie 1910 The Marked Time-Table as In Gambling Hall
movie 1910 The Masher as The Masher
movie 1910 The Message of the Violin as Accompanist
movie 1910 The Modern Prodigal as Guard
movie 1910 The Oath and the Man as Rebel
movie 1910 The Purgation as One of the Misguided Youths
movie 1910 The Sorrows of the Unfaithful as Joe
movie 1910 The Usurer as Bill Collector
movie 1910 Turning the Tables as On Street
movie 1910 Two Little Waifs as Workman
movie 1910 Waiter No. 5 as A Friend
movie 1910 White Roses as Harry
movie 1910 Wilful Peggy as Man at the inn
movie 1909 A Change of Heart as One of Howard's Companions
movie 1909 A Corner in Wheat
movie 1909 One Busy Hour
movie 1909 The Brahma Diamond
movie 1909 The Little Teacher as Dave, the Bully
movie 1909 The Salvation Army Lass
movie 1909 The Suicide Club
movie 1909 The Welcome Burglar
movie 1908 'Ostler Joe as Husband
movie 1908 After Many Years
movie 1908 At the Crossroads of Life as Manager
movie 1908 At the French Ball as Extra
movie 1908 Bobby's Kodak as Father
movie 1908 Caught by Wireless as Rent Collector
movie 1908 Classmates as A Classmate
movie 1908 Deceived Slumming Party as Guide
movie 1908 Falsely Accused! as Inventor
movie 1908 His Day of Rest as Mr. Jones
movie 1908 Hulda's Lovers
movie 1908 Lonesome Junction as Bandit
movie 1908 Mixed Babies as Father
movie 1908 Monday Morning in a Coney Island Police Court
movie 1908 Old Isaacs, the Pawnbroker as Debt Collector
movie 1908 Over the Hill to the Poorhouse as Son
movie 1908 The Black Viper as Mike
movie 1908 The Boy Detective, or The Abductors Foiled as Villain
movie 1908 The Feud and the Turkey
movie 1908 The Fight for Freedom as Member of the Posse
movie 1908 The Invisible Fluid as Messenger
movie 1908 The Kentuckian
movie 1908 The Man in the Box as Bank Clerk
movie 1908 The Outlaw as Stage Driver
movie 1908 The Princess in the Vase as Waiter
movie 1908 The Reckoning
movie 1908 The Romance of an Egg as Si Green
movie 1908 The Sculptor's Nightmare
movie 1908 The Stage Rustler as Bowen's Accomplice
movie 1908 The Tavern Keeper's Daughter as Father
movie 1908 Thompson's Night Out as John Smith
movie 1908 Where the Breakers Roar as Policeman
movie 1906 The Village Cutup
movie 1905 The Nihilists

Edward Dillon on Youtube

A thug accosts a girl as she leaves her workplace but a man rescues her. The thug vows revenge and, with the help of two friends, attacks the girl and her re...

Edward Dillon presents the University of Alabama's PREOP environment; a graphical Alice-based environment for programming the irobot Create.

Ani Art Academies Dominicana in Rio San Juan Dom. Rep. Thanks to Edward Dillon, for letting me film this video.

ENOCH ARDEN (1911) Starring: Wilfred Lucas, Linda Arvidson, Francis J. Grandon, George Nichols, Blanche Sweet, Edward Dillon, Joseph Graybill, Grace ...