Edwin S. Porter

Edwin Stanton Porter (April 21, 1870 ? April 30, 1941) was an early film pioneer, most famous as a director with Thomas Edison's company. ... more on Wikipedia

Edwin S. Porter Filmography

movie 2004 The Great Train Robbery
movie 1916 The Village Vampire
movie 1915 Bella Donna
movie 1915 Jim the Penman
movie 1915 Lydia Gilmore
movie 1915 Niobe
movie 1915 Sold
movie 1915 The Eternal City
movie 1915 The Morals of Marcus
movie 1915 The Prince and the Pauper
movie 1915 The White Pearl
movie 1915 When We Were Twenty-One
movie 1915 Zaza
movie 1914 The Crucible
movie 1914 A Good Little Devil
movie 1914 Hearts Adrift
movie 1914 Tess of the Storm Country
movie 1914 Such a Little Queen
movie 1914 The Spitfire
movie 1913 The Count of Monte Cristo
movie 1913 His Neighbor's Wife
movie 1913 In the Bishop's Carriage
movie 1913 The Prisoner of Zenda
movie 1912 The Convict's Parole
movie 1911 A Heroine of '76
movie 1911 The Poor Sick Men
movie 1911 Lost Illusions
movie 1911 Silver Threads Among the Gold
movie 1911 The White Red Man
movie 1911 By the Light of the Moon
movie 1911 A Buried Past
movie 1911 A Cure for Crime
movie 1911 A Famous Duel
movie 1911 A Night of Terror
movie 1911 Captain Nell
movie 1911 Leaves of a Romance
movie 1911 Madeline's Rebellion
movie 1911 Money to Burn
movie 1911 On the Brink
movie 1911 Sherlock Holmes, Jr.
movie 1911 The Iron Master
movie 1911 The Lighthouse by the Sea
movie 1911 The Lover and the Count
movie 1911 The Price of Victory
movie 1911 The Rose and the Dagger
movie 1911 The Strike at the Mines
movie 1911 The Test of Love
movie 1910 A Child of the Ghetto
movie 1910 In Life's Cycle
movie 1910 Sunshine Sue
movie 1910 The Dancing Girl of Butte
movie 1910 The Last Deal
movie 1910 A Western Romance
movie 1910 Bradford's Claim
movie 1910 For Her Sister's Sake
movie 1910 Love and the Law
movie 1910 Luck of Roaring Camp
movie 1910 Ononko's Vow
movie 1910 Pardners
movie 1910 Peg Woffington
movie 1910 Ranson's Folly
movie 1910 The Cowpuncher's Glove
movie 1910 The Stolen Claim
movie 1910 The Winning of Miss Langdon
movie 1910 Bear Hunt in the Rockies
movie 1910 Fruit Growing, Grand Valley, Colorado
movie 1910 The Heart of a Rose
movie 1910 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
movie 1910 All on Account of a Laundry Mark
movie 1910 Almost a Hero
movie 1910 Her First Appearance
movie 1910 His Mother's Thanksgiving
movie 1910 Out of the Night
movie 1910 Riders of the Plains
movie 1910 Russia, the Land of Oppression
movie 1910 The Attack on the Mill
movie 1910 The Engineer's Romance
movie 1910 The Farmer's Daughter
movie 1910 The Greater Love
movie 1910 The Livingston Case
movie 1910 The Old Loves and the New
movie 1910 The Toymaker, the Doll and the Devil
movie 1910 Too Many Girls
movie 1909 Hansel and Gretel
movie 1909 The Cord of Life
movie 1909 A Child of the Forest
movie 1909 A Coward
movie 1909 A Daughter of the Sun
movie 1909 A Great Game
movie 1909 The House of Cards
movie 1909 The Temptation
movie 1909 The Three Kisses
movie 1909 A Burglar Cupid
movie 1909 A Modest Young Man
movie 1909 A Persistent Suitor
movie 1909 A Road to Love
movie 1909 The Doctored Dinner Pail
movie 1909 The Pony Express
movie 1909 The Star of Bethlehem
movie 1909 A Bird in a Gilded Cage
movie 1909 A Child's Prayer
movie 1909 A Cry from the Wilderness; or, A Tale of the Esquimaux and Midnight Sun
movie 1909 A Cup of Tea and She
movie 1909 A Gift from Santa Claus
movie 1909 A Midnight Supper
movie 1909 An Unsuccessful Substitution
movie 1909 Father's First Half-Holiday
movie 1909 Faust
movie 1909 Fuss and Feathers
movie 1909 Hard to Beat
movie 1909 Love Is Blind
movie 1909 Love's Sacrifice
movie 1909 Mary Jane's Lovers
movie 1909 Oh! Rats!
