Edward F. Cline

Edward Francis Cline (November 4, 1891?May 22, 1961) was a screenwriter, actor, writer and director. He was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin and died in Hollywood. ... more on Wikipedia

Edward F. Cline Filmography

movie 1968 The Great Stone Face as The Theater Director
tv series 1951 Life with Buster Keaton
movie 1950 Jiggs and Maggie Out West
movie 1949 Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters
movie 1948 Jiggs and Maggie in Court
movie 1947 Jiggs and Maggie in Society
movie 1946 Bringing Up Father
movie 1945 Night Club Girl
movie 1945 Penthouse Rhythm
movie 1945 See My Lawyer
movie 1944 Ghost Catchers
movie 1944 Hat Check Honey
movie 1944 Moonlight and Cactus
movie 1944 Since You Went Away
movie 1944 Slightly Terrific
movie 1943 Crazy House
movie 1943 He's My Guy
movie 1943 Swingtime Johnny
movie 1942 Behind the Eight Ball
movie 1942 Give Out, Sisters
movie 1942 Private Buckaroo
movie 1942 Private Snuffy Smith
movie 1942 What's Cookin'?
movie 1941 Cracked Nuts
movie 1941 Hello, Sucker
movie 1941 Meet the Chump
movie 1941 Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
movie 1941 Hellzapoppin'
movie 1940 My Little Chickadee
movie 1940 The Bank Dick
movie 1940 The Villain Still Pursued Her
movie 1939 You Can't Cheat an Honest Man
movie 1938 Breaking the Ice
movie 1938 Go Chase Yourself
movie 1938 Hawaii Calls
movie 1938 Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus
movie 1937 Forty Naughty Girls
movie 1937 High Flyers
movie 1937 On Again-Off Again
movie 1936 Murder with Pictures
movie 1936 The Preview Murder Mystery
movie 1936 Timothy's Quest
movie 1936 F-Man
movie 1936 Love in September
movie 1935 It's a Great Life
movie 1935 The Cowboy Millionaire
movie 1935 When a Man's a Man
movie 1934 Business Is a Pleasure
movie 1934 Fighting to Live
movie 1934 Girl Trouble
movie 1934 Morocco Nights
movie 1934 Peck's Bad Boy
movie 1934 The Dude Ranger
movie 1933 Not Tonight, Josephine
movie 1933 Parole Girl
movie 1933 So This Is Africa
movie 1933 Uncle Jake
movie 1932 Million Dollar Legs
movie 1932 Shopping with Wifie
movie 1931 Cracked Nuts
movie 1931 In Conference
movie 1931 No, No, Lady
movie 1931 The Girl Habit
movie 1931 The Naughty Flirt
movie 1930 Don't Bite Your Dentist
movie 1930 Hook Line and Sinker
movie 1930 In the Next Room
movie 1930 Leathernecking
movie 1930 Sweet Mama
movie 1930 Take Your Medicine
movie 1930 The Widow from Chicago
movie 1929 Broadway Fever
movie 1929 His Lucky Day
movie 1929 The Forward Pass
movie 1928 Ladies' Night in a Turkish Bath
movie 1928 Love at First Flight
movie 1928 Man Crazy
movie 1928 The Crash
movie 1928 The Head Man
movie 1928 Vamping Venus
movie 1927 A Small Town Princess
movie 1927 Broke in China
movie 1927 Let It Rain
movie 1927 Peaches and Plumbers
movie 1927 Soft Cushions
movie 1927 The Bull Fighter
movie 1927 The Girl from Everywhere
movie 1927 The Jolly Jilter
movie 1926 A Harem Knight
movie 1926 A Blonde's Revenge
movie 1926 A Love Sundae
movie 1926 Alice Be Good
movie 1926 Flirty Four-Flushers
movie 1926 Her Actor Friend
movie 1926 Hesitating Horses
movie 1926 Kitty from Killarney
movie 1926 Puppy Lovetime
movie 1926 Should Husbands Marry?
movie 1926 Smith's Baby
movie 1926 Smith's Landlord
movie 1926 Smith's Vacation
movie 1926 Spanking Breezes
movie 1926 The Ghost of Folly
movie 1926 The Gosh-Darn Mortgage
movie 1926 When a Man's a Prince
movie 1925 Hotsy-Totsy
movie 1925 Bashful Jim
movie 1925 Cold Turkey
movie 1925 Dangerous Curves Behind
movie 1925 Love and Kisses
movie 1925 Old Clothes
movie 1925 Tee for Two
movie 1925 The Beloved Bozo
movie 1925 The Plumber
movie 1925 The Rag Man
movie 1924 Galloping Bungalows
movie 1924 Along Came Ruth
movie 1924 Captain January
movie 1924 Good Bad Boy
movie 1924 Little Robinson Crusoe
movie 1924 Off His Trolley
movie 1924 When a Man's a Man
movie 1923 Circus Days
movie 1923 The Balloonatic
