Edward J. Clare

Edward J. Clare Filmography

movie 2014 13 Sins as Det. Bourdeaus
movie 2014 American Heist as Hostage
movie 2014 Barefoot as Wedding Guest
movie 2014 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes as Prisoner
movie 2014 Hot Tub Time Machine 2 as Pedestrian
movie 2014 Random as Father
movie 2014 The Loft as Patron
movie 2014 The Lookalike as Diner
movie 2014 When the Game Stands Tall as Teacher
movie 2014 Resurrection Man
movie 2013 Beautiful Creatures as Spectator
movie 2013 Dallas Buyers Club as Member of the Board
movie 2013 Empire State as Reporter
movie 2013 From the Rough as Spectator
movie 2013 G.I. Joe: Retaliation as Diplomat
movie 2013 Grudge Match as Razor's Inner-Circle Associate
movie 2013 Homefront as Pedestrian
movie 2013 Oldboy as Luxembourger Police Officer
movie 2013 Paradise as Churchgoer
movie 2013 Pawn Shop Chronicles as Fair Goer
movie 2013 The Butler as Two Star General
movie 2013 The Door as Vagrant
movie 2013 This Is the End as Capt. Angelo
movie 2013 Now You See Me
movie 2012 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter as Congressman
movie 2012 Battleship as Scientist
movie 2012 Django Unchained as Plantation Owner
movie 2012 Fire with Fire as Pedestrian
movie 2012 Killing Them Softly as Prison Doctor
movie 2012 Lay the Favorite as Gambler
movie 2012 Meeting Evil as Sheriff Moore
movie 2012 Mighty Fine as Patient
movie 2012 Stolen as Napoleon
movie 2012 The Courier as CSI Agent
movie 2011 Brawler as Bookie
movie 2011 Green Lantern as Party Guest
tv movie 2011 Hound Dogs as Recording Executive
tv movie 2011 Justice for Natalee Holloway as Aruban Police Officer
tv movie 2011 Ricochet as CSI Daniel Woodruff
tv movie 2010 Revenge of the Bridesmaids as Family member

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