movie 1909 On the Western Frontier
movie 1909 See a Pin and Pick It Up, All That Day You'll Have Good Luck
movie 1909 The Adventures of an Old Flirt
movie 1909 The Colored Stenographer
movie 1909 The Heart of a Clown
movie 1909 The Price of a Soul
movie 1909 Unappreciated Genius
movie 1909 Uncle Tom Wins
movie 1909 Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight?
movie 1908 The Fatal Hour
movie 1908 Ex-Convict No. 900
movie 1908 Honesty Is the Best Policy
movie 1908 She
movie 1908 The Gentleman Burglar
movie 1908 A Comedy in Black and White
movie 1908 A Country Girl's Seminary Life and Experiences
movie 1908 A Sculptor's Welsh Rabbit Dream
movie 1908 A Voice from the Dead
movie 1908 A Yankee Man-o-Warsman's Fight for Love
movie 1908 An Unexpected Santa Claus
movie 1908 Bridal Couple Dodging Cameras
movie 1908 Buying a Title
movie 1908 Cocoa Industry, Trinidad, British West Indies
movie 1908 Cupid's Pranks
movie 1908 Fly Paper
movie 1908 Heard Over the Phone
movie 1908 Life's a Game of Cards
movie 1908 Love Will Find a Way
movie 1908 Minstrel Mishaps; or, Late for Rehearsal
movie 1908 Nero and the Burning of Rome
movie 1908 Pioneers Crossing the Plains in '49
movie 1908 Playmates
movie 1908 Rescued from an Eagle's Nest
movie 1908 Sandy McPherson's Quiet Fishing Trip
movie 1908 Saved by Love
movie 1908 Stage Memories of an Old Theatrical Trunk
movie 1908 Tales the Searchlight Told
movie 1908 The Angel Child
movie 1908 The Army of Two (An Incident During the American Revolution)
movie 1908 The Blue and the Gray; or, The Days of '61
movie 1908 The Boston Tea Party
movie 1908 The Bridge of Sighs
movie 1908 The Cowboy and the Schoolmarm
movie 1908 The Devil
movie 1908 The Face on the Bar-Room Floor
movie 1908 The King's Pardon
movie 1908 The Little Coxswain of the Varsity Eight
movie 1908 The Lovers' Telegraphic Code
movie 1908 The New Stenographer
movie 1908 The Old Maids' Temperance Club
movie 1908 The Painter's Revenge
movie 1908 When Ruben Comes to Town
movie 1908 Wifey's Strategy
movie 1908 A Dumb Hero
movie 1908 A Fool for Luck; or, Nearly a Policeman
movie 1908 A Football Warrior
movie 1908 A Street Waif's Christmas
movie 1908 A Suburbanite's Ingenious Alarm
movie 1908 Animated Snowballs
movie 1908 Curious Mr. Curio
movie 1908 Fireside Reminiscences
movie 1908 Lord Feathertop
movie 1908 Miss Sherlock Holmes
movie 1908 Nellie, the Pretty Typewriter
movie 1908 Pocahontas: A Child of the Forest
movie 1908 Romance of a War Nurse
movie 1908 Skinner's Finish
movie 1908 Tale the Autumn Leaves Told
movie 1908 The Jester
movie 1908 The Leprechaun: An Irish Fairy Story
movie 1908 The Life of an American Cowboy
movie 1908 The Lost New Year's Dinner
movie 1908 The Lover's Guide
movie 1908 The Merry Widow Waltz Craze
movie 1908 The Tale the Ticker Told
movie 1908 Turning Over a New Leaf
movie 1907 A Race for Millions
movie 1907 Cohen's Fire Sale
movie 1907 Daniel Boone
movie 1907 Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
movie 1907 Stage Struck
movie 1907 The 'Teddy' Bears
movie 1907 The Nine Lives of a Cat
movie 1907 Three American Beauties (No. 2)
movie 1907 A Little Girl Who Did Not Believe in Santa Claus
