Edward L. Cahn

Edward L. Cahn (February 12, 1899 - August 25, 1963) was an American film director. He is best known for directing Our Gang comedies from 1939 to 1943, and a long line of other short subjects and b-movies afterwards. ... more on Wikipedia

Edward L. Cahn Filmography

video movie 1999 Christian Scare Films Vol. 4
movie 1962 Beauty and the Beast
movie 1962 Incident in an Alley
movie 1961 Boy Who Caught a Crook
movie 1961 Frontier Uprising
movie 1961 Gun Fight
movie 1961 Gun Street
movie 1961 Operation Bottleneck
movie 1961 Secret of Deep Harbor
movie 1961 The Clown and the Kid
movie 1961 The Gambler Wore a Gun
movie 1961 The Police Dog Story
movie 1961 When the Clock Strikes
movie 1961 You Have to Run Fast
movie 1960 Cage of Evil
movie 1960 Five Guns to Tombstone
movie 1960 Gunfighters of Abilene
movie 1960 Noose for a Gunman
movie 1960 Oklahoma Territory
movie 1960 The Music Box Kid
movie 1960 The Walking Target
movie 1960 Three Came to Kill
movie 1960 Twelve Hours to Kill
movie 1960 Vice Raid
movie 1959 A Dog's Best Friend
movie 1959 Guns, Girls, and Gangsters
movie 1959 Inside the Mafia
movie 1959 Invisible Invaders
movie 1959 Pier 5, Havana
movie 1959 Riot in Juvenile Prison
movie 1959 The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake
movie 1958 Curse of the Faceless Man
movie 1958 Hong Kong Confidential
movie 1958 It! The Terror from Beyond Space
movie 1958 Jet Attack
movie 1958 Suicide Battalion
movie 1957 Dragstrip Girl
movie 1957 Invasion of the Saucer Men
movie 1957 Motorcycle Gang
movie 1957 Voodoo Woman
movie 1957 Zombies of Mora Tau
movie 1956 Silent Fear
movie 1956 Flesh and the Spur
movie 1956 Girls in Prison
movie 1956 Runaway Daughters
movie 1956 Shake, Rattle & Rock!
movie 1956 The She-Creature
movie 1955 Betrayed Women
movie 1955 Creature with the Atom Brain
movie 1951 Two Dollar Bettor
movie 1950 Destination Murder
movie 1950 Experiment Alcatraz
movie 1950 The Great Plane Robbery
movie 1950 What Happened to Jo Jo?
movie 1949 Annie Was a Wonder
movie 1949 I Cheated the Law
movie 1949 Prejudice
movie 1948 Bungalow 13
movie 1948 Goodbye, Miss Turlock
movie 1948 Souvenirs of Death
movie 1948 The Checkered Coat
movie 1948 The Fabulous Fraud
movie 1947 Born to Speed
movie 1947 Gas House Kids in Hollywood
movie 1945 Dangerous Partners
movie 1945 Main Street After Dark
movie 1944 Main Street Today
movie 1943 Ode to Victory
movie 1943 Don't You Believe It
movie 1943 Nursery Rhyme Mysteries
movie 1943 Plan for Destruction
movie 1943 That's Why I Left You
movie 1943 Three Smart Guys
movie 1942 Don't Lie
movie 1942 Flag of Mercy
movie 1942 Going to Press
movie 1942 Madero of Mexico
movie 1942 Melodies Old and New
movie 1942 Surprised Parties
movie 1942 The Omaha Trail
movie 1941 1-2-3 Go!
movie 1941 Baby Blues
movie 1941 Come Back, Miss Pipps
movie 1941 Fightin' Fools
movie 1941 Helping Hands
movie 1941 Main Street on the March!
movie 1941 Redhead
movie 1941 Robot Wrecks
movie 1941 Wedding Worries
movie 1941 Ye Olde Minstrels
movie 1940 Alfalfa's Double
movie 1940 All About Hash
movie 1940 Bubbling Troubles
movie 1940 Goin' Fishin'
movie 1940 Good Bad Boys
movie 1940 Kiddie Kure
movie 1940 The Big Premiere
movie 1940 The New Pupil
movie 1940 Waldo's Last Stand
movie 1939 Angel of Mercy
movie 1939 Auto Antics
movie 1939 Captain Spanky's Show Boat
movie 1939 Dad for a Day
movie 1939 Joy Scouts
movie 1939 The Giant of Norway
movie 1939 Time Out for Lessons
movie 1938 Bravest of the Brave
movie 1938 Grid Rules
movie 1938 The Man on the Rock
movie 1937 Bad Guy
movie 1937 Servant of the People: The Story of the Constitution of the United States
movie 1936 Behind the Headlines
movie 1936 Foolproof
movie 1936 The Perfect Set-Up
movie 1935 'Hit-and-Run Driver'
movie 1935 A Thrill for Thelma
movie 1935 Confidential
movie 1935 Death Drives Through
movie 1934 Redhead
movie 1933 Emergency Call
movie 1933 Laughter in Hell
movie 1932 Afraid to Talk
movie 1932 Law and Order
movie 1932 Radio Patrol
movie 1931 Homicide Squad
movie 1931 Resurrection
movie 1930 All Quiet on the Western Front
movie 1929 Broadway
movie 1929 Girl on the Barge
movie 1928 Jazz Mad
movie 1928 The Man Who Laughs
movie 1927 Love Me and the World Is Mine
movie 1927 Surrender
movie 1927 The Last Performance

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USA 1957.

Invisible Invaders Trailer - Directed by Edward L. Cahn and starring John Agar, Philip Tonge, Robert Hutton, John Carradine, Hal Torey. Aliens, contacting sc...

Post War American teenagers had cars, disposable income and raging hormones. The drive in movies were the perfect place for all three. Since most kids went t ...

Starring Richard Anderson, Elaine Edwards, Adele Mara, Luis Van Rooten, and Felix Locher. Directed by Edward L. Cahn.