Edward X. Young

Edward X. Young Filmography

movie 2014 Cold Plastic
movie 2014 Easter Sunday as Angus Bradley
movie 2014 Evil's Lair as Victor Thompson
movie 2014 The Hollywood Warrioress as Girard Devereau
movie 2014 The Legend of Zeke as Grandpa Krumbiegel
movie 2014 The Soulless as Dr. Cooper
movie 2014 Witches Blood as Uncle John John
movie 2013 Escape from Kings Park as Ronald Greenaway
movie 2013 Fugly! as Theatre Patron
movie 2013 Sheriff Tom Vs. The Zombies as Bobby the Brain Eating Zombie
movie 2012 Dead Collections as Funeral Director
movie 2012 I Spill Your Guts as Ed
movie 2012 Mold! as Colonel
video movie 2011 Deep Into the Rabbit Hole as Tommy's Mother's Boyfriend
video movie 2011 EP: Emerging Past as Father Cole
movie 2011 Graveyard Blues as Hammer of God
movie 2011 Invasion of the Reptoids as Drunk Bum
movie 2011 Mr. Hush as Mr. Hush
movie 2011 Post Mortem, America 2021 as Hammer of God
movie 2011 Psycho Street as Ralph
movie 2011 Road Hell as Dan 'The Man' Spencer & Tommy's Mother's Boyfriend
movie 2010 Eat Me! as Emergency Broadcast Announcer
video movie 2010 Hate's Haunted Slay Ride as Frank Dekker
movie 2010 Megaman as Dr. Thomas Light
movie 2010 Zombies! Zombies! Everywhere! as Dan 'The Man' Spencer
movie 2009 Late Fee as Zombie priest in store
movie 2009 Muttnik as Samuel's Father
movie 2009 Only Go There at Night: Darkness Rising as Preacher
movie 2009 The Green Monster as Gerald
movie 2008 Only Go There at Night as Preacher
movie 2008 Sea of Dust as Doctor Maitland
movie 2007 The Game Plan as Bearded Sportscaster
movie Burn in Hell as God
movie Catch of the Day as Professor Benjamin Jackal

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TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Actor/filmmaker Edward X Young and Music Composer Barbara J. Weber at the Macarbe Film Film Festival 2014.

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