movie 1907 College Chums
movie 1907 Jack the Kisser
movie 1907 Laughing Gas
movie 1907 The Rivals
movie 1907 The Trainer's Daughter; or, A Race for Love
movie 1906 A Winter Straw Ride
movie 1906 Getting Evidence
movie 1906 How the Office Boy Saw the Ball Game
movie 1906 Kathleen Mavourneen
movie 1906 Phoebe Snow
movie 1906 The Life of a Cowboy
movie 1906 Three American Beauties
movie 1906 Waiting at the Church
movie 1906 Dream of a Rarebit Fiend
movie 1906 Holdup of the Rocky Mountain Express
movie 1906 Police Chasing Scorching Auto
movie 1906 The Honeymoon at Niagara Falls
movie 1906 The Terrible Kids
movie 1905 A River Tragedy
movie 1905 Desperate Encounter Between Burglar and Police
movie 1905 Down on the Farm
movie 1905 Empire State Express, the Second, Taking Water on the Fly
movie 1905 How Jones Lost His Roll
movie 1905 Inauguration of President Roosevelt, the Grand Inaugural Parade
movie 1905 Inauguration of President Roosevelt. President-Elect Roosevelt, Vice-President-Elect Fairbanks and Escort Going to the Capitol
movie 1905 Inauguration of President Roosevelt. Taking the Oath of Office
movie 1905 June's Birthday Party
movie 1905 Mystic Shriners' Day, Dreamland, Coney Island
movie 1905 Opening of Belmont Park Race Course
movie 1905 Poor Algy
movie 1905 President Roosevelt's Inauguration
movie 1905 Stolen by Gypsies
movie 1905 The Boarding School Girls
movie 1905 The Electric Mule
movie 1905 The Kleptomaniac
movie 1905 The Little Train Robbery
movie 1905 The Night Before Christmas
movie 1905 The Train Wreckers
movie 1905 The Watermelon Patch
movie 1905 The White Caps
movie 1905 The Whole Dam Family and the Dam Dog
movie 1905 Coney Island
movie 1905 Coney Island at Night
movie 1905 Life of an American Policeman
movie 1905 Scenes and Incidents, Russo-Japanese Peace Conference, Portsmouth, N. H.
movie 1905 The Burglar's Slide for Life
movie 1905 The Miller's Daughter
movie 1905 The Seven Ages
movie 1904 A Rube Couple at a County Fair
movie 1904 European Rest Cure
movie 1904 Nervy Nat Kisses the Bride
movie 1904 Love Will Find a Way
movie 1904 'Weary Willie' Kidnaps a Child
movie 1904 Animated Painting
movie 1904 Annual Parade, New York Fire Department
movie 1904 Babe and Puppies
movie 1904 Battle of Chemulpo Bay
movie 1904 Buster and Tige Put a Balloon Vendor Out of Business
movie 1904 Buster Brown and the Dude
movie 1904 Buster Makes Room for His Mama at the Bargain Counter
movie 1904 Buster's Dog to the Rescue
movie 1904 Canoeing on the Charles River, Boston, Mass.
movie 1904 Casey's Frightful Dream
movie 1904 Circular Panorama of the Horse Shoe Falls in Winter
movie 1904 City Hall to Harlem in 15 Seconds, Via the Subway Route
movie 1904 Cohen's Advertising Scheme
movie 1904 Crossing Ice Bridge at Niagara Falls
movie 1904 Dog Factory
movie 1904 Elephants Shooting the Chutes at Luna Park
movie 1904 Fire and Flames at Luna Park, Coney Island (An Attraction at Coney Island)
movie 1904 Halloween Night at the Seminary
movie 1904 Hold Up in a Country Grocery Store
movie 1904 Ice Boating on the North Shrewsbury, Red Bank, N.J.
movie 1904 Ice Skating in Central Park, N.Y.