movie 1923 The Love Nest
movie 1923 The Meanest Man in the World
movie 1923 Three Ages
movie 1922 Cops as Hobo
movie 1922 Day Dreams as The Theater Director
movie 1922 Oh, Mabel Behave as Soldier
movie 1922 The Frozen North as The Janitor
movie 1922 My Wife's Relations
movie 1922 The Electric House
movie 1922 The Paleface
movie 1921 The Boat as SOS Receiver
movie 1921 The Goat as Cop by telephone pole
movie 1921 The Haunted House as Customer in Bank
movie 1921 The Play House as Orangutan Trainer
movie 1921 Hard Luck
movie 1921 The 'High Sign'
movie 1921 His Meal Ticket
movie 1921 The Golfer
movie 1921 The Singer Midget's Scandal
movie 1921 The Singer Midgets' Side Show
movie 1920 Convict 13 as Hangman
movie 1920 Neighbors as The Cop
movie 1920 The Scarecrow as Hit-and-Run Truck Driver
movie 1920 One Week
movie 1920 Mary's Little Lobster
movie 1920 Monkey Business
movie 1920 Sheriff Nell's Comeback
movie 1920 Ten Nights Without a Barroom
movie 1920 Training for Husbands
movie 1919 A Schoolhouse Scandal
movie 1919 Cupid's Day Off
movie 1919 East Lynne with Variations
movie 1919 Hearts and Flowers
movie 1919 Uncle Tom Without a Cabin
movie 1919 When Love Is Blind
movie 1918 Her Screen Idol
movie 1918 Hide and Seek, Detectives
movie 1918 His Hidden Purpose
movie 1918 His Smothered Love
movie 1918 The Kitchen Lady
movie 1918 The Summer Girls
movie 1918 Those Athletic Girls
movie 1918 Whose Little Girl Are You?
movie 1918 Whose Little Wife Are You?
movie 1917 A Bedroom Blunder as Messenger Boy
movie 1917 A Dog Catcher's Love
movie 1917 Catcher's Love
movie 1917 That Night
movie 1917 The Dog
movie 1917 The Pawnbroker's Heart
movie 1917 Villa of the Movies
movie 1916 Because He Loved Her as Man in Tuxedo in Cafe
movie 1916 His Auto Ruination as The Auto Salesman
movie 1916 His Busted Trust as Fruit Customer
movie 1916 Wife and Auto Trouble as The Driver
movie 1916 Better Late Than Never
movie 1916 Bubbles of Trouble
movie 1916 Her First Beau
movie 1916 His Bread and Butter
movie 1916 Sunshine
movie 1916 The Winning Punch
movie 1915 A Janitor's Wife's Temptation as The Detective
movie 1915 Ambrose's Little Hatchet
movie 1915 Ambrose's Sour Grapes as Man In Lobby
movie 1915 Caught in the Act as The Artist
movie 1915 Droppington's Devilish Deed as Audience Member
movie 1915 Fatty's Faithful Fido as Gymnasium Man
movie 1915 Gussle's Day of Rest as The Cop
movie 1915 Hash House Mashers as Boarder in Black Shirt
movie 1915 Hogan's Aristocratic Dream as The Royal Escort
movie 1915 Hogan's Mussy Job as Party Guest
movie 1915 Hogan, the Porter as Guest Receiving Trunk
movie 1915 Mabel, Fatty and the Law as Cop at Station
movie 1915 No One to Guide Him as Cop
movie 1915 Our Dare-Devil Chief as Gang Leader
movie 1915 Peanuts and Bullets as The Cop
movie 1915 That Little Band of Gold as Audience Member
movie 1915 Ye Olden Grafter as The Knight
movie 1914 Chicken Chaser as Cop
movie 1914 Fatty's Magic Pants as Doorman
movie 1914 Gussle, the Golfer as Card Player
movie 1914 His Second Childhood as House Guest
movie 1914 His Talented Wife as Show Spectator
movie 1914 Mabel's Blunder as The Boss's Business Associate
movie 1914 The Knockout as Cop
movie 1914 The Noise of Bombs as 2nd Desperado
movie 1914 The Rounders as Hotel Guest in Lobby

Edward F. Cline on Youtube

A young couple (Keaton, who also co-wrote & co-directed, and Virginia Fox) live next to each other in tenement apartments and do everything they can to be to...

Two inventive farmhands compete for the hand of the same girl. Cast Buster Keaton ... Farmhand Mary Astor ... Bit Part (uncredited) Edward F. Cline ... Hit-a...

American comedy directed by Edward F. Cline and starring Bud Duncan, based upon Billy DeBeck's comic strip "Barney Google and Snuffy Smith".

A series of adventures begins when an accident during photographing causes Buster to be mistaken for Dead Shot Dan, the evil bad guy. Cast Buster Keaton .