Edwin R. Phillips

Edwin R. Phillips Filmography

movie 1915 For Another's Crime as Red Higgins
movie 1913 Beau Brummel as Lord Ballarat
movie 1913 Dr. Crathern's Experiment
movie 1913 The Skull as The Robber's Accomplice
movie 1913 Thou Shalt Not Kill as The Hunter
movie 1912 A Bunch of Violets as Jim - the Actress' Husband
movie 1912 An Eventful Elopement as The Detective
movie 1912 An Expensive Shine as Bill Schenck
movie 1912 Counsel for the Defense as Giovanni - a Skilled Worker
movie 1912 His Father's Son as Dick's Father
movie 1912 Lulu's Anarchist as Max Morinsky - a Quick-Change Artist
movie 1912 Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy as M. Fleury
movie 1912 Never Again as The Husband
movie 1912 She Cried as Red Grogan
movie 1912 She Wanted a Boarder as Mr. Crosby - the Husband
movie 1912 The Black Sheep as Jack Moreland - the Black Sheep
movie 1912 The Bogus Napoleon
movie 1912 The Bond of Music as A German Infantry Officer
movie 1912 The Counts as Mr. Barnes - Gladys' Father
movie 1912 The Great Diamond Robbery as Herr Kraut - a Butcher
movie 1912 The Hieroglyphic as Jack Smart
movie 1912 The Light That Failed
movie 1911 A Quaker Mother as Tom Lester
movie 1911 A Tale of Two Cities
movie 1911 Aunt Huldah, the Matchmaker as Col. Fairfax - the Southern Colonel
movie 1911 Birds of a Feather as Mr. Sutherland
movie 1911 Carr's Regeneration as John Carr
movie 1911 Courage of Sorts as Dr. Clinton
movie 1911 How Millie Became an Actress as Howell Conn - the Impressario
movie 1911 In Northern Forests
movie 1911 Jimmie's Job as Jimmie's Boss
movie 1911 Teaching McFadden to Waltz
movie 1911 The Foolishness of Jealousy as Mr. Dickson
movie 1911 The Latent Spark as The Sailor
movie 1911 The League of Mercy as Martin
movie 1911 The New Stenographer
movie 1911 The Sick Man from the East as Henry Hamlin - the Detective
movie 1911 Three Men and a Maid as First Old Bachelor
movie 1911 When a Man's Married His Trouble Begins as A Reporter
movie 1911 Wisteria Memories as Ed Forbes - the Son
movie 1910 A Pair of Schemers; or, My Wife and My Uncle as The Uncle
movie 1910 Convict No. 796
movie 1910 Francesca da Rimini as The Duke
movie 1910 He Who Laughs Last
movie 1910 Taming a Grandfather as The Grandfather
movie 1910 The Altar of Love
movie 1910 The Call of the Heart as The Old Man
movie 1910 The Sage, the Cherub, and the Widow as Dr. Arnold - the Sage
movie 1910 Uncle Tom's Cabin as Uncle Tom
movie 1910 A Life for a Life
movie 1909 He Couldn't Dance, But He Learned
movie 1909 Napoleon, the Man of Destiny
movie 1909 The Life of Napoleon