movie 1904 Inter-Collegiate Regatta, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 1904
movie 1904 Japanese Acrobats
movie 1904 Little German Band
movie 1904 Midnight Intruder
movie 1904 Miss Lillian Shaffer and Her Dancing Horse
movie 1904 Old Maid and Fortune Teller
movie 1904 Parsifal
movie 1904 Pranks of Buster Brown and His Dog Tige
movie 1904 Railroad Smashup
movie 1904 Section of Buster Brown Series, Showing a Sketch of Buster by Outcault
movie 1904 Sleighing in Central Park, New York
movie 1904 Sliding Down Ice Mound at Niagara Falls
movie 1904 The Cop Fools the Sergeant
movie 1904 The Ex-Convict
movie 1904 White Star S.S. Baltic Leaving Pier on First Eastern Voyage
movie 1904 Wifey's Mistake
movie 1904 A Brush Between Cowboys and Indians
movie 1904 Capture of the 'Yegg' Bank Burglars
movie 1904 How a French Nobleman Got a Wife Through the 'New York Herald' Personal Columns
movie 1904 Maniac Chase
movie 1904 Rector's to Claremont
movie 1904 Rounding Up and Branding Cattle
movie 1904 Scarecrow Pump
movie 1904 Scenes in an Infant Orphan Asylum
movie 1904 The Strenuous Life; or, Anti-Race Suicide
movie 1904 Western Stage Coach Hold Up
movie 1903 Life of an American Fireman
movie 1903 The Great Train Robbery
movie 1903 'Africander' Winning the Suburban Handicap, 1903
movie 1903 69th Regiment, N.G.N.Y.
movie 1903 A Romance of the Rail
movie 1903 An East River Novelty
movie 1903 Baby Class at Lunch
movie 1903 Buster's Joke on Papa
movie 1903 Buster's Joke on Papa
movie 1903 Casey and His Neighbor's Goat
movie 1903 Down Where the Wurzburger Flows
movie 1903 East Side Urchins Bathing in a Fountain
movie 1903 Fireboat 'New Yorker' in Action
movie 1903 How Old Is Ann?
movie 1903 Lehigh Valley Black Diamond Express
movie 1903 Miss Jessie Cameron, Champion Child Sword Dancer
movie 1903 Miss Jessie Dogherty, Champion Female Highland Fling Dancer
movie 1903 New York Caledonian Club's Parade
movie 1903 New York City Police Parade
movie 1903 New York City Public Bath
movie 1903 New York Harbor Police Boat Patrol Capturing Pirates
movie 1903 Old Fashioned Scottish Reel
movie 1903 Panorama of Blackwell's Island
movie 1903 Panorama of Riker's Island, N.Y.
movie 1903 Panorama Water Front and Brooklyn Bridge from East River
movie 1903 Rube and Mandy at Coney Island
movie 1903 Seashore Frolics
movie 1903 Sorting Refuse at Incinerating Plant, New York City
movie 1903 Subub Surprises the Burglar
movie 1903 The Animated Poster
movie 1903 The Extra Turn
movie 1903 The Gay Shoe Clerk
movie 1903 The Heavenly Twins at Lunch
movie 1903 The Heavenly Twins at Odds
movie 1903 The Messenger Boy's Mistake
movie 1903 The Office Boy's Revenge
movie 1903 The Physical Culture Girl
movie 1903 The Still Alarm
movie 1903 The Unappreciated Joke
movie 1903 Throwing the Sixteen Pound Hammer
movie 1903 Two Chappies in a Box
movie 1903 Uncle Tom's Cabin
movie 1903 Under the Mistletoe
movie 1903 What Happened in the Tunnel
movie 1903 Goo Goo Eyes
movie 1903 Little Lillian, Toe Danseuse
movie 1903 New York City 'Ghetto' Fish Market
movie 1903 New York City Dumping Wharf
movie 1903 Razzle Dazzle
movie 1903 Rube and Fender
movie 1903 The Road of Anthracite
movie 1903 Turning the Tables
movie 1903 White Wings on Review
movie 1902 Burning of Durland's Riding Academy
movie 1902 The Burlesque Suicide, No. 2
movie 1902 The Interrupted Bathers
movie 1902 Appointment by Telephone
movie 1902 Burning of St. Pierre (Martinique)
