Edward Evans

Edward Evans Filmography

video movie 2005 Vending Machine
video movie 1999 Coronation Street: Through the Keyhole as Lionel Petty
tv series 1987 Heart of the Country as Gerrard
movie 1985 Lifeforce as Doctor
tv movie 1980 Night of One Hundred Stars as Himself
tv movie 1979 Suez 1956 as Aneurin Bevan
movie 1975 Out of Season as Charlie
tv movie 1974 The Gathering Storm as David Lloyd George
movie 1972 Tales from the Crypt as Constable Ramsey
movie 1971 10 Rillington Place as Police: Det. Inspector
movie 1971 Sunday Bloody Sunday as Husband at Hospital
movie 1970 One More Time as Gordon
movie 1970 Two a Penny as Jenkins
movie 1969 Till Death Us Do Part as Jim
movie 1965 Blind Corner as Chauffeur
movie 1963 Reach for Glory
tv movie 1963 The Birth of a Private Man as Moore
tv movie 1962 The Winter's Tale as First Lord
movie 1962 Two and Two Make Six as Mack
tv series 1962 Compact as Ken Hawkins
movie 1960 The Trials of Oscar Wilde as Sydney
movie 1959 The Bridal Path as Innkeeper
tv movie 1959 The Vagrant Heart as Police Sergeant
movie 1958 The Man Upstairs as Fire Brigade Officer
tv movie 1956 Pantomania, or Dick Whittington
movie 1956 The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp as Sergeant Lane
movie 1955 It's a Great Day as Bob Grove
movie 1955 Man of the Moment as Bob Grove
movie 1953 Appointment in London as A.C. Bridges
movie 1953 Cosh Boy as Sgt. Woods
movie 1953 Deadly Nightshade as Publican
movie 1953 Escape by Night as Publican
movie 1953 Grand National Night as Garage Attendent
tv movie 1953 Little Red Monkey as Todd
movie 1953 The Yellow Balloon as PC Patterson
movie 1953 Time Bomb as Policeman at Station
movie 1953 Turn the Key Softly as Commissionaire
movie 1953 Valley of Song as Davies
movie 1952 Hindle Wakes as Chauffeur
movie 1952 I Believe in You as Clerk of the Court
movie 1952 Mr. Denning Drives North as Second Patrolman
movie 1952 Secret People as Plain Clothes Man
movie 1949 The Case of Charles Peace as Police Sergeant
movie 1948 London Belongs to Me as Detective Sergeant Taylor
movie 1948 The Small Voice as Police Inspector

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Part of a television series 'Strangers Abroad', shown on television in the 1990s. Details of the programme, including producer, director and other credits ar...

This is the trailer for Charlie and Huw's Wild Adventure Number 3 in easter.

Lee Edward Evans (ur. 25 lutego 1947 w Madera w Kalifornii) -- amerykański lekkoatleta, sprinter specjalizujący się w biegu na 400 metrów. Evans ustanowił po ...

That awkward moment when over exageration is necessary!!