movie 1902 Capture of the Biddle Brothers
movie 1902 Fun in a Bakery Shop
movie 1902 Happy Hooligan Turns Burglar
movie 1902 Jack and the Beanstalk
movie 1902 Mt. Pelee in Eruption and Destruction of St. Pierre (Martinique)
movie 1902 Mt. Pelee Smoking Before Eruption (St. Pierre, Martinique)
movie 1902 The Bull and the Picnickers
movie 1902 The Burlesque Suicide
movie 1902 The Twentieth Century Tramp; or, Happy Hooligan and His Airship
movie 1902 Uncle Josh at the Moving Picture Show
movie 1902 Babies Rolling Eggs
movie 1902 Chinese Shaving Scene
movie 1902 Great Bull Fight
movie 1902 How They Do Things on the Bowery
movie 1902 Rock of Ages
movie 1902 The Golden Chariots
movie 1902 The Weary Hunters and the Magician
movie 1901 'Columbia' Winning the Cup
movie 1901 'Weary Willie' and the Gardener
movie 1901 A Joke on Grandma
movie 1901 A Phenomenal Contortionist
movie 1901 Another Job for the Undertaker
movie 1901 Aunt Sallie's Wonderful Bustle
movie 1901 Catching an Early Train
movie 1901 Circular Panorama of Electric Tower
movie 1901 Esquimaux Game of Snap-the-Whip
movie 1901 Esquimaux Leap-Frog
movie 1901 Execution of Czolgosz with Panorama of Auburn Prison
movie 1901 Follow the Leader
movie 1901 Fun in a Butcher Shop
movie 1901 Love by the Light of the Moon
movie 1901 Pan-American Exposition by Night
movie 1901 Panorama of Esplanade by Night
movie 1901 Panoramic View of Electric Tower from a Balloon
movie 1901 Photographing a Country Couple
movie 1901 Pie, Tramp and the Bulldog
movie 1901 Sampson-Schley Controversy
movie 1901 Terrible Teddy, the Grizzly King
movie 1901 The Artist's Dilemma
movie 1901 The Esquimaux Village
movie 1901 The Finish of Bridget McKeen
movie 1901 The Martyred Presidents
movie 1901 The Photographer's Mishap
movie 1901 The Tramp and the Nursing Bottle
movie 1901 The Tramp's Dream
movie 1901 The Tramp's Miraculous Escape
movie 1901 Trapeze Disrobing Act
movie 1901 What Happened on Twenty-third Street, New York City
movie 1901 Carrying Out the Snakes
movie 1901 Day at the Circus
movie 1901 Happy Hooligan April-Fooled
movie 1901 Happy Hooligan Surprised
movie 1901 How the Dutch Beat the Irish
movie 1901 Kansas Saloon Smashers
movie 1901 Laura Comstock's Bag-Punching Dog
movie 1901 Rubes in the Theatre
movie 1901 Soubrette's Troubles on a Fifth Avenue Stage Coach
movie 1901 The Automatic Weather Prophet
movie 1901 The Donkey Party
movie 1901 The Farmer and the Bad Boys
movie 1901 The Old Maid Having Her Picture Taken
movie 1901 The Old Maid in the Horsecar
movie 1901 The Reversible Divers
movie 1901 The Tramp's Strategy That Failed
movie 1901 The Tramp's Unexpected Skate
movie 1901 Why Mr. Nation Wants a Divorce
movie 1900 A Wringing Good Joke
movie 1900 Uncle Josh's Nightmare
movie 1900 A Dull Razor
movie 1900 An Animated Luncheon
movie 1900 An Artist's Dream
movie 1900 Ching Ling Foo Outdone
movie 1900 Faust and Marguerite
movie 1900 The Kiss
movie 1900 The Magician
movie 1900 The Mystic Swing
movie 1900 Uncle Josh in a Spooky Hotel
movie 1899 'Columbia' Winning the Cup
movie 1899 After the Race: Yachts Returning to Anchorage
movie 1899 Strange Adventure of New York Drummer
movie 1899 The America's Cup Race
movie 1898 Elopement on Horseback
movie 1898 The Cavalier's Dream

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This is a great silent film from Edwin S. Porter that brings to life Shakespeare's "Seven Ages of Man" monologue from his play "As You Like It". The idea is ...